Just finished 100% achievement, now what?

Am both happy and a little bummed after doing all the achievements and beating SP levels on hard, including Dynasties. Other than new DLCs, of course, are new achievements released periodically? Guess I’ll turn to AOE III but from what I have gathered it’s not nearly as good as II :frowning:

Also, would it be corny to have a “sticky” where people who did this could post, maybe add what in their opinion was the hardest level, and the hardest achievement, and people could ask for advice on certain levels or achievements?

For what it’s worth, for me probably the hardest level was the Field of Blood, and the hardest achievement definitely was Rome Was Destroyed in One Day.

Play custom campaigns

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Yeah, start with the full works of @PhillySouljah/FilthyDelphia, some of the best custom campaigns out there.

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This one took me 30 tries :rofl:

Atm destroying the wonder in Rajendra 4 feels ridiculously hard. I don’t even want to try it anymore.

Feel free to join the multiplayer community! It is pretty fun to me!

I’ll definitely check those out thanks, it’s pretty much on all the “best” custom maps lists I’ve seen.

That one took me a few tries even on “standard,” but I did it eventually by just rushing to cyan with starting army, then replenishing there for a bit and rushing off to the hidden trebuchets. With those I destroyed green’s castle and killed the defenders that rushed out. Then I replenished again in the new base, triggered the ally’s army, and then just attacked yellow’s standing army head-on, and won by destroying all 3 castles as that is an instant victory. In other words, I ignored the wonder itself, and also the other secondary objectives, including the markets. I didn’t have much time left, the wonder’s HP was 4926 out of 5280 or something like that.

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I’m trying to work up the courage to that lol. Beating AI even on hard is probably nothing compared to many players out there.

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Well, now the journey to 1# in 1v1 Ranked ladder begins! Best of luck, top 50# is where it gets really tough.

All jokes aside, If you can beat the Ai on extreme in 1v1 you’re more than ready for Multiplayer, but this isn’t even necessary. You should expect early rushes though, and the Ai rarely rushes early.


Wait for the next DLC 11

It isnt that scared! There are many players in ranked who can barely beat the hard AI!

The match making system in ranked makes sure you will win about 50% of all games, since you play mainly against equally skilled players. Only at the start games might be really one sided, since the system has to learn you skill. After about 10-ish game you are probably good to go.

If you are able to beat the AI on hard, then you are pretty much good to go on ranked. Many others in ranked are probably not able to beat the hard AI.

If you want to improve in the game, then i would suggest you to watch this guide. Dont try to improve at all at the same time. Just watch part 1 first. Then go and try some things out. After a while watch part 2, and so on, …


It happened to me, it is very scary to play ranked -it still is sometimes-
But the 1v1 match system is really good (after the first 10 games), so you will always be playing against someone with the same level as you
One of the things that really scared me was the no pause option in MP games. Against the AI you can always pause and check the map and even task the units; you cannot do this when playing ranked, everything happens in the moment

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Well, pause does exist in MP, ypu just can’t do anything.

Also I would recommend Hainaut183, Bassi and Lord Basse scenarios/campaigns. All related at one point or another to FE dev team

Well, now play all the random map generation.

There is a five digit seed number associated to each map.
You can keep track of it to complete every variant.


Do you mean there are only a hundred thousand possible variations of Arabia? Which means it’s possible to play exactly the same Arabia twice?

Why are you playing for achievements?

It’s cool when you see that pop-up in the bottom-right corner of the screen “Achievement Unlocked!”, makes you happy for a few seconds. But this is by no means a real-life achievement nor is it something that makes the game any fun.

Looking at my game, I have 51 out 191 achievements and the most common one that I haven’t taken is “Mongol Victory” because apparently I’ve never won with mongols.

Isn’t it more fun to play a game because you enjoy playing the game, you enjoy the gameplay. Rather than feeling you have to do a chore list aka achivements?

I think they are just small dopamine bombs to keep you in the game even when you don’t feel like it. You don’t play for fun or because you enjoy the game, you play for a reason.

You never tried multiplayer but completed all 191 achievements of Age of Empires 2? That is the “bread” of the game if you will, you missed like 90% of the game.

Sure, singleplayer is nice and the campaigns are nice, I have actually finished 3 campaigns myself and 1 co-op, but the bread and butter of the game is the multiplayer. The game Age of Empires 2 is the multiplayer.

And before someone comes in and calls me “elitist”, I don’t mean 1800 ELO multiplayer, I mean, multiplayer. You can have the same experience at ELO 500. It’s about that competition of troops, economy, strategy. Something that you can’t do in singleplayer where you just build yourself up, boom the economy and then go and fight with a full 100 Paladins, Champions, Arbaletists or unique warriors army.

Age of Empires 2 is more than that, and you can find that in multiplayer.

Don’t be sad if you lose, there’s a rank for everybody, and really out of all competitive games like Counter-Strike, Dota 2; Age of Empires 2 is the most fun competitive, you play for the experience more than you play for the win, so even at ELO 500 and even if you lose a lot of games, you will still have a great experience.

But yeah, a lot of multiplayer people can beat the Hard AI easily.

If you want to build up the courage, knowledge is your power, here are some videos to help you get started:

This is not ideal but it’s good enough for a beginner.

As a comment says: the most “normal” or “bland” civ is the best starting civ because once people learn the fundamentals of the game they can then learn how to specialize into other paths, like archers, knights, champions etc.

Counters are very important in AoE2.

Hope this helps building up the courage to go multiplayer ranked. And remember, if you want to be good at something, you have to start by not being very good. Failure is part of the learning process. It’s okay to fail, nobody was born learned.

Play custom campaigns

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Another thing. Don’t ley anyone tell you that you are playing wrong. You play right when you have fun. Be it single player or multiplayer or scenario design or modding or whatever