Known Issue: Trouble Signing In to Multiplayer Servers

Some users have reported trouble signing into multiplayer services, getting the below pop-up, even on multiple retries. We are continuing to investigate this.

As a first-step in troubleshooting, please check that there are not any server maintenance outages, or Xbox Live outages, as they may cause this issue temporarily.

Next, please check your antivirus settings as described on this Support FAQ article, before consolidating reports below.


Please note that getting the above pop-up one or a few times is not necessarily an indicator of this issue; it may be this issue if it persists after several retry attempts.

Also note that issues connecting to Steam or Xbox Live services are not related to this issue.


any news on this because this keeps happening to me and i literally cant play multiplayer and i would like to be able to play


Same here. Whenever I try to access Multiplayer game, I only read this message: Cannot connect to Steam. Please Check your Internet Connection. WTF?

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Also still having this issue, any updates on when this will be fixed?

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I just want to play mp but it’s disconnecting me every 5 seconds. Bruh

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I cant see any lobbies and nobody can see mine. Even a friends only game - we just want to play AI or anything for this matter :frowning:

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Cross play doesn’t work. A friend creates over steam a multi-player game. I cannot join the game with my version from Microsoft platform. An message box of unknown error pop-ups

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Cross play doesn`t work.

I have a microsoft account and cannot play multiplayer with my friend who has a steam account. It says “Error: Unknown Error”’

I also cannot find any friends in the “add steam friends” option.


I can connect to games however, I get kicked out of quite a lot fo games with the message “You cannot connect to the game server”.

Problem can’t be on my end, since I always have YT running in the background without any trouble.

I cannot play multiplayers.


I have the same problem

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Using the Microsoft Store, even when I find the correct lobby or respond to the friend invite I can not get into the game. Random people can join my lobby but not friends. I really dont understand how basic functionality is this broken.

same issue :confused:

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I am playing here on steam. system is win10
try to re-installing , but useless.


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I connect to the services but once I launch the game it gets disconnected with multiplayer services and cannot sign back into multiplayer services.

This exactly happens after 4 mins of game play.

I have 100Mbps connection and tried all the suggested options and still its the same.


Im having the same issue, but ill be mid game then everything stops moving and proceeds to say the server got not response, when i go back to multiplayer, it says trying to sign in. It then tells me to check my internet connection so i do and the game disconnects my internet on me meanwhile my PC cab only be hard wired because i dont have a wireless adapter on my mobo so in order to fix it i have to restart my PC every time and its annoying.

Try to disable the Firewall of your antivirus, it works for me with Bitdefender

Thats exactly what happens to me…

We are having the same issues (my brother and I), after few minutes, one of us got disconnected and the game end… so disappointed…
As well when clicking of Multiplayer, sometimes it says it cannot…