[Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs

Walls and gates can be repaired for free.

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Very weak. Just a little better than the Magyar bonus.

Not bad but just a slight benefit. I would prefer repairing walls and gates very quickly.

I have a question: how to reflect the mounted units who were said good at hit-and-run tactics for a non-cavalry civ?

  • No Bloodlines, no Steppe Lancer line, no Elephants, and probably no Cavalier upgrade, but having Camel Rider line and Cavalry Archer line.
  • Not achieved through a UT.
  • Not achieved with a charge bar.
  • The less civ bonus are used, the better.
  • The Scout Cavalry line units should be decent enough to compete with the fully upgraded generic Scout Cavalry line or to have a niche usage.

Militia line benefits from Bloodlines. (No Gambeson)

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  • All buildings work 5% faster

Constructing a building except houses, farms and walls (and maybe outpost) give 20 food.

buildings regenerate slowly would be a fun bonus :smiley:

I was hoping the Romans would receive this bonus as a reference to self-healing Roman concrete, but alas, it was not to be.

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  • Team bonus: Walls have +1/+2 armor

  • Villagers can build siege weapons on the field starting in Castle Age