Let's talk about Spain

Spain is a civilization with very notorious problems or potentially strong cards and units that cannot be taken advantage of, but it really is very strong.

Spain in the Colonial Age is very weak, it does not have a good economic character, it does not have any decent card in age 2 that attracts attention to take a hasty initiative with Archaic units, beyond the card “Reconquista”, its archaic are basic units without interesting improvements that raises many doubts if an archaic Rush is really viable, compared to the French improvement of (Sent Suises), German that combines uhlans by itself without wanting to do it, British with (Long bow ). His archaic Rush is not comparable to his European counterparts, consider a certain disadvantage as they are melee shipments, although at 4 years old the “third pikeman” and his cards are decent, but at age 3 you have little to rescue from the unit.

Spanish Spearman or Pole Vaulter in my point of view is a very decent unit if it wasn’t for the fact that Spain doesn’t have a great economy this unit would be very unbalancing well accompanied by other units I think it’s very important keep the debuff that it’s a bit slower than normal heavy cavalry, since it has a base speed of 6.5, which is fine, so it should be counterable with the same heavy cavalry; however in the next patch he will get more base speed at 6.75 with the Spanish Garrochistas (IV) upgrade considering the age 3 card which increased his build time and movement speed by 5% he would have a speed of 7.07 which would would break Revert your speed to 6.5. otherwise increasing the range by +0.5 would be fine, but not increasing the movement speed of him would break

Rodelero seems to be a very good unit but you can’t really meddle well but really in rival military combos it is really useless, the infantry most used by civilizations are usually musketeers and light infantry which is sub counter and counter of the rodelero, its little damage and base life makes it have a bad aging which the percentage improvements help too little, compare the veteran improvement of the musketeer with that of the rodelero in fact a musketeer performs a better function than a rodelero in a cannon FF, since the Damage against the cavalry of a rodelero and musketeer melee is almost identical considering that the musketeer has more health, can shoot before the cavalry reaches to touch the falconets to deal damage and can also serve secondarily to deal siege damage.

(ROHBROT) Professional player of the Spanish civilizations preferred to play with musketeers rather than rodeleros in aggressive ff, consider that this difference is greater if you research bayonet ## ### ####### making the musketeer much more viable than the rodelero

I suggest making changes to the rodelero focused that it can have an adequate aging, My radical idea about the Rodelero

5.25 the Base speed of 6 (Add a large button that increases your base speed +0.75 for 5 seconds With a cooldown of 90 seconds or 120 seconds)

Upgrade to 142 base health from 135

Decrease armor to 35% from 40%. Increase armor by 5% with the upgrade of espadachins (IV)

New Add Bonus against melee infantry of x 1.20
Not against heavy infantry, which would be a much broader tag of units which should not favor it, for example, against musketeers.

Nerf cards “Wonderful New Year” this card is too strong, not only because of the advantage of resource collection increase and unit creation time already, but the combination of color creation time and unit collection increase Resources is too strong, Spain has a vill creation time of 25 to 16 seconds with that card, it is a totally death bost considering also that Spain has good revolutions, having a large number of villagers is very dangerous. I suggest nerfing the villager creation time with the card to 25% percent, if I’m not mistaken it currently has about 33%.

Nerf card sent from 7 rodelero to 6.

Changes card to Spanish squad only gives 10% melee armor and adds an Explosive Deposit

Third pikeman improvement (IV) with the researched improvement Add 10% armor at a distance (this is how the third pikeman would stay with the stats he would have before)

I understand that the dogs of war in a Spanish FF was an abuse before since they automatically improved with age and fighting dogs of war of age 3 against units of age 2 was a good exchange but now at age 2 the dog is somewhat useless of war if it is not used to make treasures but to fight, Considering also that the other European civilizations received bonuses to their explorers except for Spain that remained unchanged I feel that it is inappropriate since the dogs of war is like a sub bonus of civilization and in the current state compared to before leaves much to be desired for which I should get a mini Buff to my liking

I suggest improving the damage with the “conqueror” card, increase the damage and life of the war dogs from 20% to 25% or else obtain an alternative improvement that costs resources in the same arsenal, that is not free to avoid problems with the aggressive ff where the dogs are strong without any real investment

Missionary is a rarely seen unit in Spain since it is usually used only for the “UNCION” card. This card is totally important in late game for Spain, but I would like its participation in earlier game ages,

I suggest that the unit increases the cost of 50 gold and 50 wood to 60 gold and 50 wood in exchange for being able to collect food only from bushes at 50% of a villager or only 0.30/s of food and can be trained in fortresses since it can only be trained in churches and since you can only have 1 church, on large maps it is annoying to replenish missionaries

In the past I used to play Spain but its changes have made me lose my taste for it due to its great disadvantage and bad mechanization in its troops, it requires a lot of investment in improvements to make its units strong, you have to reach age 4 for the pikeman and skirmisher to be really decent, I currently play at +1600 elo 1v1 and +2000 in team games, so I think I have a healthy judgment at the competitive level


very good ideas,devs should look at these and considered how to modfied


Yeah this ideas looks good for spain in my opinión because spain only do one strat what Is the ff now, hope devs can read this AND change the spain game play


Spain:gets ignored majority of patches and only has numbers moving around for them with no new features and significant buffs for the past few months. Getting ###### by Ottoman,German,French,Dutch and Haudenasaunee in terms of new Features and Tools that players can mix and match to maximize their playstyle. While they just borrow a building from a DLC

Players: OH NO SPAIN TOO STRONG. Lets just dig them to the ground even more


Perhaps, making Reconquista no longer a one-time effect that need to wait for units to die. For example, have it only ship 1 Conquistador, but then automatically receive 1 Conquistador when every 4 archaic units killed by enemies. These Conquistadors do not count towards the local Jesuit settlements’ training limit, but the receiving will pause if there are 12 existing.

Some ideas:

  • Make Tercio Tactics (III) or Spanish Square (IV) also grant Rodelero +10% ranged resistance or turn it’s half melee resistance into ranged resistance. This is a relatively conservative approach.

  • Changed Rodelero to Urumi-like hand skirmishers instead of typical hand heavy infantry. Of course it won’t be as strong as Urumi, and it will be countered by heavy cavalry, but it complements the weaknesses of other infantry well. This is a relatively radical approach.

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At least if Rodelero behaved like Urumi it’d be closer to their historic role, which was to break Pike lines.

The Rodelero has always had this awkward thing where it’s a redundant unit in the Spanish roster, they have the best Pikemen and then another melee infantry that also counters cavalry… and then muskets too to boot.

The issue of making Rodeleros counter infantry is that then they’d step in the toes of Lancers…


The Lancer is still countered by heavy infantry but the Rodelero won’t completely if it can be Urumi-like hand skirmisher unit. Quite a difference especially in the late game when it is hard to hit-and-run.

On the other hand, the Urumi-like Rodelero will be crushed by heavy cavalry but the Lancer can bear the attack in a better way. Another difference.

The thing is, it was the popularity of firearms that made the Rodelero obsolete. Being countered by musketeers and skirmishers is also accurate in some degree. It should be effective against archers and other hand heavy infantry if we want it to closer to the historic role. Therefore, it could be a Urumi-like, but its multipliers are against hand heavy infantry, archers, and archaic units.


Rods are Very strong and they really don’t need to change. The classic Rod/Lancer combo is maybe my favorite in the game and they really shine together.


I don’t understand why there are so many people who say that the rodelero would break with a multiplier against heavy infantry, people would take it as if it were a guerrilla fighter, that’s just kidding, the rodelero has base 11 melee damage, if you put x1.20 on it would be 13 damage, 13 damage against a heavy infantry unit that has mostly 20% melee resistance, considering the musketeer has time to hit you from a distance before you come in to hit him, you lose The same against musketeers, the exchanges, well the combo of the Spanish lancer and rodelero seems very complementary but in practice it does not have the dominance that seems to force melee in a game with this pathfinding

You want to know how to beat a combo of Spanish lancer and rodelero, basically with dragons and musketeers, a combo that has, Portugal, France, British, Russia ETC almost all civilizations.

Musketeer makes a good front line because he will easily shoot the rodelero to death, the rodelero will do almost no damage, the Spanish lancer will win but he won’t kill him quickly and easily without taking some damage in return and for this the dragons will be behind the musketeers to kill to the Spanish lancer? I don’t know where the unbreakable combo of Spanish lancer with rodelero comes from ???

I still don’t agree that the rodelero has a bonus against heavy infantry, it should only be melee, that would also help to win the infantry lines against pikemen or even have a little better trade against stronger units like Samurais or dopple , but yes. doesn’t mean that +2 damage will automatically counter heavy infantry lol


i saw that even with the high mele resistance, rodoleros still lost vs halbs and musk in treaty.

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My brother in christ you are not playing age2 spain very well if you are asking for these buffs. The whole point of spain is that your enemy has to guess what are you going to do, since most decks can mean anything nowadays. My age2 spain deck is very speciallized, but I can skip it and do an ff right from the start and deceive the enemy, that’s spain most precious mechanic.

And for age2 plays, usually 500f ageup it’s the best choice, chopping wood in transition, build a rax and a house gives you the same timing as any other civ, shipping 5v then 4v back to back is something not every civ can do, giving you the edge on most 1v1.
The benefit of fast-arriving shipments is up to you, what unit do you need to complete your army? ofc the bad part is that they only have melee units shipments, aside from the irish brigadiers. You are entitled to build your army from the ground, and use the shipments wisely.

There are plenty of age2 spain vods on twitch and youtube, some of them from callenapexlegends, nickaoe, lionheart_uk, aiz and many more.

To me, the strength of spain is that they are a jack of all trades, but master of none, so you won’t be able to win on a field your enemy is known to be strong at. Your best option is to swap strategies very fast, since the trastamara card let’s you age in 16s if you send all your age2 shipments, letting you transition real fast to vet units and artillery.

As for rodeleros, they could use that 1.25x multiplier from the very start, age2 if possible, since spain doesn’t have access to halbediers(high melee) and they only rely on their armor.


i almost thought I wrote this myself, the ol 500f 5v 4v is a build I’ve been using since my TAD spain days. I’d add that one of my favourite compositions as spain is musk huss with some rodeleros to help snare. Traditionally I’ve kept the rodelero hp card in deck as well.

I believe strongly that if spain had 400w politician given to them it would turn into an age 2 civ overnight.

The one buff I would really like to see spain get is just a revert on spanish gold to de release state.

My wish list would also include the generic card buff of advanced arsenal granting an arsenal wagon with the shipment (would make the whole thing much more viable)

And I really wish spain had some better age 1 cards. Not sure what exactly, i miss eco theory :frowning:


atp delivering a wagon as well? since it’s an age1 card, and in the new pup most adv building cards that got a wagon are age1 cards(market, dock, mill, estate)

As for spanish gold, they could easily turn it into an age2 card nowadays, considering how unviable it is on most mu in supremacy, a flat 200c and ARRIVES FAST would be pretty dope.

Maybe a new Age I card that makes Crossbowmen, Pikemen, Rodeleros and Missionaries cost cheaper?

Totally agree. Spain is destined to be a versatile civ, that can adapt to the opposing strat and beat it in time attacks taking advantage of its xp bonus.

Thanks to new cards like the house of Trastamara or Reconquista, it has the synergies to achieve it, but they not are still really viable at a high level where you are usually forced to execute the FF in most cases (being the best option by far).

It’s not a terrible age 2 at all, but it doesn’t make a difference either… you can send 5v, 4v and the other age cards while pressing and end up going fast to age 3 with Trastamara. But his age 2 army is low-medium level, and he only gets cac shipments except brigadiers (all counters cav).

And it’s hard to get the conquerors of the Reconquista card (which should be the star card of the civ), because you are forced to maintain a constant fight/defeats of piks/bows/dogs (where the scenario is usually not ideal) .

In my opinion, Spain needs a few slight tweaks to obtain the long-awaited versatility.

The best main in Spain is right.

My thoughts on how to buff rods are:

Become archaic inf (save Reconquista)

Get +1 dmg (revert old nerf, but Coffec was talking about the problem of the breaking point with 12 damage…)


Change cost 65f 35c to: 65f 30c or 50f 40c


Add a multipliyer against cac inf or light inf of 1.1 (12 dmg only against them)

You are probably right, I had never had such a strong economy with Spain.

You move to 3rd with +1 tc and you get marvelous year and you have a fantastic boom. You can even get really greedy and get spanish gold + boom haciendas (but I’m not sold on either).

In 1v1 it can be a bit risky (although it’s an excellent way to recover the echo later) but in teams Spain it doesn’t seem like shit anymore because now I have economy, team falcs and I can afford to produce a mass of lancers.

Good, buff the unit but nerf the broken shipment.

Good, but the explosive deposit? haha ok

Yes, my idea is:

  • Explorer card age I now also send 3 dogs and up max 5 to 8. (Save logist)

Nice idea, and i really love the detail that they can pick bushes!

I’ve used both but neither really fits in a 1v1 deck (although on teams I’ve really enjoyed a mass of tercios zerg style)

Rohbrot usually uses the factories, 2 heavy canons, 7 hussars (for rev), 8 lancers (not even 7 infinite).

Aizamk, for example, is innovative, but Rohbrot usually executes an aggressive ff (musk or rods/lancers + falcs), and if it lengthens, it goes to age IV to finish off a rev of death hussars.

In summary, Spain has a good ff and rev, but needs to improve age II and logist.

Convert rods in archaic inf and it will be possible to obtain the conquerors from the Reconquista card (although they would also be easier to get with the ff, and I don’t want to improve it more, they have also obtained 20 brigadiers for 2.2k food).

Explorer card age I send 3 dogs and up max 5 to 8, it would be great to push in age II and help get the conquerors. And a very good treasure map card to use with the logist.

Spanish gold deserve a buff or rework to age II.


Lol. Bad Sugestions. Spain have to be Buffed. Not Nerfed. Lol


@gusgus10br I don’t know who you’re talking to, but both @PichulaJr goal and mine are generally to provide versatility and improve Spain.

And of course it also deserves some nerfs in strong aspects like the marvelous year, 7 rods to 6 or haciendas (easy cheese strat soldados)

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Rework card age III Tercio tactics: Turns all Pikemen into rods into military shipment.

Move to age II and now send: 5 piks, 5 rods and 5 cannoneers cost 300 f 300w 300c (700res value)


I try to be fair with the suggestions, I’m not looking to nerf Spain bro, a Spanish spearman with a bonus against all infantry gets a speed of 7.07, it’s too much, for something not only the Spanish spearmen have little speed, but also those of Spain. INDIA and ELMETO. because they have to be that way for a “COUNTER SYSTEM” issue

I am sure that the Rodelero thing will be a positive change, since the unit, having a higher base life, will be able to scale and benefit more from the improvements, thus having better aging, it will be able to fulfill the secondary role of holding the lines well against melee infantry body, Since in the current goal the infantry at a distance dominates a lot, especially that now there is greater accessibility for skirmishers to be faster or have greater bonuses against heavy infantry, indirectly affecting the rodelero

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5 and 4 villagers is very ambitious, but I have seen that it works, but in 1v1 above all sending the 4 villagers seems greedy to me, against Spain I would like to force the early clashes, to slow down the FF or else wait for it based on when the Spanish come with the cannons and defend me push.

Spanish gold is complicated, it is very difficult to balance the card, it was nerfed many times and at the same time buffed, however, this card also changes certain functionality of Spain, such as not having a shipment of 1000 gold and also that age 4 politicians are a bit better in price than conventional for the same cards

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