Lag, Sync and Connection Issue

101.101 Game Version:

  • Build (34793)
  • Platform (Steam)

Scenario: My friend and I play vs AI in 6v6 and 4v4 games. Basically just the 2 of us vs and with AI. We run the game in adequate PCs, (one with 16GB RAM and another one with 12GB). Video Cards are fine and we’ve played a LOT of AOE2:DE games before with these PCs. We’re both from Southern California and use the westus2 server (Ping is green at around 120).

Issue: We are consistently out of sync (the game basically slows down and then speeds up) Until eventually the delay between my click and when my command actually happens is 20 seconds apart while the game continues progressing. This makes hunting boars impossible because you can’t run back to your TC.

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