Known Issue: Translation & Localization (French Language - Langue Française)

We are aware that there may be issues related to translation or localization of the game. Please consolidate all reports regarding the French language in this thread. Please include the following information:

  • Build number
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)
  • Location of text (Is it in a game menu, lobby, etc? Is it in a campaign, if so, which mission and what triggers the text?)
  • A screenshot of the issue
  • Description of what was mistranslated and a suggestion for replacement.

Please be aware that Developers and AOE Staff commenting on this thread may not know the language, and are utilizing translation software to understand what is being reported, so that it can be properly documented and passed to the Localization team.
Nous sommes conscients qu’il peut y avoir des problèmes liés à la traduction ou à la localisation du jeu. Veuillez regrouper tous les rapports concernant la langue française dans ce fil. S’il vous plaît inclure les informations suivantes:

  • Numéro de construction
  • Plate-forme (Steam ou Microsoft Store)
  • Emplacement du texte (est-ce dans un menu du jeu, un lobby, etc.? Est-ce dans une campagne, si oui, quelle mission et ce qui déclenche le texte?)
  • Une capture d’écran du problème
  • Description de ce qui a été mal traduit et suggestion de remplacement.

Sachez que les développeurs et le personnel d’AOE qui commentent ce fil peuvent ne pas connaître la langue et utilisent un logiciel de traduction pour comprendre ce qui est rapporté, afin qu’il puisse être correctement documenté et transmis à l’équipe de localisation.

No tutorial/voices in Art of War mode , in french ?

The default keyboard shortcuts for French keyboard are awkward.
This is a mix of QWERTY and AZERTY.
QWERTY for most of unit/building.
AZERTY for military units (aggressive, defensive, etc.).
I think the game should provide a better out of the box experience.
The default shortcuts for French keyboard should be reviewed and use AZERTY for all units and building.

This should be Caserne instead of Casernes (singular not plural)

This translation is awkward.
Should be something more like Commandes de parcours (not Parcourir les commandes)

Not translated.

Not translated.

The P letter should be uppercase.

Not translated.

Should be Homme d’armes instead of Hommes d’armes (singular not plural)


For the archer line, we have the following translation:

archer = archer
crossbowman = arbalétrier
arbalester = fantassin à arc lourd

In english, arbalest refers to later crossbow (with a more powerfull blow). This distinction does not exist in french, and we use the word arbalète for both crossbow and arbalest.
The translation "fantassin à arc lourd " is very odd, because arc refers to bow…
I think a better translation of arbalester could be simply “arbalétrier lourd” instead of the odd “fantassin à arc lourd”


It was already suggested in the beta but for some reason didn’t make it in the final release

That’s weird, in my game the crossbowman is the normal name except it’s cut to “fantassin” instead of the usual name (but the briton unique unit has its full name)

Can we have some tutorial for the Art of Wart mode ??
The idea is cool but its unplayable like this , game start and we have 0 idea what to do , we have to wait notification and read it? this is reallty bad compared to original version english

New patch , nothing change Loul , idk what are you doing with this game for real
1 week with no patch , for that? add sound when units die : GG !!
Disable ““Art od War”” in French version , no way to play this looks like an alpha/beta game no joke.

Actually the dying sounds were almost more requested than bug fixes lol.

Resignition notice
Current “Joueur 2 a démissionné.”
What it shall be “Joueur 2 a capitulé.”


Hello, the game fails at launch today with Steam! An idea to solve this? Thank you.

In the current version, when playing the Dos pilas scenario, after choosing Tikal (dunno for Kalakmul) most voicelines are replaced with speach from the Bukhara scenario. In the 3rd Dracula mission, the first voiceline is fine, but then instead of saying something like “these bombards should come in handy” it plays the villager voiceline “Dracula comes to free us” Then when you reach said villager you hear instead a soldier crying Dracula got killed even though he is fine, and afterwards all voicelines remain wrong.

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I’ve tested the game after the Christmas update and noticed several mistakes:
1-the tech tree now claims Cuman cavalry is 15% faster from Feudal age (and not a staggered effect)

In the Lithuanian tech tree it’s still written the bonus affect cavalry (instead of Leitis+knights) and it still says the cap is 5 instead of 4
There is a “c” before the Bulgarian team bonus
And last mistake, the Sarracen tech tree claims only Horse archers get +3 against buildings, yet still displays the parenthesis about skirmishers not getting the bonus

I agree with you that currently the shortcuts for the French version is a bizarre mix between ANSI US (QWERTY) and ISO FR (AZERTY). I agree to integrate AZERTY as a default solution for the french client of the game.
However, the game should not forget all the other French-speaking users who do not necessarily have ISO FR keyboard (for example, the Belgians certainly have AZERTY keyboards but the ISO BE is slightly different from the ISO FR). Not to mention the French speakers who use ANSI US (QWERTY) keyboards.
The game should add default profiles to switch between keyboard layouts easily and so make sure everyone has the same arrangement of the shortcuts on the same grid base.


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No more french voice since last patch

Did you check all the campaigns? Because I’m playing the Sundjata missions and both the narration and in-game dialogue work.

No voice in all campagne, test on other pc and same, a friend test and same, re dowload the game and same

Then I have no idea what that problem might be, and I can just wish you luck cuz devs aren’t really responsive here

In the last Montezuma scenario, in the scout report, the colors of the two Spanish factions are the ones of the HD version, not DE

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