Let's count all the features AoE4 lacks that are in 10+ year old games

so a few things

SC2 absolutely has auto repair. Company of heros is so micro focused that it doesn’t suffer from a lack of it, but games with a lot of macro I would argue are better with it. Just because older games from almost 20 years ago don’t have doesn’t mean that ti’s good or justified

No, you can open up age of mythology, warcraft 3, starcraft 2, and even SC1, find a unit that is harvesting anything, hold down the shift button and give them an order, they will stop harvesting and go and do that order, because the designers realized that no one’s intention is to have a supply depot built after a vespene geyser has been completely depleted, no one’s intention is to build a barracks only after an entire gold mine has been depleted. That would be incredibly dumb and the designers realized it. Why Relic didn’t realize this I don’t know.

I mentioned picking up items in Warcraft 3, you can have one hero pick up an item, and then put it in another hero’s inventory all with shift click.

That has not been confirmed anywhere as a design choice, and if it is on purpose, it is an awful design choice.

What? Spread out formation 100% does not stop cavalry from running in and torching your siege weapons. Are we even on the same planet?

Ok. So a more similar game than roa is starcraft. Its also many times more popular. Can you zoom out more in this game? Of course not. There have been plenty of discussion on this topic in that community and there’s a very clear reason they did not want to allow more zoom. I dont get why you would take tips from unsuccessful games instead of the most popular RTS ever

the maps in SC2 are also not random, would you be in favor of only having mirrored identical maps that are handcrafted? Is that another thing that should be taken from SC2?

A big reason why you can’t zoom out in SC2 is specifically because the map is already known and can be easily memorized, this is not the case with AoE4 where the maps geopgrahy is random and should be known at a glance.

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This is a dumb feature. Scouting should be an action you perform and part of your strategic decision of what to spend your time doing.

Should your buildings auto-build workers? Absolutely not. Should your scouts scout for you? Absolutely not.


They added auto-scouting to AoE2 DE, but only for the starting scout, and I don’t think it’s allowed in competitive games.


It’s allowed, it’s just strictly worse than controlling the scout which pros have the APM for. It was also a very contested thing they added and there was outcry for months to remove autoscout.

A collection of many shortcomings listed all over the forum.
"Let’s count them together, kids!"

Interesting to see a lot of RoN comparisons. An AOE cousin people like to forget (as did daddy M$ since releasing that buggy HD/DE/whatever edition…)

So the enemy can find my trade routes even faster? You sadist!^^


I’d argue it depends on the context of your game… like how hard of a micro task is repairing buildings here? Really not that big of a deal, apart from the buggy walls (can’t always close a gap properly when part of the wall got destroyed).
Having to send a vil rather than having the building repair itself is also a design decision.
I’d like to see a vil continue repairing stuff after doing a repair job nearby. Like sending one vil to repair a siege engine, then he continues repairing surrounding siege by himself without tedious shift clicking. Light forms of automatisation, if you will.

They added it to AOE2DE and AOE3DE… so maybe it is not that dumb. Especially when we think of all the other things AOE4 tried to do to become more beginner friendly and casual.

You forgot one of the most important missing features in AoE4: UI selection panel showing units currently selected individually. Not all RTS gam3s have this, only the proper ones which have not been dumbed down.

Honestly RoN is just probably better than all of the Age of Empires games period, and I never understood why it did not get love. There are just so many amazing QoL features that should be present in every RTS.

One of the things that blew my mind about that game is that all players affected the market, so if one player bought wood it would go up in price for all players, Age 4 of course does not bother to model this either.

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RoN also allows you to set default actions for newly created villagers, so they’ll automatically go to building construction or resource gathering after being idle for a while.

You know what. It’s quite funny to see people on this forum toggling between “It’s better (not) to have the feature in AOE4 because it makes the game more accessible and casual” and “It’s better (not) to have the feature in AOE4 because it requires more micro and gives more competitiveness”.

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You are juggling between true lack of features with design decisions that you’d like to have.


It is that the game will be finished in Spring 2022. They have not said it directly, but it is so.

Nowadays companies rush to the studios so that a game comes out on the date they want by contract. The game has come out in a semi-beta and will be ready on the date I already mentioned. By the way, I am against being able to wall with buildings, that’s what walls are for. Greetings.

Not sure about other games in the series, but AoE2 had this already. And Im pretty sure AoE4 has it too.

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Not having a proper functional scenario editor is criminal.


Both aoe 2 and aoe4 have this feature.

Not sure about other games in the series, but AoE2 had this already. And Im pretty sure AoE4 has it too.

Exactly. And most of the issues mentioned here are either just inaccurate because OP doesn’t know the game well or they are just design decisions that they dislike.
And The valid ones are things that most of the community already knows and the devs too have acknowledged many of them.
There are genuine issues yes but in trying to increase the count of issues and adding everything out there you have just diluted the post and made it kind of useless.


the item being spoken of here was markets affecting all players, my initial testing shows his is not the case, can you repudiate that in any way?

Here’s an explanation by Aussie Drongo in Genesis tournament.

Here’s an explanation by Aussie Drongo in Genesis tournament.