Late antiquity custom campaigns

Hey guys, I’m working on a lot of custom campaigns set in the early dark ages and I’m posting this just to let players know and have feedback to make them better.
Currently only “Constantinople - the end of the ancient world” campaign and the “Adrianople” scenario are public and I’ve already got some feedback about the first.
So this is mostly for the Adrianople one. It’s kinda long and complex but I can play and enjoy it, just wanted to know if others have different experiences.
Thanks to anyone willing to share!

Ps: crazy timing, just when I started making these campaigns last year they announced return of Rome lol


I am remaking the campaigns and historical battles of AoE 3 in AoE 2…

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I started porting Yamato AoE1 DE campaign to Age 2 DE
and got lazy, ha!

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Yes, mess calm… since 2019 I am with the second mission of Morgan and I miss the Chinese campaign, the historical battles of the sixteenth century of AoE 3 and the campaigns of AoE 4…

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I saw Adrianople, trying to make reskins of Late Antiquity for the Historical Campaigns (and no, the RAW assets will not by themselves cut it). I can’t imagine what a rural church would look like in late antiquity, especially in Moesha, so I’m about to give up and use one of the four Greco Roman Temple mods, after all pagan means peasant, but I’m at least trying to find wooden structures for the slav set, and it makes sense being that far north.

Oh and get this, I have two sets of Byzantine buildings: one from Omkar’s set that is painted and one that is unpainted brownstone and near as I can tell, historians argue about which style was the actual Byzantine style an d if so when did one give way to the other.

These things are kind of a nightmare, because the Byzantines have very distinctive wealthy core versus poor hinterland and decline and resurgence going on.

So any info you’d have on rural secular buildings, if you have any would be appreciated though not expected, your thing is building the scenario, not necessarily getting the details right.

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Yes, it would be something similar to this…

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You mean you played it? How did you find it?
Yeah this game is quite poor when it comes to late antiquity and dark ages but hopefully having added Romans will lead in a new direction, more focused on those eras.
For churches I don’t know but in Italy there are many small shrines in the countryside that have a neoclassical architecture (Doric columns and architraves), they’re not from that era for sure but you could imagine something along those lines, at least in the western part of the ex Roman empire (in the east as you say was a little different), after all Christianity took where pagan Rome left under many aspects.