[Known Issue] Silk Road and Lrg Silk Road vs. AI crashes (6159)

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  • BUILD #: 6159

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Hello everyone! The team has identified a crash when playing the Silk Road or Lrg Silk Road map against an AI player that I wanted to pass your way. In these circumstances, the crash will occur when the AI captures a Trading Post and then makes a plan to upgrade it.

For the time, we recommend that you avoid playing these maps until a fix can be implemented. While we are aiming to release a hotfix within the next week or so (if all goes as planned and testing goes smoothly), the fix for this issue is unlikely to have time to be prepared, tested, and implemented in the upcoming release—which is why it’s important to keep this in mind as you play against the AI!

I’ve added this note to the Known Issues list and will update with any new information there:

Thanks for your understanding! More information to come!


Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

Is it fixed on Hotfix 6847?

u can always check what is fixed when a patch/hotfix is released just by reading it

It also says that the list may be incomplete and is subject to change. From my past experience, there always are many minor tweaks in each update which are not mentioned directly in patch notes

Can confirm it has not been fixed on 6847. I thought it was my Hungary mod messing up the whole game but thankfully it’s not. Phew.

This issue should be fixed as of Update 9476! Let us know if it pops up again and I’ll pass along the information to the team! :+1:

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