Keep Calm and Wololo—Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Hotfixes and Support Plan - Age of Empires


@Dukemon said:
AOE1 with gates? Do not overhelm the AI.^^’

content update

  • teach the AI how to use water maps
  • AI allys should be more usfull in more difficult stages
  • Queues for technological progress
  • fix some translated mistakes.
  • -example for german version: in the egypt campaign “tool age” is translated with ‘Werkzeugzeitalter’, this is a directly translation but wrong because in German the second age is named “Jungsteinzeit”. Please, let native speaker translate and write the german textes. Of course, this also applies to other languages.

technic updates

  • allow offline log ins to windows store to play the game offline. like in Origin and Steam
  • solve the issue you cannot start the game, nevertheless you are online in Xbox Live.

Yes, “Werkzeugzeitalter” is very bad, but I don’t think they’ll fix it because they’d had to re-record the voice acting for it. But I guess it’s a case of the new translator not knowing about established terms in the game. All in all, the German translation is decent, with some minor issues. Most of it doesn’t read like an obvious translation (as e.g. The Forgotten campaigns do, which quite obviously weren’t translated by a professional).

One thing that bugged me, though, was the weird genitive construction “Thutmose III’s” in the German translation (only appears in text, not in voice acting). In German it should be “Thutmoses III.” (read as “Thutmoses des Dritten”)… You add a genitive ending to the name, not to the abbreviated numeral. And the pronunciation of some names is a bit off. But other than that, the voice acting is decent.

One scenario (I forgot which one, but it was one of the later ones, I think) in the Egyptian campaign had the same paragraph twice in the text that is read when you win (in the German version, and it is only read once).


How can this bug still be around since the beta?
Been trying to get the game working about a week now, nothing works. No rfunds either. The one responsible should get fired.


You mean the support is not deploy and forget the mess we made, like with AoM and TOTD?


Solve the bugs and most important make a better path finding, I think it is the only default of the game