[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

It would be nice that units suffer some damage in the process.

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  • Town Centers and Castles are 3x3 tiles instead of 4x4

I think this bonus would be best suited for a civ that historically belongs to a densely-populated country, but I can’t think of any during the Middle Ages, let alone any significant enough to be a civ.


Also what use will this have other than saving some land area?

This will mean unique buildlings to replace TCs and Castles, since you cannot just simply shrink the normal TCs and Castles.

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Saving land area is an underrated bonus on maps where there isn’t much real estate to begin with. Castle drops in particular would be much easier.

Free elite UU upgrade and hoardings as a civ bonus.
And, the civ has up to 3 UTs as a feature.
The elite UU upgrade provide less benefit, like +10 HP and +1 p.armor for the infantry UU having only 40 base HP and 0/4 base armor.
The additional UT could be a Castle age one, having its button at the place the elite UU upgrade supposed to be.

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TC +2 attack. Can be a civ bonus or maybe even a Team Bonus.

A unique building that merge and replace monastery and university.

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I’ve thought about that, but I don’t think it will work, because there are too many technologies for the number of slots. The only way to fix it is by having an arrow like at the Dock, which people already don’t like.

Literally in this thread.

I’m sure I designed the building for Bengalis way before they were added. Well, at least they got a monk bonus.

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If I saw it, I forgot about it. I come up with ideas on my own for the most part. I did think of a University replacement for the Tibetans, the Gompa, that also fires arrows and trains Monks. That’s similar to other stuff in this thread.

At this point seems really difficult to bring new ideas that don’t already been posted in this thread 11


Civ Bonus

  • Get a villagers for researching a TC tech. (Excluding Age Advancing)
  • Get 2 villagers for constructing a TC and/or Castle.
  • Get a UU after constructing a Castle.
  • Get a UU after researching a Castle Tech including Elite UU upgrade.


  • Outpost fire 1 arrow. Arrow has same attack and range as TC. (Pretty niche. But can be handy to harass enemy woodlines in late game)
  • Towers don’t cost wood.
  • Spearman and Skirmisher can switch to each other. Will have a cool down time unlike Ratha. (Hopefully it won’t be broken in late game, nor useless in actual combat)

Similar to this one?

Its range could be fine to be fixed to the 6 tiles but its attack should better be fixed to a low number such like 1.

Would it worth a cost as a UT?

First of all providing new animations for the generic units is a complex issue. Do you want Spearmen to have the look of Skirmishers or keep the look of Spearmen when it is switched to skirmisher mode?

Second, what kind of the armor class they would have after switching? Can my Skirmishers without any researched upgrades be turned into the fully upgraded Halberdiers?

Third, having them disabled from switching for a short time after a switch, aka having cooldown, does little to help balance. Skirmishers can still turn into Spearmen instantly when enemy Scouts rush towards them. Even though it takes a while to transform back into Skirmishers, it’s enough to ruin your opponent’s strategy.
What would be more helpful would be to have them need a short time for the switch to complete after the switch button is clicked. This way they can’t immediately counter the unit that should counter them but can still decide who they are based on the situation of the battle.

Anyway I think this ability best belongs to a UU that could have both spear mode and javelin mode.

You can say that.

Nah. That will be too weak as I’m not asking for garrison or multiple arrow.

Maybe with some secondary effect. I think it will be too powerful as civ bonus.

No new animation. They will switch like Ratha without any animation.

Spearman will have generic spearman armor classes. Skirmisher will have generic skirmisher armor classes.

Fair. I also have the same concern. Making the CD time long enough will balance it out imo. Maybe a whooping 40 seconds CD?

Exactly because it cannot be garrisoned to be able to fire arrows in your idea, the attack should be fixed very low.
An attack of 1 means it would always cause just 1 damage to any units, fitting its very low cost of 25 wood and 5 stone.

Everything, units, techs and buildings cost -5%/10%/15%/20% in each age. No stackable

When a castle is destroyed, replace it with 4 towers, placed on the corners of the castle foundation

That’s absolutely busted. This essentially means all resource collection is 5%/11%/18%/25% faster in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

Wild animals don’t attack units unless provoked.

Idea came up from the video above.