Let us browse for rated games in a given Elo range

It’s really frustrating to wait so long for a game and end up being matched against someone much, much lower rated, to the point where the game is absolutely pointless. I’d rather wait a bit longer and hopefully be matched against someone who is remotely close to my Elo rating, than wait 7 minutes and then win a 6 minutes game because I have units in my opponent’s base while he still hasn’t aged up to age 2. And I’d imagine it’s absolutely no fun for the other player either, who just queued up for a casual game, and gets no-matched.

This feature existed on legacy, it was great and I don’t understand why it was removed. It would just let us play interesting games. And if no closely matched game could be found, we could still decide to queue again within a wider range anyway.

Please bring it back. Let us browse in a 100, 200, 300 or 400 elo range, for example.


And please, add the number of players queuing or in game at the elo range we choose :

Exemple : you have 1500 elo, you search for a 1v1 between 1400-1600 elo:

  • There is 0 player queuing at your rank. There is 10 players in game at your rank.

So we know if we wait for nothing.


Also add how many players are online btw.


Also, please make sure that there are there is sufficiently large range of ELOs so that the bottom or top players (wherever the distribution is less dense) can avoid being stuck with only a few players in range.

P.s shamelessly stolen from WickedCossack (ESOC username)


Yeah, the minimum Elo range could be set to 200 maybe, to prevent people from cherry picking their opponents too much. I guess a 100 Elo range could mean that top players just don’t find games anymore.
Maximum range could be 500, or even “any range”, for players who want to keep matching against anyone.

Also could we please display the elo rating of the opponent while the game is loading? So we have some idea of how good he is. Especially as people keep changing their steam name, so we can’t even know who they are.


This. I know how many people are online based on Steam numbers. But isn’t this game also being played on some kind of microsoft store? You would have to add up players from both services. I tried searching for current players online in xbox live but found nothing. Any help?

and if you also could change all the QS in team game for have somethink where we can soloQ it could be fine

Is anything ever going to be done about this issue? I’m getting tired of waiting 7+ minutes just to match against players who instantly resign when they read my name, or players who just build a mill in age 1, don’t age up and then resign when they see units… The matchmaking system is so poorly designed it makes me want to just stop playing this game


Wish the developers would just share there quick search logic to us, that way we can recommend the changes that would make it a better experience.

Would have hoped the qs logic is based on position of the ladder…since where you are in the ladder makes a huge difference.

I.e. if you are let’s say in the top 100 on the ladder, it should search for 10 players above and below you, and if it doesn’t find it within 45 seconds, then it opens up to the 20 players above you and then 20 below you, them after 45 seconds it opens it up further to 30 above you and 30 below you etc…

If you are like middle of the pack in the ladder, then the range should be wider, like 100 above and below you every 45 seconds.

Having a gradual qs system this way will almost guarantee a top player will never face a player that does mills in age 1 and a new player not having a poor experience by facing a veteran top player…and im 100% l sure it will make it a lot easier and quicker to find games.


I would like to add that pairing premade teams with randoms makes the team rank meaningless.
Premades vs randoms should not count to rank. Random players will often rage quit or just resign for no reason,

Bring ranked matches to casual lobby again, with the PR system.
Leave the team matches in quick search for solo queue only.


Team game quichsearch should be reworked, currently it’s not working properly with the matching system.


I know this thread is old, but this topic remains one of the top gripes among players and deserves to be bumped. Thanks!!


Yeah I’m still matching with lower elo players who get totally confused about why they’re playing against me. The matchmaking system is still inferior to what we had on legacy, which is kind of a joke. Is it so hard to add a simple elo filter?


It’s not a problem really. It’s only a problem for you because virtually nobody plays in your range. Your just discreetly bragging.

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This is an area which deffo still needs to be addressed as a high priority item I feel.

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Between player ranks of 400 to 800 it is very good.

yes a filter and a displayer of how many players on that elo are online

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Sure yeah I definitely feel the need to brag a lot on these forums usually.

Anyway it’s not only a problem for me, it’s the same for anyone in the top 100 or so getting matched against someone with 1400 elo. Just like it’s a problem for their opponents who just get stomped.

And it’s also a problem for the viewers of any decent streamer who just keeps queuing 7 minutes to just get trash games in the end.


muito melhor o antigo

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