Malay are cool with their endless horde of 2HS, but does anyone have vids of the karambits being used effectively? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in MP.?

Thinking they might need a cost reduction again (-5 gold, so they’re not as cheap as pre nerf)

And on a similar note the malay 2HS could probably do with a 5gold increase, just to stop them from having a mono economy of fish traps…

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Karambits OP when massed, might need nerfs.


Do you realize that it is DM?
Do you realize that Viper’s opponent is outskilled?
Do you realize that those units still died even though there was little to no army fighting them?

Do you just throw the label “overpowered” on every unit you feel like?
Mr. know-it-all, do you even play this game yourself?


I do, but I honestly think you don’t, at this point.

Exactly this. Thanks for summing up my thoughts on that comment.


This is my profile, as you can see I play plenty on high enough level to know and understand what the current balance is:

I would love to see your profile as well,
since you stated you do play the game and you act so brashly.


What a stupid example. At first you should watch what TheViper is doing. That was an experiment and in the end he has to realize that as mass it up they are strong but honestly they died faster than a trash unit. He wasn’t able to destroy a weakened enemy even with 400 Karambits.

Karambits are trash units and only strong if you mass them. I wouldn’t prefer cost reduction, more prefer change the amount of gold and food. Trash units should not costs 15 Gold. They died fast and you lose 15 Gold. Only useful in castle age and only to raid the enemy.


600 elo?:slight_smile:

Trash units are only units that cost no Gold, and the only units that are good without needing to be massed, are Siege units.

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that example is incredibly off as the others pointed out for all those reasons… call it whatever you want the karambit is a zergling which costs too much, or is too slow, or does too little dps to justify it, it was over nerfed with some kind of panic reaction compared to its OP release and then never reviewed since the 2HS works well as as swarm unit already

show me an actual video showing how effective they can be, and not some nonsense.

alightjewel is a very good player, so its ok to admit when you are wrong, and when others know better than you…

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Wrong example.
Zerglings are a T1 unit whose main adavantage is being fast and hard to counter on open fields, by other T1 units.
Karambit Warriors are T3 (Castle Age) units, that are supposed to be used for flash defense against Siege and enemy Infantry or Trash.

Call me when he is winning tournaments…

Man seriously, you don’t trust others opinion just because they are not winning tournaments? Why should anyone trust each others’ opinion on this forum then? Why should we trust your opinion then? Please be respectful to other people’s opinions. I can understand when somone claims something without a proof is questionable but he basicly told all the reasons why you were wrong about that example…


I do not trust arguments of authority unless they have the results to show for it.

With all respect, but now you just shoot yourself in the foot.
Did you won any tournament? :wink:


No, but I did not make arguments fro authority, because of my ELO.

I don’t understand why the post was claimed to be “inappropriate”:
“brash” - self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way
What’s inappropriate about saying it?

I’m still waiting for your response.


He has said in other topic, that he plays with friends, not in ranked. Minority of players play in ranked btw.

Also you were IMO clearly very rude here:

I treated his post as a joke of another Viper trolling game. Similar to this:

No idea, why some people took it so seriously.


Then why does he acts self-assertive in a rude, noisy, and overbearing way?

“clearly very rude”?
He does think that he knows much more than other people. He doesn’t take any advice or criticism despite not playing competitively at all. At the same time he confidently posts extreme opinions that don’t make any sense.

This guy - @JonOli12 needs to be brought back to earth.

Back to the topic of Karambits - I definitely think they should be cheaper. Probably by 5 of resource. Either one - gold or food is fine. I could see arguments for either of those -5F makes it easier to make them early on (in castle age when it’s harder to farm) and -5G would make it easier to keep production in imp without trade or in 1v1s (so you don’t lose too much gold on this unit).


I don’t have videos, but I’ve seen Karambits, massed of course, used to good enough effect against archers caught out in open ground. The Karambits died super fast, but so did the archers. Other than that, they’re the least expensive mobile raiding unit. I’ve never seen Karambits used against Eagles, so I don’t know about that matchup. Therefore the best value of Karambits I can think of is as a disposable anti-archer army that can use surviving units to raid Villagers. A clear purpose, but certainly a niche one. You’ll almost certainly want to pair Karambits with siege weapons or your own archers as a rapid follow up to continue the pressure against a broken enemy archer army.

I wonder the same thing about certain users on this forum 11.


The Eagles win. You should only ever make karambits when defending, and only if you need a large mass of quick units to do so, but they do defend pretty well.
For everything else, Malay just use the Trashanders, FU Arbalests, or the discounted Elephants (which are actually my favourite Battle Elephants, since they actually are cost-effective, in comparison with other BEs).

Karambits are a panick button on a civ that is already very well rounded, and as such, they should not be too cheap, or Malay becomes unassailable.

There just has to be a price for massing up instant defenders, lest this game turns into AoE3.