Known Issue: Performance Issues with Low FPS

I wanted to report that G-Sync still seems to be broken after update 34699 as I still experience substantial screen tearing and uneven frame pacing resulting in stutter when panning the map (as described in my previous post just a few posts above).

It is concerning this this has not yet been added to “known issues” and I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever be addressed. I have not been able to yet enjoy playing the game because of this issue.

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I have a GTX 1070 TI and it is using 100% GPU in AoE2 DE dont know why, it causes bad lag in Multiplayer only, runs okay in solo.

Hi , for 60fps , Set power management mode in nvidia control panel for this game to prefer maximum performance.

So this issue is closed?

Not for everyone.

I get good FPS but people still don’t have good FPS sometimes

If you’re still having issues we’d love to hear details.

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Enabling v-sync drastically improves performance for me (removes stuttering), which is maybe weird.


I didn’t experience stuttering but it made my benchmark jump from 300/600 ish to 970, first time since the beta! Thx a lot!

I still have the same Problems. My Benchmark ist at 1250 with around 50 FPS, my FPS in Single Player are 100+, but when i host a MP game my FPS in the Menu are already going down to like 55, and when game starts i have like 35 FPS which getting even lower when the game goes on.

I think you’d be surprised to see my peak FPS was 190 on some 1v1 games. (using UHD)

The game runs now very smoothly since the last update 34699 :heavy_check_mark:
Thank you so much, Age of Empires development team! :blush:

(Only with very much objects e.g. 7th Williame Wallace scenario, when centering to own town center, or 1th Saladin scenario in Cairo the frame rate drops to 30 fps …Maybe you still have some room for improvement, even for my specs? :wink:)


For the record, I am still very much having issues with screen tearing, stuttering, etc. as described above after 34699. I still get screen tearing when v-sync or g-sync are enabled independently of each other. Strangely, enabling both still seems to eliminate or at least cut down on the tearing, but there are still other issues with stuttering.

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Looks like anything resembling FPS, stuttering, v-sync or g-sync or the like was either moved to “fixed” or never tracked in the first place. Guess it’s getting brushed under the rug. I’ll at least try to get a refund, though I may have screwed myself by waiting to see if it would ever get fixed.

It’s 3 months after release and v-sync/g-sync are still broken. What the ■■■■.

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Any update on this? My friends and I just purchased this game, we all have high end gaming rigs, and are unable to play multiplayer due to how choppy the games get even with stable FPS.

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I strongly disagree, the performance was increased for me personally since the earlier versions.
But I guess not lots of people are left with this issue, this post was quite inactive for a while

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The performance did Improve alot in the 35584 Build , I hope the devs will continue on improving the performance of the game . Also I wonder why you get a big FPS drop when there is alot of trees or mountains on the screen ?

My friends and I have still been experiencing considerable intermittent connection issues with the servers. No FPS drops with frames remaining relatively consistent around the 60fps cap in game, but the game will randomly get very choppy or have really bad response times due to input delays.

For example, if I try moving a unit it may take 30+ seconds for the unit to begin moving to that spot. As mentioned this randomly occurs and may only last for a few minutes.

My benchmark is around 1200, I can easily play single player in 4vs4 with bots on extreme + mods that increase the max population to 1000 with my game running smoothly.
But in multiplayer, 1 out of 4 matches can get simply unplayable, almost as if I’m playing on a potato pc… Is this because one of the players have a bad case of FPS and is dragging everbody or some people down? Or is this a connection issue? My connection is kinda stable at 200mb up/down tho

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