Community-made list of issues


Hey, I’m Kaiserklein, a long-time aoe3 player, competitor, caster and streamer. Before going any further, I’d like to thank you for reviving the game I (and many others) love. I’m especially amazed you took feedback from the community so quickly into account, and fixed so many issues already since the release. I’m very optimistic regarding the future of this game, and more hyped to play it than ever!

With the help of my fellow ESO-Community forum users, I wrote a list of issues found while playing DE online. We decided to stick to the list format, as creating 70 topics seemed tedious. To improve readability however, I split the issues into several categories, and classified the issues by priority. I also linked screenshots or videos as often as I could, and more details on separate issues could be provided if needed. We’re hopeful this list will help you improve the game!

Fixed issues

A unit or shipment won’t be queued at all if the command is performed quickly before focusing another context. This seems to be due to the input being registered only when the mouse button or hotkey is released, instead of when it is pressed.
→ Most rated games are currently unrated.
→ No alpha levels for treasure guardians.
There should be a black outline or a black background, to improve readability of the number of available shipments.
One shouldn’t be able to copy and use a revolt deck.
→ Inability to play any kind of ranked treaty besides 40 minutes.
→ Idle vils notifications are hard to notice. The banner could have a brighter color.

• Can’t switch tabs without cancelling your matchmaking, which means you have to stare at your empty tab, without being able to check hosted games meanwhile.
“Native Lore” shipment shouldn’t grant 2 uhlans in age 1.
• India will still get free villagers from shipments once they reached the 99 villager limit.
• There is no limit for the Indian “Infinite 11 Chakrams” shipment, which means you can theoretically have an infinite amount of them on the field.
• Pauses shouldn’t apply when spectating a game, unless you caught up with the players’ in-game time.
• There should be a way to display players’ information in a lobby.
• Harquebusiers (especially the shipment of 8) are too strong, their rate-of-fire at range should be 2, like Hackappelits.
Livestock runs away when villagers try and gather from them, often towards a town center, but not necessarily.

° Gurkhas still regenerate HP when idle, instead of Urumis.
° The Mansabdar Urumi won’t be unlocked in the Charminar Gate after the Urumi Regiment shipment was sent.
° “Crushing Force” doesn’t seem to increase the chance of a stomp to happen.
° The European fort doesn’t seem to show on the mini-map while spectating.
° Missing a hotkey for the tribal marketplace.
° While loading the game, your opponent’s nickname often displays yours instead.
° Navigating through the ladder pages doesn’t work for the most part.


→ Critical issues
• Notable issues
° Minor issues


It is possible to cause an “Out of sync” error to crash a rated game.
It is possible to use a “maphack” while playing a rated game.


→ “Obscured units alpha” setting doesn’t work for a lot of players.

Some units skins are quite similar, making it hard to tell them apart.
The whole map sometimes renders extremely dark.
Shadows are too dark, it’s hard to spot e.g a unit standing under a tree, or a wood crate next to your town center.

° Buildings sometimes don’t flash when being attacked, which is confusing.
° The food / wood / gold resources thumbnails for Stagecoach are hard to tell apart.
° In rare occasions, the graphs from the previous post-game stats will be displayed on top of the game.

In-game UI

→ Hitpoints bars are too small, and there isn’t enough constrast between the remaining and lost HP colours (e.g when playing as blue).
The chat is polluted by the large amount of actions unnecessarily logged.
→ While viewing the pop-in asking you to confirm you wish to delete units, selection can still be switched to other units (e.g by hitting a “find” hotkey or control group), instead of being locked. Therefore resulting in this new selection being accidentally deleted, instead of the previous, intended selection.

The mini-map “layering” does not prioritize enemy units, resulting in enemy troops being hidden behind large icons such as wonders, forts, town centers…
The minimap icons are bigger than on legacy, and the contrasts are lower, resulting in an overall worse visibility on the minimap.
• Hard to tell whether a building was set as shipment point or not. It was clearer on legacy, where the icon would turn red when set.
• The amount of resources granted by a Trading Post isn’t displayed on the UI thumbnail. It can be seen only by selecting the Trading Post.
• When a shipment is being sent, the amount of units or crates it grants isn’t displayed. It can be seen only by switching to the Home City.

° Can’t see messages in the post-game stats, which was possible on legacy.
° Units stats aren’t very clear, as the stat value is closer to the icon of the previous stat. E.g it seems like a musketeer has 12 attack (instead of range) and 3 range (instead of rate-of-fire).
° HP bars should automatically show whenever a unit is being healed (similarly as when it’s attacked).
° Treasures sometimes don’t display any information.
° The tooltip boxes and their inner text are unnecessarily large, wasting useful space on screen in-game.

Spectating, recorded games, scenario editor

The observer UI is incomplete compared to Aizamk’s UI (used in ESOC tournaments). It misses many key features, such as shipments sent, military and economic population graphs, or having both players’ points of view simultaneously.

• The units in the scenario editor will move on their own, as if they were controlled by an AI, while they are supposed to be controlled by the player.
• Can’t scroll up the in-game chat, e.g to check the treasures history.

° Can’t see the player’s flag until the homecity has been visited via the “Player summary” tab.


No distinction between what you can’t ship because you are housed, because it has already been shipped, or because you are in the wrong age.

° There could be a way to sort your decks. [issue present on legacy]
° When coming back to the menus from the deck builder, the top tabs (Play / Profile / Clan) will disappear, until the user goes back to the main menus and re-opens the multiplayer platform.


Being able to browse in a specific Elo range (like on legacy with Power Rating) would be most appreciated. This would allow players to find games at their level, even if they have to wait longer for it. Getting matched with players of very different skill is no fun, be it in team or 1v1.
→ While queuing for a rated team game, the number of matched players should be displayed. That way, players would know whether they are about to find a game (e.g 5/6 players matched) or far from it, and thus decide to keep waiting or not.
→ Matchmaking keeps defaulting to Treaty 20, resulting in players accidentally playing that game mode instead of regular Supremacy.

• Display players’ civilizations and rating when loading the game, like on legacy.

° Matchmaking settings could be saved, so we don’t have to select them everytime.


Many people experience their game crashing when trying to scroll down the games browser.
→ There should be a way to turn off the chat filter, especially as it currently censors the whole message (or username) whenever a word is identified as a slur.

• There should be an easy way to tell apart identical usernames, so users can’t impersonate someone else.

° There should be an indicator for ascending and descending order, in the saved games folder and post-game stats.
° In the Games Browser, the “Time” and “Language” columns are empty.
° In the Games Browser, filtering by “Server” does nothing.
° In the Games Browser, when enabling the Spectator Mode, ranked games appear as password-protected.


Conflicts aren’t handled properly.
You can’t use “find” hotkeys one after another quickly, as it won’t register.

• Alt + click performs “Attack move”, and it is impossible to unbind it. [issue present on legacy]
• “Shift + idle villagers hotkey” will select all the idle villagers, instead of selecting a group of idle villagers like “shift + click on idle villagers banner”.

° The hotkeys to scroll the chat up or down simply don’t work. Only using the scroll wheel within focus of the chat after pressing enter may work.


Units will often get trapped in Trading Post sockets.
Caroleans sometimes don’t respond to any command for several seconds.
The explorer will often refuse to build a Trading Post, and instead stands idle.
→ When performing “Attack Move”, if units kill an enemy explorer, they will then proceed to bug around that explorer instead of attacking other enemy units. [issue present on legacy]

• Units are sometimes stuck turning around a Trading Post socket, refusing to move away for several seconds.
• Villagers will sometimes randomly punch treasure guardians if they are on their way, resulting in the guardians fighting back. [issue present on legacy]
• Villagers will sometimes randomly punch huntables if they are on their way, unnecessarily killing these animals. [issue present on legacy]
Leather cannons bug out severely when in mass.
Petards will sometimes refuse to attack a building, and even end up dying without dealing any damage.
If a Town Center goes down while minutemen are being researched, they will keep researching and pop anyway.
If a building is dropped too close to a treasure that grants a free unit, that Mother Nature unit will sometimes start attacking you. [issue present on legacy]
A hero can be revived by changing its stance quickly as it dies, similarly to the old “alt + D” exploit. [issue present on legacy]
Warrior Priests tend to bug around the Community Plaza when tasked to move away from it.

° After a shrine or a village was taken down, its ruins will still appear on the mini-map as if it was still up, which is confusing.
° Villagers sometimes automatically garrison into a building upon its completion, if they are tasked to build it then tasked again with shift. [issue present on legacy]
° The 15% buildings hitpoints treasure (present on Borneo) doesn’t affect Trading Posts.
° The “Wallenstein’s Contracts” technology unlocked by the german “Treaty of Westphalia” card doesn’t make infinite mercenary shipments free. If that is intended, it should be specified in the technology’s description.


Excellent post! And fully support these changes.


Thank you for making this post


Thank you Kaiserklein. I think if this gets fixed, the game is very complete, which would be awesome. Please devs, pay attention to this. It’s very important to us :slight_smile:


Great post with well-prioritized issues.


Thanks for summarizing all the features that are dear to us aoe3 players as well as pointing out current Issues, and representing ESOC. I hope the devs take this serious.


Thanks for the post Kaiser that sum up quite everything we need the most


added point to casting from recorded games which we are doing in the short term: When loading into a recorded game the players comments of “gg” and “gg” appeared at the start of the game instead of the point they were typed. this is likely to be redundant once the live spectating can properly function for custom games :slight_smile:


great list. My biggest concern right now is my losses being sometimes counted and wins never. Boring to play without rating


Thanks for your effort Kaiserklein and others on ESOC forums for contributing to this list.

It is a very comprehensive list of the most glaring issues. There is widespread support for addressing these issues from within the the community. Hopefully the developers will take note!

Please be sure to like this post guys so we can get maximum traction regarding these issues.


This is awesome, these are suggestions from all the active community. Please take advantage of this resource!


The change list posted by author represents the demand of the most competitive players in this game, hopefully Microsoft will take care of these issues for the future releases.


Thanks, I had no idea you could do these :slight_smile: . Time to use it in ranked :smiley:

Thank you Kaiserklein for taking the effort to post this. Undoubtedly the devs are working around the clock to increase stability and fix bugs, and it’s great that they have community members like you (and all of ESOC) to compile and evidence the bugs. This will undoubtedly be a reference for them for many weeks of bug fixing to come .


For the idle vills, did you try Ctrl + hotkey?

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Everything here is spot on, I would be very satisfied with the state of the game if these changes were implemented/bugs were fixed.


Excellent post Kaiser!


Thanks for taking the time to compile this list of issues, hopefully it’ll be helpful to the dev team.


Thanks for making this list kaiser. I did it a few times in betas and I know it’s a lot of effort.


Thanks for posting kaiser ,very well made list!