Let's add AoE2 units to AoE3 for fun!

It would be nice if the developers would port over some of the AoE2DE units to AoE3DE so they can be used in custom scenarios.
It’s not something that can easily be done in a mod because we only have the 2D sprites. The developers have access to the original 3D models that were used to make those 2D sprites.

The Imperial Age AoE2 units wouldn’t be so out of place in AoE3 either considering that we already have units like Crossbow and Pikeman.

Some units would probably have very different roles compared to AoE2 though.
The Heavy Cavalry Archer would be anti cavalry in AoE3 and the Elite Skirmisher would be a Musket Infantry completely inverting it’s role.

The list of units would not be that long:

  • Campion
  • Halberdier
  • Arbalseter
  • Elite Skirmisher
  • Heavy Cavalry Archer
  • Hand Cannoneer
  • Hussar
  • Paladin

Potentially also:

  • Cavalier (since not many civilisations have the Paladin)
  • Heavy Camel Rider
  • Elite Battle Elephant

Not sure if they could be combined with a small new event game mode or appear in the Unknown map somehow.
Would be funny if they were added as 3 new Minor Civilisations being an AoE2 Barracks, Archery Range and Stable.
The costs can be taken 1 to 1 from AoE2 (Gold → Coin) but the stats obviously have to be changed.

Now that they are adding AoE1DE to AoE2DE it would be nice to continue the chain by adding some AoE2DE units to AoE3DE.

Some event skins could be nice to like replacing some unit models with their AoE2DE equivalents like there is an event mod for AoE2DE that replaces the Hand Cannon with an AoE3DE Musketeer.

For example, We can add paladin skins to elmeti.


Do you mean AoE2 units or AoE2 skins?

Because the AoE2 units mostly exist in AoE3.They have slightly different names. (For example, you could think of Cuirassiers and Spahi as counterparts of the paladin).

So I’m not sure what you mean?


Even if the AoE2 units are based on 3D models, I don’t think those models are stylized nor have the proper polygon count to easily transport them into Age of Empires 2 without looking extremely off.

That looks nice but it’s still noticeable different to the AoE2 Paladin that doesn’t even have a lance.

Adding some AoE2DE units to the Scenario Editor and some new event game mode.
But also using those 3D models as unlockable skins.

I think the reverse should also be done. Adding iconic AoE3 units to the AoE2DE editor and not just as event skins.
They could appear in come campaigns or Historical Missions too.

Could be a cool crossover event. Make the same campaign in both games and add some AoE2 units to AoE3 and some AoE3 units to AoE2.
Something nice to get fans of one game interested in to other one.

That be some of the units that could get those skins as an even unlock.

I know. But it would be much easier for them to get them into AoE3DE then it would be for modders to model them based on the 3D sprites.

I find it difficult but maybe they will do it by 2024 (when AoE 2 turns 25) for AoE 3 and in 2025 (when AoE 3 turns 20) for AoE 2…

Teutonic Knights upgrade change Hospitaller appearance to that of Teutonic Knight from AoE 2, also change Order Hussar appearance to that of Crusader Knight from AoE 2

Can add a number of colored egg cards, such as Xoloti Warriors (Laughter)


The infantry schools in France, Germany and India are not suitable for assault infantry. Is it a bug?

Honestly, I think it’s just about as difficult. The AoE2 models are so low poly they’d probably just be unusable, it’d be better to make the models again from scratch, not that it’d be a good use of the developers’ time.

AoE2DE models not AOE2 original.
They should be relatively high detail. Considering that they were made to generate sprites of they might be too hight detail since no optimisation is needed.