Let's build a world map of AoE3

Meanwhile the possibility of maps in India :

NOTE : Deccan is just a small part


The black parts in the Europe may be the following.

  • Greenland:
    A V-shaped peninsula map, players are located on the sides of the coast. The water is rich in fish and whales, and the coast is rich in prey, trees and mines, but inland is an open snowfield and ice sheet without any resources, trade points and shelters. You can choose to control the coast through the navy, or attack directly through the snow inland at the shortest distance.

  • Iceland:
    A map of an island the size of Borneo, but in the center or south of the island there is an unclimbable snow mountain like the mountain in Hokkaido.

  • Sápmi (or Lapland):
    Similar to Scandinavia, but only has the sea on one side and the sea is larger. There is no royal house.

  • Svalbard:
    Similar to Caribbean, rich in whales, but all three lands are smaller, closer to each other and surrounded by sea. There is a chance to find a small piece of land representing Franz Josef Land on the edge of the map. There is no royal house, and there is a water trade route instead of a land trade route.

  • Novaya Zemlya:
    Similar to Panama, a slender land divides the map into two seas on the left and right, but there are no small islands in the sea, and the land is straight from north to south without bending and may be narrower. There is no royal house, and there is a water trade route instead of a land trade route.

  • Ural Mountains:
    Slightly higher mountains throughing the map, with flat plains on the left and right. There are rich mines in the mountains. East of this map is Asia.

  • Transbaikalia
    Posee un gran lago en el centro que puede congelarse en invierno, ruta comercial rodeando el lago, montañas en los bordes,casa de Oldemburgo y tengri por el mapa. Comienzas con un bote de pesca. https://youtu.be/rdNz14g_10Y
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Isn’t this literally Great Lakes?

Parecido pero en las estepas y con las minas en las zonas montañosas

Recently I also made a concept how a Svalbard map could look like:

The best match for the Torii Gate in the game is undoubtedly the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, not the Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima!

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Missing Greenland, Iceland, the Urals (which can be added with a Baltic dlc with Poland and Denmark), Persia, Siam, South China (which can be added in an Asian dlc), South Africa (which can be added with a dlc with Kongo and Shona or Zulu) and Oceania and Pacific Ocean (which can be added in another dlc with Maoris and Hawaiians, Australia would be a new Dutch and British revolution)…

That’s cool. Great work.

Your map matches the game maps and it shows how the devs completely messed up the placements of some of the North American maps. They made the borders for Florida, Carolina and New England way too far north, and Plymouth is in completely the wrong spot - they’ve got it up in Nova Scotia.

ty :slight_smile:
but the placement of north american maps is not their fault ^^ since the base map from 2005 is wrong on purpose. it was made this way to represent inacurate maps from the eraly times of exploration


I don’t know about that. The map is distorted for that reason, but I don’t think historical explorers and cartographers would have simultaneously known to draw Nova Scotia and also thought the Plymouth colony was there. The placements of borders should be roughly in the right spot in regards to major land formations, even if the the coastlines aren’t quite the right shape.

The map has the Dakotas pressed up against Hudson Bay and presents the Great Plains - the largest, single geographical feature of North America - into a tiny section in the center of the continent.

Accurate, it is not.

Same, the maps in the origins of the era of exploration looked like this…

But as you can see, even though the maps are distorted, they still knew certain major land formations and where places were in relation to those. They wouldn’t have got a map wrong the way the game does. The coastline of the game maps is fine - it’s the borders of the regions that make no sense.

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Yeah, its basically a giant game of telephone, that created this mess :smiley:

real map → og devs make inacurate/oversimplified map → warchief expansion adds new maps → (…)

→ DE devs try to make sense of original map and need to find fitting locations for esoc maps + new ones → (…)

→ i try to make it a realistic map again

Distribution of european royal houses










let me know if u find mistakes ^^.
Information is mostly from the fandom wiki - unfortunately there were some errors on the wiki, hope i found them all


Great effort - looks awesome!


Someone makes the America full version in reddit.



You did it before, didnt you?? I mean, its literally the 1st comment in this post.

It’s good to print and hang on the wall xd…