KotD4 Finals Discussion

Just a discussion thread for the finals between Viper and Vinchester

Game 1 Viper (Vikings) vs Vinchester (Mongols).
Vinchester has a very wallable map - got to love that, and Viper has basically only two woodlines (though one is massive).

Things don’t look good for Vinch rn

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no they don’t. viper used some offensive pressure + and a balanced eco to race into castle age faster then vinchester could with his unbalanced economy.

Viper about to drop a get out of the game castle.
1-0 viper.

game 2 burgundians (Viper) vs indians (vinchester)

First zoo of the series 11

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vinchester playing out of his mind in game 2.

Imagine if he had used this mangonel when Viper’s castle foundation was at 10 HP…

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Did anyone notice whether Vinch got parthian tactics?

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Nvm he is getting it now

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i swear viper is a cockroach who just doesn’t die.

With such high stakes, who wouldn’t 11

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and vinchester finally kills him. it was a long grind but hey, viper literally never got to field knights. as burgundians.

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Those champions only had +1 armour, that’s funny 11

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not like you need much when you’re fighting trash units.

game 3 huns (viper) vs berbers (vinchester).

All this villfghting, Vinch is kinda throwing

viper being greedy going up like htis.

viper literally walling vinchester in. cav archer good unit.

Sorry but what you call greed is just reading the game. Vinch didn’t had enough army to really threaten the Viper. Viper already had a small advantage when he decided to go up.
Maybe Vinch would have had a chance if I went full feudal, but that’s a risk you probably don’t want to take against Viper especially as Berbers vs Huns, where your winning scenario is the camel archer.

Kamyuks time let’s gooo!