Let's support the devs

Currently, I see that there is a lot of discussion about the performance of developers, their actions and performance are questioned a lot.

Well, a while ago and now more than ever, I can be a little closer to them, and the truth is that I have been selfish (I asked a lot and criticized too much without knowing the context) and I apologize

At the moment, all AoE devs in general are extremely busy, with a lot of work, they recently gave us a great Update, which we agree came with many problems, but the intention to fix it exists.

We must support developers more, because believe it or not, they read everything and like anyone else, stress and frustration affects them like anyone else.

That is why I am making this post so that we can help devs with this task in the best possible way.
What? Very simple, download the PUP and try EVERYTHING. Campaigns, scenarios, maps, civilizations, cards, units, strats, etc. And please report any problems you find here:

Follow the instructions as much as possible, they are designed to make their job easier.

Developers are slow to respond or fix? it is understandable, the work that currently exists is generally too extensive and exhausting, things are prioritized over others.
I can assure you that they are not resting or taking vacations atm

And one last thing, but this remains up to each one of us, let’s avoid discussions that go nowhere and encourage constructive and respectful discussions.

And now, a meme to alleviate the seriousness

And finally, many thanks to the devs for the support and the new content! No matter what things they give me, if they mess up the balance or add the Byzantine Empire as a civilization, as long as they keep the game alive and active, I’m happy.


Agreed the devs have been doing a good job, accept for the de sync bug and my ranked treaty wins always counting as losses I don’t really have much to complain about. Just happy that AoE 3 is getting all this love after so many years


This was a huge patch, sure a PUP would have alleviated some of the issues people have encountered but I feel like it wasn’t their decision this time around. This industry is hard and thankless.

So yes, let’s make sure they get thanks from us and support for such an awesome patch and continued devotion to the game.


I’m very grateful for the work the devs have been doing. The last patch is amazing. 3 european civs i found very interesting but abandoned after a while have their problems fixed, and now im super excited to play them. I’m talking about ports,.russians and otto. Words fall short on expressing my gratitude for all this love and sweat and mind put into the game. This update is the one i enjoyed the most since the release of DE. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the other vanilla civs, and what new civs they plan on adding.


I’ll start supporting the devs again when they fix their mistake.

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I think then they need me to remind them how grateful I am for all their effort and work so far. :smile:

I want to thank the developers team, thanks to them we have new content, civilizations, game modes, historical battles, maps, minor civilizations and more, thanks to them the revolutions got their own identity and gained a lot of content, thanks to the team there is more variety of countries represented in the game.

For these reasons I want to say, thanks for the good work, I hope they double their budget and salary. :wink:

Come on, let this topic not be forgotten, if the developers need a little emotional support, let’s show them our gratitude for their constant efforts, if it weren’t for them this game would be completely abandoned.


I support the devs with my money. If they make good stuff, I’ll buy it. I thought the cosmetic packs and KOTM were great, and I bought them. But I am not going to blindly support anyone. They need to fix the OOS issues and I am not going to “support” anything until it’s fixed. Having interesting civs and new stuff doesnt mean anything if the game is literally unplayable.

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The OOS issues have been fixed in pup, there are no more problems, it should be officially updated next week。


The following are just my personal feelings.
In the two years since the DE version was released, the developers have given us one surprise after another, a lot of new content, and a lot of revamping and redoing of old content. In comparison, the slow update speed of similar games seems so sluggish.
And from this rework of European civilization, we can also see that the constructive opinions of some players have been fully considered and absorbed by the developers.
And it’s a game that costs as little as 40 yuan (in my country), compared to similar games that often cost upwards of 200 yuan.
Because of the great work and long-term passion of the developers, I’ve always felt that this group of people isn’t just hired to do perfunctory maintenance work on the game, they love the game. Like those modder, they worked hard to make the game close to their ideals.
Years ago, we thought the absence of Italy and Sweden would be a pity for Age of Empires 3, and they did.
We felt that Age of Empires 3 focused too much on the American colonial wars and ignored the dramatic conflicts on the European continent in the early modern period. They repositioned the game, added a lot of European content, and through long-term updates, tried to replace the original colonial content with Something more European.
We always felt that the previous Ottomans were too “European” and we wanted to see a more historical and authentic Ottoman Empire, and they did it again…
I understand everyone’s complaints, but from the publisher’s neglect of Age of Empires 3’s publicity time and time again, perhaps we can guess that the developers have not received enough attention from the publisher. Under such circumstances, such an amazing work can be done, and I feel that at least personally, I will give it enough confidence and patience, and I am willing to provide all the support I can as a consumer.


In the last 2 years we could clearly see that our devs LOVES this game! Every month we got a huge amount of content which was much beyond my expectations but of course very welcomed.

They made a tremendous effort to refresh and expand this game. It is so sad they their hard work was not announced and praised by MS. It should be. We could have much bigger player base with good marketing, because game is cheap, unique and in a very good shape currently.

If any dev is reading it - you are spectacular. I’m very grateful for your work. I will support the game as much as I can because it deserves that :blush:


I think our frustrations should be directed at World’s Edge, not Microsoft. From all things I’ve heard Microsoft takes a hands-off approach when it comes to its gaming branch. This lies at the feet of Word’s Edge not just from a lack of exposure but to future support as well.


Many of the popular requests on the forum has been delivered. That’s impressive.
Besides new civs I’d also like to see more sp scenarios in the future. I’m willing to pay for them.


Also this is the AOE game that requires more work due to its huge amount of content.

We have city cards, natives, treasures, mercenaries, etc.
Each of these things involves art and research.

Without mentioning the balance, which is a nightmare due to asymmetry.


Fix coming soon…very soon. Devs have said.

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i believe the reason they dropped a PUP for this is to ensure the fix actually fixes it, without major exceptions, so extra point for showing willingness to try correcting a flaw


I see the dev efforts and ı decide to support the game by buying dlcs. I dont like game UI, civ tech tree, unit cards. Shipment time. If these are reworked, I believe that game will have more fresh, informative view.and more players will play the game.:slight_smile:


yo estoy contigo colega, yo apoyare este juego hasta el final! y ostras yo no me quejo tanto por los errores del parche de hecho ni me queje xd pero si estaba feliz de todo lo que implementaron joder! la espera merecia cada maldito segundo! si bien salio con errores (el mas chungo el de OOS) actuaron con suma rapidez para solucionarlo, no hay que despotricar contra los desarrolladores amigos, ellos hacen lo que pueden, no son maquinas joder son humanos como nosotros, y no volvamos a nuestra comunidad lo que se convirtio el foro de aoe 2 y 4 por favor amigos.


No, the devs are clearly incompetent at balancing and only care for cosmetics and gimmicks, they’re not getting a penny from me until they reverse some of the silly balance changes no one asked for.

sabes que, mejor has tu las cosas si te crees tan listo, joder no hace falta ser un jodido desagradable