Let's count all the features AoE4 lacks that are in 10+ year old games

well i wasn’t entirely sure which is why I didn’t add it to the list.

what precise points are you saying are inaccurate in the list? The only one is using buildings to wall off being an intentional design, where as nothing else can really be proven to be an intentional design considering many were in other games from age of empires.

The seek shelter button is far better than the Town bell which is famously known for not doing a very good job at protecting your economy

Having spaces between buildings gives walls more purpose . It is something that isn’t included for a reason .

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why does the bell not do a good job specifically?
and I already mentioned walling off with buildings. I guess that is a design decision for better or for worse.

Markets do affect all players. Prices inflation are the same for all.

It commands all villies in a given radius to garrison and needlessly hurt your economy if it’s only a portion of it is being raided which is why it isn’t used much online .
With Seek shelter , you can chose specifically which villies you want to protect ,

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Hot keys to take you to specific buildings. If I can’t hotkey direct to my dock, my barracks, my market… I’m not playing.

The very obvious question is why would you not have both? Every person has a way to quickly access their TC, it might be more efficient quickly drag a box around some villagers as far as production time, but if you’re trying to be fast, hitting a hotkey for the bell on the TC or even on a outpost is far quicker.

I agree almos on all he points.
But on this specific no, because, as memory, AGEIV is one of the first RTS to let you to stay on the stone walls. I mean: wood walls have different dimensions, and a simply upgrade might create problem of space. it makes sense to delete and try to construct the stone one, and in some cases, due to different dimension, you will not be able to replicate the same shape

With a new game that is not beholden to tradition, I would like autobuild. If I know that I want to produce villagers or MAA constantly as long as I have resources, manual production is not a meaningful decision, but merely APM overhead.

There’s an argument for that as a design feature, but AoE4 is not looking to be a game about micro for micro’s sake. Autoscout reduces decision making. Lack of dodgeable ballistics reduces decision making. “Check your buildings to make sure they are still doing the same thing you’ve wanted them to do for the past 10 minutes” does not.


Just gonna drop this one here…

The ability to go over 200 Max pop in custom games, like age 2 de


Exactly. I’d call it “brain-engaging” tasks vs boring tasks. You already made the engaging decision beforehand: “I want to continuously pump MAA, I think from 3 barracks at the same time should be fine”… everything on top of setting that up the first time is useless overhead and pure APM for APM’s sake. Same goes for cancelling it without too many clicks (*cough we need a global queue *cough).
The same thing with autoscout: If I want to scout somewhere specifically (the engaging task), I still have to do it myself. If I just want the thing to not be idle and useless, I can activate autoscout instead of babysitting it and shift-queuing random map clicks (not an engaging task). Patrol would be a useful in-between option here, btw. But they took that from us for some reason :roll_eyes:

Having both would make the most sense. Maybe it is the worse way of doing the job (like autoscout is the less efficient way of scouting) but it fills a gap in the player’s tool belt, especially for new players who have trouble quick selecting vils to send them to safety.

Players may not see how those features really work out for them in the end. But the devs definitely should (it’s their job, after all). The game currently doesn’t really know what it wants to be. Some things got dumbed down (sorry: “made more accessible and inclusive”) while others introduce new APM requirements for no reason… “AOE4 hurt itself in its confusion”.

All this has been discussed over and over since the closed beta though. So at some point it’s save to assume that no f’s are given by the decision makers.


Your entire premise here is “things missing that are present in 10+ year old games”. Now it’s “it doesn’t matter if these older games lack the things I want”. C’mon.

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What are you talking about? Those don’t exclude each other. He can want an old game’s feature even if other features were missing from that game. You can even want a feature that was not doing it’s job in said old game but would fit the new one.

He even gives the context of why he thinks it would make sense:

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They’re using older games as a reference point for why something should be included. Other people are pointing out other choices made in older games, which they’re dismissing.

Their logic works both ways. Just because something was absent, doesn’t mean that absence was good. But likewise, just because something was in, doesn’t mean its inclusion is automatically good either.

I’m not the only one that’s made these kinds of observations; they’re made throughout the thread. No need to come at me just because it’s me posting it :wink:

Agreed, I think even AoE2 DE just added this.

Eh… who even ever used patrol??? In ANY RTS? It was only ever used in AoE2 AOK/TC as the game’s attack move.

Yeah big oof here.

Pathfinding involves coding. You try doing code that is flawless from the start. I’m sure they’ll need time to slowly correct this one.

Not everything needs to be automated, WC3 had it because it only had 2 resources and you needed a super low amount of workers and almost every unit had a special ability thus microing was more intense.

I’ll agree but this is also kind of pedantic.

Technical reasons that will probably get hashed out. Honestly, I’m more mad about the awful scaling. We went regressed closer to AoE1 scaling and I hate it.

Wrong. I shift click SCV’s in SC2 from the middle of their mineral gathering and they won’t stop it until they have the minerals in tow. This is a ‘you’ problem.

There’s two shift buttons on a keyboard, you know that right? But yeah I guess this could be improved to also include the in-game button. Oversight, I’m sure.

Yeah no defending this one. Big misstep.

No defensive stance in SC2. Also just hold position. While more options would be nice, this is a tremendous nitpick.

This is a gameplay decision not a “missing feature”. You couldn’t wall off with buildings in RoN because 1. you could have 1 of a certain building per city and 2. the ramping cost of the buildings you COULD make more than 1 of was too prohibitive. Only the Mayans on certain maps could feasible do it. The only reason you can do it in SC2 is because of those very thin ramps you call off with a barracks, tech lab and supply depot.

ROFL ok, this isn’t RoN though. Good little detail but ultimately nothing important.

Again, this isn’t RoN. Infinite build queues are honestly somewhat rare in RTS’s.

Yeah this could be improved.

This could be improved also. Does seem a little lacking.

Yeah this one is baffling.

This is due to the fact that higher skill players DON’T use the town bell. They’ll do exactly that; send the villagers in danger to hide. In WC3 very few players used the Town center alarm since that would pull your gold gathering peasants. It was better for the 5 of them to keep mining and let defense fight off a harassing hero and hope your miners survived. Also, peasants in WC3 had their own individual “become militia” buttons. So AoE4 has half of it done at least.

One click garrisoning needs to be a toggle option though, that much is true. Still, remembering one simple hotkey is a “git gud” issue, not a gameplay one. Since you like cherry-picking, you forgot that RoN doesn’t have one click garrisoning. Always had to click G to send a citizen into a city. I don’t hear you whining about that.

Again, a “git gud” issue. How do you not remember where you’re sending your units?

Again, not a feature. If they want the wolf to chase forever, that’s by design not something lacking or not.

I will never fault a developer for not putting this in a game. Use a hot key, explore, improve your multitasking. If it’s in the game, ok sure. It’s usually inefficient anyway.

This is probably a real technical matter that I won’t touch upon.

This. Isn’t. Rise. of. Nations.

and this also isn’t Age of Mythology. They wanted to streamline the resource system in that game hence no stone. Why aren’t you bellyaching about how AoE2 has wooden and stone walls?

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Bonus points to any lurkers who read the multi-quote embedded replies and then the inevitable multi-quote embedded responses. Holy buckets that takes some next level scorekeeping.


Yeah that was quite some thing and I would actually prefer to sit down at the computer and not deal with all this from my phone, The big things that have stuck out to me so far (and I I’ve only touched the tutorial) was that stand ground didn’t actually cause my spearmen to stand ground they would still run around and chase the scout and the scout would go around them to attack my scout lol so horrible it’s embarrassing. And number two the zoom/scale omg that made my skin crawl. And I guess a side note, when I got the option to go to the next age when I selected the age building as a build option you get a pop-up in the screen telling you about it and I kept trying to click through it and erasing my build command which was really annoying and confusing after doing that a couple times I realized you actually had to click the body of the box, that is really weird.

A number of these so-called “features” that you list are really just design and balance decisions you don’t agree with.

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The town bell has always been know as a noob-trap mechanic and one of the first things to learn to get better at aoe2/3 is to not use the town bell. It basically idles all of your eco instead of just the areas you should move vills. I personally don’t mind adding a town bell, but the find shelter mechanic is infinitely better.


why is the zoom in this game worse than AGE 2 DE, AGE 3 DE, total war, and many many other strategy games that have come out

No “starcraft has similar zoom” is not a good reason, because it would be really nice to be able to zoom out more in starcraft as well!