Lechitic legacy

Currently Lechitic legacy allows Polish hussars to easily defeat in mass battles on equal numbers champions (see 200 WINGED HUSSARS vs 200 CHAMPIONS | AoE II: Definitive Edition - YouTube) and even Magyar huszars (see 200 WINGED HUSSAR vs 200 ELITE MAGYAR HUSZAR | AoE II: Definitive Edition - YouTube).

That sounds too strong to me, even considering the fact Polish hussars are less arrow-resistant. And it’s not as if winged hussars are that weak against ranged units, considering their bonus damage against archers in general and even more against gunpowder units specifically. (Against a fully upgraded castle, the Polish hussar deals triple the damage than a usual hussar).

My suggestion would be to switch Lechitic legacy to the knight-line.

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I doubt they do all that well against Pikes and Halbs.
furthermore anyone engaging into a trample unit like this is asking to get hurt.


I think it’s not outright broken rn before we get more playing experience.
Their other trash options are subpar so it might be ok…

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winged hussar needa -1 damage nerf (same als elite leitis)

polish cavaliersa look very strong too when compared to berberb that have 20% food and gold discount and last armor upgrade but, poles -60% and mill food eco bonus might just be able to outweight the armor. 60 food 30 gold cavaliers somewaht remind me of malay, maybe it will be alright after all.

Their stats are not that different. Magyar Huszar have +5HP, +1 Attack but -1 MA. Poles doesn’t have last armor. So in the end it is only +5 HP and +1 attack. Even without Lechitic legacy, the battle would be pretty close. I think after the UT, Poles should win. Can be reduce the amount of blast damage but that’s too early to say.

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A similar argument can be made for slav champs which defeat all other infantry in the game on an equal cost basis bar teutonic knights and jaguar warriors. Same with slav halbs, which are even more dominant in halb v halb.
The tech is on the cheaper side though, druzhina is famous for being the most expensive UT in the game.
Also keep in mind poles don’t get halbs, siege engineers and siege onagers.

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its too dang early to be able to tell what is and isn’t broken.

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True, also missing the last upgrades for Woodcutting and Gold Mining.

Unpopular opinion: give them Plate Barding Armor but nerf Szalchta Privileges instead so that their Heavy Cavalry won’t be as bad without Paladins.

Because their winged hussar already isn’t strong enough

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Are they? I haven’t felt that they’re overpowered in my last couple games. Time will tell I guess.

I’d rather have weaker trash units (Hussars) than heavy cav (Cavaliers) that are trash.

I dont know if they’re OP, but Polish Winged Hussars really do perform very well. I really like the Polish team bonus, I think this team bonus was really needed into the game. Might make archers less dominant.

I am quite pleasantly surprised. I think it would be OP if the Winged Hussars has the final armor upgrade, but the lack of it gives them a clear vulnerability.


But what shall poles do against arbs and hca?
I mean the unit with the highest pierce armor is the obuch…

Ofc 60 F 30 G cavaliers are cheap as hell, but can also only tank 24/20 shots. In comparison A paladin can tank 60/45 and costs only 50 % more 8 (Maybe 75 % with folwark bonus).

Still, I think Poles don’t have a good answer to arbs and hca tbh. So they need to close the game in castle age against (cav) archer civs.
(Maybe this is intentional?)


I think you can likely go hussar against it. I mean, if you can catch up to the archer mass, they’ll get shredded. I think the only real concern is probably HCA/Mangudai, I don’t think the civ can do anything about HCA/Mangudai what so ever – but I feel like this is not the civ’s fault, a lot of civs have no good answer to these units for the time being.

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But winged hussar take only 17 arb shots to kill, just a few halbs with the arbs and the hussars shouldn’t stand a chance against a bigger arb ball.
BTW poles also don’t get siege onager, besides it is rarely seen on open 1v1s it would maybe be the only bet poles would have against mass arbs.

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I would agree that Poles probably aren’t going to be a good pick on closed maps. I think on open maps there can be enough wiggle room for them (arbs are slow, so you can maneuver, counter attack, etc). Anyhow the Civ that should be in the spotlight are Bohemians. Monks as trash units sounds like the thing that people should be talking about. If that’s not OP then idk what is.


Poles have siege ram so ig something like obuch+siege ram is the way in those situations.

Skirmishers? Can’t do much besides that, perhaps Mangonels but without Siege Engineers.

I agree with you guys that as of now the Poles are average at best. Still better to buff them later than adding broken civs that need nerfing afterwards.

Wait until poles buildorders for maa trush into 2 tc multicastledrop into szlachta privileges appear.
I think Poles are actually OP.

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Sounds gimmicky to me but waiting is a good call. It’s mostly speculation at the moment.

Yeah normally you would jsut say: “That’s not possible, you never can gather all the ressources for that.”
But guess what. Poles can.