Let's debate some game improvements!

They started developing it before DE, so that’s the reason.

no… please do not confuse Aoe1 with 2.

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Yes I’m talking about AOE1: DE

Yes I am referring to that.

If we talk improvements, what do u guys think of this “solution for storage pit”?

I guess that by game mechanics you are referring to the gameplay issues this game has? If that’s the case, yeah, it’s a priority no doubt. Would love some balancing tweaks and of course, last but not least, graphics bug-fixing such as the projectiles not showing special effects on impact.

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Also yes. But mostly I’m talking about the handling of the units. For example, that they don’t stop for a second time when they get a new target. And of course the way pathing.

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Oh, yes. Definitely would be really really nice to have this fixed, specially when trying to scape with slow moving units such as Catapults and Priests :confused:

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I’ve been a player of AOE-I for years but my old copy doesn’t work on Win 10. I’m delighted to find the new Definitive version. One issue I’ve discovered is that building walls. On the old AOE, a wall can be built diagonally from the occupied cell. In the new game, it can only be built from one of the four adjacent sides of the occupied cell. But, a wall can be repaired diagonally. Why not built?

Thats not correkt, you can build walls like in the old game.

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Adding Spectator Mode would be really nice too, considering we could watch matches LIVE and not just recorded ones from social media such as Twitch or YouTube.


If you ever wanted to play the original game again, install it with your CD first, and then apply this unofficial patch to it: https://upatch-hd.weebly.com/download.html
Probably it will work!

I didn’t understood your matter about the walls, actually you can build them in 8 directions.

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Certainly. These bugs are numerous. Devs should at least try to fix them if they’re not planning on adding new features.

And man, I want them to fix the UI and music so badly… Some AIs also need a retouch to be more fair against the kinda casual players.

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Here’s the right answer…

Any questions?


:disappointed: so sad…


From the occupied cell a villager can build a wall item in the 8 adjacent cells, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW

In the old game, if the cells N and E were already occupied with a wall item, the villager could build a new wall item into the NE cell (ie: diagonally)

In the new game, this can’t be done. To build the NE wall item, either the N cell or the E cell has to be vacant.