(Just for fun) Campaign ideas

Found these old writings by myself in my computer so I modified it a little to make it more up-to-date since DE is out :stuck_out_tongue:

Introduction & Disclaimer

I was looking for a way to represent the major events in Europe with the TWC and TAD-style campaign narrative (not including the Chinese one), where a fictional lesser figure participate most important battles with some real historical figures. (The vanilla campaign follows the AOM-style ‚Äútraveling around, bumping into events, helping local people‚ÄĚ road movie narrative, which I personally would not prefer for a historical setting).
The protagonists can also be somewhat related, even members of the Black family XD.
Most titles and character names are undecided.

BTW I know there are people with ‚Äúbut colonialism‚ÄĚ arguments. I don‚Äôt want to argue about that. This is just for fun.

Thirty Years War

The protagonist is an attendant of Albrecht von Wallenstein.
(I was also thinking of a campaign from the Swedish perspective, but never had the time)
Civ: Germans. Has special cards that enable the training of Landsknechts and Black Riders. Like the Blood campaign, you cannot upgrade beyond Age 3, but Mortar is enabled earlier. None of the factions have musketeers (because there were no bayonets). Swedes have caroleans but renamed (because the ‚ÄúCarolean‚ÄĚ era was in late 17th)
Home city: Regensburg


Prologue: Defenestration

  1. (White Mountain, Bohemia, 1620)
    Opponents: Bohemia (modified Germans)
    Wallenstein joined the war against Bohemians with Count Tilly.

  2. (Dessau, Anhalt-Dessau, 1626)
    Opponents: Denmark (Danes?)
    During the Danish intervention, Wallenstein quickly raised a large army and defeated the Protestant army in Dessau.

  3. (Wolgast, Pomerania, 1628)
    Opponents: Denmark (Danes?)
    Wallenstein decisively defeated the Danes and forced them out of the war.

  4. Lion of the North (Alte Veste, Franconian Circle, 1632)
    Opponents: Sweden (Swedes)
    Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden entered the war on the Protestant side. After the defeat and death of Count Tilly, the Emperor had to recall Wallenstein back to service.

  5. Lutzen (Lutzen, Saxony-Anhalt, 1632)
    Opponents: Sweden (Swedes)
    The famous Battle of Lutzen. The HRE actually lost this battle, but the objective of this scenario is to kill Gustavus Adolphus.

Peter the Great

The protagonist is a foreign advisor on Peter’s court, maybe a Scottish?
(Swedes become the main antagonist again because I didn’t have the idea of balancing civ appearances on my mind, but simply wrote whatever I was interested in)
Civ: Russians. The player’s Russian faction may not have streltsy, but regular skirmishers. (or who cares. El Cid had conquistadors)
Home city: Saint Petersburg (not accessible in the first scenario)


Prologue: The Grand Embassy

  1. Streltsy uprising (Moscow, Russia, 1698)
    Opponent: Streltsy (Russians)
    Peter was on a tour to western Europe when the streltsy revolted. He had to order his troops to suppress the uprising.

  2. Founding of Saint Petersburg (Nyenskans, Ingria, 1703)
    Opponent: Sweden (Swedes)
    After capturing the Swedish fort of Nyenskans, Peter planned a city in order to control the mouth of the Neva.

  3. (Narva, Ingria, 1704)
    Opponent: Sweden (Swedes)
    After the tragic defeat at Narva in 1700, Peter re-attempted to capture the city.

  4. (Poltava, Russia, 1709)
    Opponent: Sweden (Swedes)
    The decisive battle of the Great Northern War.

  5. (Northern Iran, 1723)
    Opponent: Saffavids (Persians?)
    Part of the Russo-Persian War.

French Revolution and Napoleon

The protagonist is an officer in the revolutionary army, who later became part of the Imperial Guards and participated in most important battles of Napoleon.
Civ: France, with tricolor (of course!) and some special revolutionary-themed cards
Home city: Paris


Prologue: Reign of Terror

  1. 13 Vendémiaire (Paris, France, 1794)
    Opponent: Royalists (French)
    Suppression of Royalist revolts.

  2. Crossing the Alps (Northern Italy, 1796)
    Opponent: Austria (modified Germans), Piedmont (Italians?), Tuscany (Italians?)
    Napoleon’s campaigns in Northern Italy.

  3. Battle of the Pyramids (Egypt, 1798)
    Opponent: Ottomans (Ottomans), Mameluks (modified Ottomans), Great Britain (British) (naval presence)
    Expeditions to Egypt and Syria

  4. Austerliz (Moravia, Austria, 1805)
    Opponent: Austria (modified Germans), Russia (Russians)
    The famous Battle of Austerliz.

  5. Borodino (Borodino, Russia, 1812)
    Opponent: Russia (Russians)
    Napoleon captured Moscow with heavy casualties. Now he is faced with a burning city, Cossack raiders, and most importantly, the Russian winter.

  6. Hundred Days (France and Netherlands, 1815)
    Opponents: Royalists (French), Prussia (modified Germans), Great Britain (British)
    Returning from the exile, Napoleon had little time to secure his new reign before a new coalition army was raised.
    This scenario can be won by defeating the Prussians in Ligny, but also has a hidden alternate ending if the player also defeats the British in Waterloo.


(The life of this guy is legendary enough to make even an AOM-styled campaign. He fought in both Americas and Europe and participated in many major events of his time)
The protagonist is a young Italian immigrant in Uruguay, who joined Garibaldi‚Äôs volunteers (the Italian Legion or ‚ÄúRedshirts‚ÄĚ) during the civil war. Later hearing the unification wars in Italy, he followed Garibaldi‚Äôs cause.
Civ: Italians, maybe a European civ with basic units and Mediterranean architecture, maybe a new civ. It has redshirt volunteer as the unique skirmisher unit, which functions similarly to state militia.
Home city: Turin (not accessible in the first scenario)


Prologue: Carbonari

  1. Redshirts (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1843)
    Opponent: Cerrito Government (modified Spanish), Argentine Confederation (modified Spanish)
    Garibaldi raised a legion of Italian volunteers during the Uruguayan Civil War.

  2. Republic of Rome (Rome, Papal States, 1849)
    Opponent: France (French)
    The short-lived Roman Republic. After a series of resistances, the French entered the city. Garibaldi had to flee to Venice with his forces.

  3. Expedition of the Thousand (Sicily, 1860)
    Opponent: Sicily (Italians?)
    Expedition of the Thousand to Sicily.

  4. Battle of Bezzecca (Tyrol, 1866)
    Opponent: Austria (modified Germans)
    The Third Italian War of Independece. Garibaldi’s forces made successful advanced, but had to stop because an armistice was signed.

  5. Army of the Vosges (Dijon, France, 1870)
    Opponent: Prussia (modified Germans)
    Garibaldi’s volunteers’ actions in the Franco-Prussian War.

BTW, There is also a list of historical battle ideas:


Me gustar√≠a una campa√Īa del ‚ÄúGran capit√°n‚ÄĚ Gonzalo Fern√°ndez de c√≥rdoba tambi√©n conocido como el padre de los tercios espa√Īoles, y un oficial imbatible durante las batallas de la pen√≠nsula it√°lica, con respecto a tus ideas est√°n bastante buenas colega, al age 3 le hacen falta campa√Īas as√≠, es por eso que fracaso tanto en un primer momento las campa√Īas no fueron tan interesantes hasta la segunda expansi√≥n de las dinast√≠as asi√°ticas en donde eran mas hist√≥ricas.

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