Latin American Spanish Translation errors

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  • GAME BUILD #: 55763 (PUP November)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10
  • LANGUAGE: Latin American Spanish

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Translations errors found in the latin american spanish localization.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)


I’m going to list the location of the translation error, an image and then the suggested change

Campaign descriptions of: Pachacuti, Saladin, Gayamada, Sundiata, Montezuma, Suryavarman, Francscisco de Almeida, Tariq, Judith, Bayinnaung (only listing the image of Pachacuti)

“En ese escenario” (In this campaign) should be “En esta campaña”

5th scenario of Ivaylo campaign: Scouts section and player name of the Poles
“Polos” (Poles) should be translated as “Polacos”

Scenario of York: objectives received
“construye un campo ahí” (build a camp there) should be translated as “construye un campamento ahí”

3rd scenario of Genghis Khan: Player Name of the Song faction
The player Song should not be translated to “Cantar”

5th and final Outro of Jadwiga campaign (spoilers)

Delete the text from “(suspira…” to “…en el pecho)”
Looks like the instructions for the voice actor got left behind in the text
This one is forgivable because the testers were probably full of tears in their eyes to see anything :’( (loved the campaign btw)

Third scenario of Jan Zizka: notification when destroying one of the camps
“Armadura de arco de cuero” should be translated to “Armadura de cuero para arqueros”

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i find another one. the bulgarians tech tree shows tartar’s keshik description instead of elite konnik.

Kek this reads like those badly translated chinese mobile games

Another one. In the First Attila scenario, in the intro, Catalaunian Fields are refered to as “Campos Catalanes”, in both audio and text, which means, “Catalan Fields”

Found more errors:

Bohemians civ description
"La civilización de la pólvora y el monje" should be “Civilización de pólvora y monjes”. The first one sounds extremely weird and it’s badly worded
"Química y cañonero de mano…" should be “Química y artillero manual…”. “Cañoneros de mano” it’s a bad translation
"Lanzeros" should be “Lanceros”. “Lanzeros” is an orthographic error

4th scenario of Le Loi campaign.
When you destroy the towers protecting the gunpowder storages the text displayed is not in spanish. It should say "Depósito de pólvora capturado"

General tech tree
Heavy cavalry archer is badly translated (I don’t know why it has changed). “Arquero de caballería” should be “Caballería pesada de arqueros”.
Also the unit description says “Arquero a caballo pesado”. It is inconsequential with the translation of “Caballería pesada de arqueros” that was with us since forever.

Ethiopian tech tree
The unique tech “Centralización” should be called “Herederos reales” like the civilization description says.

Vietnamese tech tree
The unit description of the Imperial Skirmisher says “Guerrillero Imperial” (old translation) instead of “Hostigador imperial” (new translation). Choose one of them for all purposes.
The civ bonus “Reclutamiento gratis” should be “Leva gratis”. That’s the name of te free tech in spanish

Vikings civ descripiton
The name of the unique tech “Caciques” should be “Hérsires”. “Cacique” is the leader of certain native american people, not vikings xD

Magyar civ description
Unique unit “Húsar Magyar” should be “Huszár magiar”. The first one is a bad translation

Burmese civ description - Manipur cavalry description
"Caballería contra arqueros +5 de ataque" should be “Unidades de caballería causan +5 de daño contra arqueros” or “Caballería +5 de ataque contra arqueros”. The first one sounds like a weird translation

The unit description of the Elite Konnik keeps showing text of the non-elite Tatar Keshik.

"Unidades estables" should be “Unidades del establo”. “Unidades estables” means something completely different and looks like a machine translated it
Also , the indian civ description stills shows the heavy camel portrait instead of the Imperial camel