Let's count all the features AoE4 lacks that are in 10+ year old games

Smart selection- In Rise of Nations if workers and military units are both selected in the same lasso the game will simply not select the workers, where if a lasso is dragged around only workers then the workers will be selected. Contrast to AoE4 where if you try to change this in the options you will no longer be able to lasso workers at all.

Patrol and Follow - Another feature present in many many RTS games already.

Choosing Color in MP - Literally present in just about every game

Melee Unit Pathfinding - When given an attack move order melee units will constantly get stuck on each other trying to path through to the nearest enemy, a problem that SC2 had largely solved with zerglings where they would immediatey being to circle around looking for a spot instead of getting stuck in their allies.

Auto Repair- In Warcraft 3 you could right click on the repair icon and workers would automatically repair.

Random Civilization- in just about every RTS game ever you could choose to go a random civilization.

Zooming out- In Rise of Nations you could zoom the camera out to almost 3x the level you can in this game.

Shift Click Orders from current task - In almost every RTS game ever made, if while a worker is doing a task, and you hold down shift and give them an order they will stop farming/gathering wood/ mining gold/ and go and do that task. In AoE4 if you issue an order while holding shift, the worker won’t stop what they’re doing, because of the stupid way shift click works in AoE4 they will finish mining all the gold or chopping all the wood, or farming forever, before doing the next task. So every time you issue an order you have to first have to click them off of the task and then hold down shift.

Idle worker shift click- In Rise of Nations, WC3, SC2, and many other RTS games if you hold shift while clicking on the idle worker button you will select ALL idle workers. In AoE 4 this doesn’t work, you have to like a freaking octopus hold down shift AND period to select all idle workers. You could also select all idle workers by double tapping period in RoN. Another feature that is missing

Assigning Hotkeys- A feature present in just about every other RTS game made after 1994.

Defensive Stance- In almost every other RTS game ever made you could set units to defensive stance, AoE4 only has hold ground which is lost upon giving a move order.

Walling off with buildings- Every single building in the game will always automatically make enough space for units to move between them, so it’s impossible to use buildings to help create wall offs like in other games.

Decorative Roads from caravans- A nice touch in Rise of Nations was that the path a trader took would create a little road to give you the feeling of it being a civilization.

Infinite Build- Rise of Nations had the ability to right click on a unit in the production building, so that it would continue to build as resources allowed.

Shift Click pick up and Drop off - In Warcraft 3 if you shift click orders to a hero to pick up an item, move somewhere and then give it to another hero, he will be capable of doing that, in AoE4 if you tell a scout or priest to move somewhere, pick up a relic or deer and then drop it off somewhere, they won’t actually drop it off because they’re not holding the object when you give the drop off order, they’ll just stand next to the monastery or TC holding their deer and relics like big dumb morons.

Attack Move Heal- In Freaking Starcraft 1, medics would heal any injured units on the way point to an attack move order, priests and prelates when given an attack move order will walk to the location given, and only after they’ve finished moving will they begin to heal usually meaning they just get slaughtered on the walk over. This one of the least excusable things b/c freaking Starcraft 1 a 20 year old game managed to not ■■■■ this up.

Town Center targeting- In literally every major RTS game where you could have a main base that could attack, like the city in Rise of Nations or the Necropolis in WC3 you could choose to target what it attacks. The fact that the game asks you for so much micro for so many piddly things but this is where it decides to automate things for you is peak laziness and sloppiness.

Town Bell/One Click Garrison. - Every age game and Rise of Nations and Warcraft 3 had a bell you could ring to either make villagers seek shelter, or in WC3’s case take up arms as militia. In AoE4 you have to click on villagers individually, or doubleclick to select all on screen and then press G so they’ll seek shelter. In age of mythology there was an option for one click garrison, I can’t tell you how many times I have lost villagers by right clicking and telling them to go to the TC only to watch in horror as they start repairing it and getting murdered.

Flags at target location- in Age of Mythology when you give a unit a movement order a small flag will appear at the target location when you have that unit selected to let you know that is the unit’s target destination, AoE4 has no marker. A little gold thing pops up and disappears.

Aggro Leashes- In every game from AoM to WC3 if you aggro’d neutral entities they would leave you alone after you went far enough away. In AoE4 wolves will chase you literally forever, which is annoying if you don’t see them,and just means the game has more tedium where you want to aggro wolves with scouts and lead them to your TC so they’ll die and won’t bother you instead of them guarding locations that you want to clear out with a soldier.

Auto Explore- In Rise of Nations if you so chose you had the option of having scouts explore automatically.

Game Pause- In MP if you disconnect the game doesn’t pause, when you reconnect it just speeds up to catch up to where you are, also if you need to do anything for a moment you can’t pause. Every online MP game has this.

Advanced Siege Formations- In Rise of Nations if you held down Alt while you had a siege unit with a group of units, they would form a box around the siege units and hold ground while the siege units attack, compare to AoE4 where the hold ground command resets after giving a movement order, and formations are wonky at best and scouts or other cavalry always are able to run through and just burn down your siege units.

Upgrading wooden walls to stone walls- In age of mythology you could upgrade wooden walls into stone walls, compare to AoE 4 where you have to manually delete any wooden wall sections that are in the way of your stone wall and then rebuild the entire stone wall. It’s incredibly finnicky and intuitive on top of how buggy and finnicky stone walls already are.

Currently AoE 4 sits at a rating of 81 on Metacritic, which is a B-, and it is quite frankly a rating it deserves, AoE 4 is lucky it is the only big name RTS game in town, because it fails to even be the same quality as games more than a decade old in the same genre despite having the financial backing of one of the richest companies to have ever existed in earth’s history. They could not even beat the critical acclaim of AoE 3 from 2005 despite having 2 decades of experience to fall back on. What an absolute sham that they ask 60 dollars for this game.


You left out the ability to select your player colour in multiplayer games, something that’s been around since the 90’s.


I cant count that high””

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ah right I knew I forgot something, that and pathfinding I’ll add to the list.

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What about patrol / follow waypoints? Also the ability to follow another unit.

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alright I’ll add that too. Let me know if you think of other things and I’ll get around to putting them on.

The reason walls cannot upgrade is that wooden walls cost wood and stone walls cost stone. So it’s unlike aom or aoe3 where there is no stone resource.

Not able to wall with buildings is what you can really call a “design decision” (as much I hate using that an excuse for other true missing features)

I’d pretty much agree with everything else.


it has been the general trend in the industry, instead of releasing finished games companies just launch the bare minimum stable playable version of it. and then fix the bugs and updates. just add a year to the game release date, thats when the game will be fully finished with all the bells and whistles. they just released it an unfinished beta playable version for us to do the testing find all the bugs, this way they save money on testing, and make money with pre-releases and sales which wouldnt have come in for atleast one more year while the game was being finished. i dont mind this approach as a lot more bugs and found and fixed in the same time frame. which would not have been possible if they were doing it with a limited team. most people dont mind it either. bear in mind most of the features missing or broken are trivial and can be fixed easily.

they and we both are just glad the game dosnt crash and is playable, servers are stable, people are queuing and playing and enjoying. thats good enough i guess. i’ve learned to expect less from game releases these days.


To be fair pathfinding is frequently an issue and this game does it much better than previous age games (shudders at aoe2 de pathfinding).

Auto explore was added to aoe2 and was extremely controversial and many players hated it. I personally strongly argue against auto explore, it has no place in rts.

While walls are finicky, I don’t think you should be able to upgrade from wood to stone walls, there’s a reason that was not added to any age game following AoM

Regarding agro leashes, boars do have a leash, and I think wolves are perfectly fine to not have a leash, they didn’t in other age games and it lets you do cool things right now like kiting them or dragging into TC (for when someone is playing Rus). Or there’s always the classic aoe2 wolf rush strat where you bring it to the enemy base which is a fun play.

Walling with buildings was intentionally made not possible and I think fits the game very well, aoe2 became too easy to wall things with this in particular.

Flags are confirmed to be coming if I recall correctly. Shift click works with everything right now except relics and I do know the devs have been working on that so hoping it comes next weeks patch. Hotkeys are also coming (although I don’t think this patch). Colour choosing also coming soon. Patrol coming in spring patch

There is already an all idle workers button although I’m not sure if it has a default hotkey, has to be assigned.

The other things I do like or sound interesting and hope they get implemented (except autorepair and infinite production, unsure how I feel on those)

The problem with testing nowadays, is that due to sheer volume, the amount of games played in the first hour released exceeded the amount they can test in over a month. Tbh this game while having bugs needing to be fixed was definitely on the lower end for bugginess and game breaking issues.

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I want you to imagine this, there is a button on the wooden walls for upgrading them to stone, it shows you the cost which would be the same as a regular stone wall, when you press the button you pay the stone, and the wooden walls are deleted and replaced with the blueprint for a stone wall, then you send workers to build the stone wall like you would any other stone wall. It simply is replacing the wooden wall with stone all.

In regards to wolves, applying AoE2 logic I feel is faulty, the wolves won’t be part of a good rush b/c the TC will always be able to take care of them, they are not strong enough to be dangerous. They only serve as a detriment to factions like the Abassids and the HRE who send out priests that are forever chased by wolves. The wolves are a detriment to those two factions alone and really a total nothing to everyone else.

Also what would you say is the logic behind not upgrading wooden walls? It would just simply be deleting the wooden walls and replcing them with stone walls for the same cost as building a stone wall normally and still require villagers

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I personally disagree with the idea, also I don’t think it would work because stone walls and pallisades have different hitboxes so you would run into many situations where it would either bug out or flat not be able to upgrade (also wall segments are different sizes so it wouldn’t directly translate too)


TBH I find that with a leash range, wolves would be even less impactful. Also with regards to games with Rus being able to kill them while scouting with micro and not having them reset is useful. The only argument I see for leash range is so they don’t chase scholars around the map and that’s more a design choice for what we want wolves to do rather than a QOL buff like the other suggestions.

The hitbox on the pallisades is actually not that much smaller than the stone walls. Just simply make pallisades require as much space as a stone wall so you can upgrade them. I don’t think you’d hear much argument from anyone about only have to build walls once by being able to ugprade them especially when you’re trying to do so many things in a MP game, and having all walls work under unified rules would make them much easier to plan for.

What impact are you claiming wolves even have? villagers kill them in 3 hits. I don’t know what major difference kiting wolves with rush would make as opposed to just killing them for a bonus. The wolves really only affect factions with prelates and are only a detriment, they really don’t affect anything else.

The width of palisades are much smaller and their placement different, I think this would just add more frustration with regards to placing walls. Also there’s many situations to consider like someone sieging walls only to transform to giant stone walls that units can’t attack. I personally find the idea not fitting with the flow of aoe4 either.

Also pallisade wall segments are shorter and the end hitboxes much different size so to accomadate they would have to basically rework walls to allow this.

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I think it’s a design choice, if they had a leash range, I feel like they wouldn’t do anything and might as well just remove them from the game, as it is there are interesting plays where it interupts a dock or stops someone from getting a relic. I don’t really care too much about wolves, but I don’t see the point in giving them a leash range other than to stop them from chasing monks.

Only works for sheep in selection right now.

Auto repair is an exception from the rule.
Every RTS I played so far doesn’t have it (SC1/2,CoH,0ad,any AoE, AoM, EE).

Yup there’s no random civ.

Yup the zoom is really bad.
Sometimes I just want to zoom out to find my relic monk, find my initial gold patch or check the siege/reinforcement situation.
Panning the camera around for this is slow, unintuitive and just bad.
This is a must have.

You open with a normal click (building hotkey + leftclick) then hold shift and then give commands.
The way shiftclick works is that the worker starts to do the next task when it has nothing to do, meaning starting to idle, and that’s in every RTS game.

You can’t select multiple idles through the “idle vill” button but you can use Ctrl+. (Dot Key), which is the “select all idle vills” combination.

Majority of the hotkeys can be rebound.
If you can’t rebind it in the game, such as the “Alt” key, you can create a new hotkey profile, then close the game and go into your Age4 file:
C:\Users\ “Username”\Documents\my games\Age of Empires IV\keyBindingProfiles

Open it with text editor and replace the “Alt” manually with something else.
This is how you can even rebind the non-rebindable hotkeys.

Yup it’s super annoying.

That’s just a design decision.
Nothing wrong with this.
“I don’t like this” is something different than having a feature that is crucial for playing the game properly.

Not sure if this is a thing that any RTS has.
Would be good I guess?

Do they not do that already?
If not: sure, quite the nobrainer.

Again: That’s a design/balance choice.
Towncenters, Keeps, barbican of the Sun can’t target, kremlin, towers and wooden fortresses can.

Not really sure if that is necessary tbh, manually doing it is not that big of a QoL lack and more precise anyway.
But yeah, AoE2 has this feature, AoE4 doesn’t sure.

Yup, neat little QoL.
Having no visual responses on clicks feels weird.

Wolves will deagro after a certain distance.
It’s long yep, but it exists.
“Spacebar” is the “look at recent event” key that makes the camera jump to the most recent notification.
It makes it easier to spot wolves.

Not really necessary but i guess it’s a common feature in the AoE2/3 DEs now?

Classic TCP protocol for connection.
Sure you can make it SC2 style with a 30 second “connection lost” window.

Spread out formation pretty much does the same.

Not a common feature in any RTS at all.
That’s again a designchoice.
The one wall thing I’d critizise is the one “hole in the wall even tho blueprinted correctly” bug and that you can’t connect to teammates walls.

Hope that some of these tips can help someone that has similar issues.


With regards to shift click and drop off, it was in aoe2, but due to how aoe4 is coded, if you shift click a monk on a relic it wont drop off in monastery because when you gave the command the game thinks you don’t have a relic right now so it doesn’t work.