Let's talk about Italy

Well, there is a high possibility that it is Italy, although it may be a joke on the part of the devs, we don’t know.
That yes, Italy will come one day, that is undeniable.
So, let’s talk about Italy.

First of all, we clearly saw a Bersaglieri, a fast light infantry unit that used bicycles and trumpets to organize.

Well, I think we learned in previous experiences that you can’t have a skirmish with more than 4.5 speed, so please, don’t be so fast! There is no problem that they have special abilities, as long as they have cooldowns. If they can run, it would be great if it was like the Caroleans.

The other interesting thing to talk about is, who will be the faction leader? There are several very interesting political figures. But the Bersaglieri tells me that the civilization will be inspired by the Kingdom of Sardinia, which we could say was the predecessor of the Kingdom of Italy and the kingdom that unified them. Therefore, I bet on Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, who comes to mind?

By the way, I am with the theory that the civilization will be inspired by the kingdom of Sardinia, but could it be inspired by something else? What things come to mind?

Like, for example, during the renaissance?

Will the age advancement system be like the typical one? With politicians or a system similar to the American one, using states?

Finally, this is a personal opinion, but the Elmeti and the Lil´Bombard should not be producible, but they can be brought from the homecity at cheaper prices. The factories should take out heavy cannons in my opinion.

So good, let’s see your opinions!


I personally believe that an hypothetical Italian civ should be set in the Renaissance for the age 1 to 2, represents the 1700 in the age 3, and represents the Italian Kingdom in the age 4.

As for the actual state, it should be a generic unspecified Italian state, and again up you decide which states include into you state.

The only problem would be which HC choose, Turin should be more accurate, to identify with piedmont-sardinia, but Rome would be more iconic. Florence could be a middle ground though, and could represent the renaissance period too.


I think that we will get the kingdom of sardinia (from 1720 onward), with influence even from the savoyard duchy…
I think that based on that we will have a infantry focused euro civ, with unique units but way less cav, if any at all…
For age ups i can see the federal age up system but with a twist, which is that the options behave like alliances from african kingdoms…
This way we will have states that get united to the kingdom of sardinia (or cities), but the options are not all new each time, but we just get a new one…
The last one could be rome, but then we have the problem of the HC, turin seems to lack a waterfront, which would be needed for HC customization and card categories

I’d say a renaissance/archaic main theme with one or two “modern” units and cards, like Portugal, Spain and Germany. NE mod Italy was like that.
We already have organ gun and cassador at the same age so it would not be more weird.


Cualquiera de los dos me parece bien mientras sea divertido de usar y nos permita usar revoluciones.

Aunque me gustaría, no creo que agreguen el Elmeti como unidad, pero sí creo que terminarán creando una unidad similar.

Creo que la Li`l Bombard se debería poder crear en las fabricas, pero no veo problema si solo obtenemos una tarjeta para poderlas enviar desde la metrópoli.

Ideas para la tarjeta:
Quizás una similar a la tarjeta de reconquista que tiene los españoles pero infinita y que se reinicia luego de ser enviada.

Otra opción es que sea como artillería rodante de la civilización de Estado Unidos.

Berlin and Washington DC are not port cities either. They can put the harbor at a riverbank etc.


Yes, but turin seems to have nothing like that too… Although the same can be said for those cities you mentioned too… Well, if that is not a problem then my bet is on turin, with rome being the last option added for age 5 age-up

I’d be very surprised if Victor Emmanuel II is not the leader.

Having the Kingdom of Sardinia as the starting point and aging up with states to form Italy is the logical way to do it. The newer civs have tons of historical references and are pretty complex so that would fit with the direction the devs have been going with.

Genoa was part of the kingdom of Sardinia so Genoese Crossbowmen as an archaic unit would work.

The fact that Condottieri aren’t already a mercenary unit makes me think that they’ll be an Italian unit.

Something that I feel is often omitted when analysis are made about an hypothetical Italian civ, is that in this game you are founding a colony, so this colony can have a Home City like Rome for his foundation for example, but then this colony can make trade agreements with the other Italian cities/states, and get their bonuses/features, in a similar way to the Federal States Age Up’s. The point is… the Home City is not really that important, because in this game you are not building the Italian-National-Geographical-European-State, you are growing a colony far away, and this colony can choose to make deals with other cities, or even rebel against the motherland.

Hmm I wonder what they will be thematically. What it comes from my mind if I think in Modern age Italy:

Pavise crossbowman
Papal Guard
Weird Leonardo Da Vinci inventions (please go historical…)
Merchant city states leaded by families. Bankers
Lepanto Battle and Galleass
Being part of Spain/Hasbourg

Then reunification. Bersaglieri and Garibaldi.

I hope that they will balance early and late Italy.

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That is no longer a question ever since you can build Taj Mahal everywhere every game…so eventually it’s going to be very arbitrary.

But there are people complaining on the forums about things like that, things that could be overlooked before, but now… a better job can be done. For example, regarding Wonders like the Taj Mahal, they can be changed to a new, more generic big building that does the same thing. I prefer mechanics with more sense.

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I hope
devs, please don’t make Italy an extremely unique civilization, which makes it seem wired and unconventional compared to the other 9 Euro civs . An Italy civ that strictly uses the standard European tech tree and adds a lot of distinctive cards would be much more better. I think it will destroy the integrity and beauty of European civs if Italy uses too unique age up mechanic or a completely separated tech tree.


Most of these are not modern italy though…
Pavise crossbowmen were already obsolete and replaced by half of XVI century
Papal guards were destroyed during the sack of rome of 1527, and although it was reformed later it was not part of the army anymore, but just a bodyguard unit… After that they get destroyed and remade some more time, but were not a fighting unit, and mostly just cerimonial…
Artists… Well, not much to say about this, it make not much sense to add them…
Weird Leaonardo stuff, again, too early and not modern at all, he died in 1519 and many of his inventions might even predate the start of the game timeline…
Merchant city states leaded by families… Signoria anyone? But once again, too early, this is mostly renaissance stuff, too early for our timeline… Bankers… I see someone else played AC2 uh, that was a great game…
The battle of lepanto can be actually a nice addition, i saw it nicely as a historical battle, with maybe some italian card for improving ships…
Being part of spain/hasbourg while it is true that much land in italy was formally owned and managed by such outsider nations it was actually mostly autonomous, although with a spanish and austrian head of state, the situation change a bit after the defeat of napoleon and the restauration… At least for milan, which is what i know more…

All in all i think we are getting a fairly modern italy, i wouldn’t be surprised if the timeline taken in consideration would be from the french revolutionary wars up to 1870 with the take of rome…

Another extremely important event would be the proclamation of the roman republic in 1849, which could bring in Garibaldi as a unit, since it seems he is widely know, in both america and europe

Another cookie cutter euro civ is nothing to get excited about. Italy could also share mechanics with a Prussia civ and blend European features with some of the new elements present in the USA and Mexico.

This would actually be awful, uniqueness is what euro civs need, not the bland vanilla mechanics and limitations… I cannot understand why people would less content and instead prefer a bland system…
But that could be also me, since i love mexico with all its possibilities and USA

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Well, if Italy must be designed as a really asymmetrical civ, I hope Germans can be overhauled to share the same age up mechanic and tech tree with Italians


Sure, i fully agree on this, both germans and italians can highly gain from the federal age-up system, and they are also the ones that could do so in europe because of their history

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