Historical Battles wishlist

I’m happy that the devs are adding more single player content after the amazing work on the DLCs. Here are some historical battles that I believe would be great additions.

(1) I’m mainly focusing on the important events that are missing from the game, and the civs that have too few campaign appearances.
(2) I know some would want the game to fix to a “colonial” theme and I have no intention to argue about that here. On the other hand a few historical battles would not interfere with the theme at all just like the Siege of Malta in vanilla.

Battle of Lutzen

Perspective: either Germans (HRE) or Swedes
The game has so many units and mercs based on the Thirty Years War. And Swedes haven’t even got a campaign appearance.

Siege of Leiden

Perspective: Dutch
Dutch haven’t appeared in the campaign either. The breaking of the dikes would be an interesting part of the battle.

Tupac Amaru II’s Revolt

Inca also needs a campaign. And we have Tupac Amaru’s model in the new update.

Battle of Austerliz

Perspective: French
A Waterloo historical battle would also be possible, from either the British or French (alternate history) perspective.

Battle of Cadiz

Perspective: Spanish
Spain did have a lot of campaign appearances…as the antagonist. This could be a good battle from the Spanish perspective.

Battle of Toba-Fushimi

Perspective: Japanese (Imperial)
An important battle in the modernization of Japan.

Qing-Russian Conflicts

Perspective: Chinese
One of the important military conflicts of early modern China with other in-game civs before late Qing.

I’m also thinking of a battle for the Aztecs, but most of the events are already covered in AOE2. If that overlapping is not an issue, there could be an AOE3 remake of those scenarios.

Please also provide your ideas.


Nice ideas, here are some more candidates.

Battle of pavia

Playing as the Germans vs the French, capture the king to win?

Battle of lepanto

Playing as the Spanish vs the Ottomans
Naval gameplay is a bit rare in this game atm.

Siege of Vienna (1683)

Playing as the Germans vs the Ottomans
Holdout scenario untill the Poles arrive?

Battle of Rossbach

Playing as Prussia (modified British) vs France and Germans
Clear out as many opposing troops as you can before they can form up.

Battle of Rocroi

French vs Spanish
The first major defeat of the Spanish in a century.

The Spanish Armada

British vs Spanish
Stop the Spanish from landing on the coast.


all vs spain loosers

the thread


And why not?

The second largest landing after Normandy in which thousands of Englishmen were humiliated by blas de lezo and a few Spanish?
PS: This is erased from history by the English due to great humiliation.

The modern and unbeatable Swedish army against the old and archaic Spanish Tercio. Winner: Spain

Netherlands vs Spain
Winner: Spain

I can continue to show more battles won by Spain


It would be a dream if they care about it. We need some pirate intense scenarios


Aside from the Tupac Amaru Revolt, I think it could be added the Battle of Ollantaytambo [Incas vs Spanish + Quechua natives], the last victory of the Manco Inca’s rebellion.

Also, would be interesting to see the Spanish siege of a small Wokou Pirates’ Fort that was part of the Cagayan Battles [Spanish vs Wokou Pirates].

And the Battle of the Tiger’s Mouth [Chinese + Pirates vs Portuguese].


Me sorprende el odio enorme que le tienen a España, en su historia militar España ha tenido un montón de gloriosas victorias casi inigualables, y solo muestran sus derrotas, y encima derrotas poco significativas ni siquiera derrotas aplastantes como las que sufrieron los enemigos de España. y por cierto la serenísima armada española jamás fue derrotada por la inglesa, se hundió por culpa de una tormenta, antes si quiera de llegar a Inglaterra, y pocos recuerdan la contra armada o “La invencible inglesa”? que fue derrotada por España, o pocos recuerdan la derrota que sufrió Nelson tratando de tomar las islas canarias siendo derrotado por campesinos.


I would say Pavia (1525) with Italians,Lützen (1632) with Swedes,Kalhenberg (1683) with Poles,Waterloo (1815) with British,the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt and the rise of Muhammad Ali (1798-1805) with Egyptians and in America,the Battle of Maule (1485) with Mapuches,Cunhambebe (1555) with Tupis,the Battle of San Jacinto (1836) with Sam Houston (Texans) and the Battle of Gettysburg (1863) with a young George A. Custer (Union cavalry)…

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New Historical Battles

  1. Battle of Lepanto, 1571 - Spain ally with Italians* vs Ottoman Empire
  2. Battle of Gravelines, 1588 - England (British civ) vs Spain
  3. Battle of Poltava, 1709 - Russia vs Sweden
  4. Battle of Valmy, 1792 - French vs Prussia*, Austria* and Holy Roman Empire Army (Germans civ)
  5. Battle of Waterloo, 1815 - United Kingdom (British civ) ally with Prussia*, Holy Roman Empire (Germans civ) and Netherlands (Dutch civ) vs French Empire
  6. Battle of Königgrätz, 1866 - Prussia* vs Austria-Hungary* and Saxony (Germans civ)
  7. Battle of White Mountain, 1620 - Habsburg Monarchy* (Austria-Hungary civ) ally with Catholic League (Germans civ) and Spain vs Kingdom of Bohemia (Germans civ) and Electoral Palatinate (Germans civ)
  8. Battle of Vienna, 1683 - Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth* ally with Habsburg Monarchy* (Austria-Hungary civ) and Holy Roman Empire (Germans civ) vs Ottoman Empire and Romanians (revolutionary Russians)
  9. Battle for Copenhagen, 1801 - Denmark-Norway* (Danes civ) vs United Kingdom (British civ)

New civs - Italians*, Austria-Hungary*, Prussians*, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth* and Danes*.


I would like to see more battles during the 30 years war. Maybe even an entire short campaign with wallenstein/ Gustav adolph as focus


I dream of two European campaigns:

  1. Thirty Years’ War
  2. Napoleonic Wars

These campaigns would be modeled on the AoE 2 campaign model: Campaign map, no fantasy, cutscenes in the form of book cards. The universality of these campaigns would be nice, i.e. the possibility of leading each side of the conflict with alternative endings (I prefer an alternative story than fantasy). I think such two powerful campaigns would be able to please us players. Potential campaigns are also: Great Northern War (1700-1721), Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871), Wars of the Holy League (1683-1699) and Springtime of Nations - if all these wars were to become new campaigns in AoE 3, then there would be no need to add Historical Battles from the European continent.


The 2nd battle of Guarapes would also be interesting: Portuguese vs Dutch in Brazil.


AOE4 gameplay didn’t impress me as much but I really envy those historical battles.
I think that’s the only thing AOE3 is lacking now. Not to mention we already have a medieval historical game in the series, but AOE3 as the only early modern AOE does not have many historical contents. I can’t imagine a game series that spans the majority of human history does not cover Napoleon or Peter the Great or many others.
This is such a missed opportunity. I’d even insta-buy a paid campaign or scenario pack.


The glorious defense of New France from the English aggressors.

Hero character: Governor Frontenac

Resist American imperialism.

Hero character: Blue Jacket

Destroy English settlements by both land and sea simultaneously in a well-coordinated attack before the English navy is able to reinforce the island.

Hero character: D’Iberville

Force the British to recognize Native American territory - with extreme prejudice.

Hero character: Pontiac


Yes,the Thirty Years’ War and the Napoleonic Wars have not been touched on in the game and have the same historical importance as in AoE 2 have the Crusades (in the case of the Thirty Years’ War because they are religious struggles) and the Hundred Years’ War (in the case of the Napoleonic Wars for being the kick-off of the formation of the idea of the nation-state)…

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Yes,you can take as an example the saga of Cossacks and American Conquest that take from playable concept the same historical period as AoE 3…and that has historical campaigns from the arrival of Columbus to the New World (which makes a tutorial campaign) to the American Civil War with the expansion The Nation Divided…

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Colonialism focus was the problem, they wanted to erase that part of history

I would add small campaigns for each civ (asians maybe not…china…) like 3-4 missions. But this could be too optimistic. It would be:

France: Napoleonic wars

Spain: too much options: Columbus, incas/aztecs (too much touched) , vs europeans/HRE or exploration of north-mexico america (its more unknown in the society despite having cities like LA, San Francisco, Colorado…)

Dutch: independence of Spain.

Portugal: Brazil, or Feitorias in africa/asia

Germans: protestants princes


They are interesting battles,but they would have to be historical battles more or less known by everybody or that have interesting mechanics when they are played,such as those of Cristopher da Gama or Francis Drake…

As the saying goes:“whoever does not know his history is condemned to repeat it”…