Lag in 1 VS 1 in UK servers


I am experiencing lag issues in at least 50% of matches that I play in ranked 1 VS 1. The game stutters for most of the game, sometimes it gets fixed mid-game, tho. I always seem to have this issue with UK servers only, and, despite being located in Spain, when the match is hosted in a indian or american server, I do not have any lag issues and the game goes perfectly fine.

My internet connection is good, I have 100 Mb/s and I never experience lag in other games. My PC has great specs too, so that should not be the problem.

Things that I tried and didn’t work:

  • UDP / TCP forwarding
  • Disabling antivirus
  • Disabling windows defender
  • Reinstalling
  • Enabling V-Sync

More info:

  • Sometimes the lag is fixed by itself randomly after 10 / 15 minutes, but sometimes it doesn’t and I have to play a whole game with stuterring problems.
  • I am located in Spain
  • Seems to be only UK-server related
  • I got this problem since day 1

Does anyone know why is this happening? If it’s a server-side issue, why it’s only happening to me?

Thank you

Please, help, anyone?

I got weeks with lag and then without lag on and off at this server.

I made this thread about it. Sometimes is randomly gots laggy (all games) and at some point, the lag is gone again for days/weeks. And after some time it is just back again.

At the same time everything else is just running fine at my end, so i do think it has something to do with the UK server (most of my games are on that server too).