Let's talk about Spain

They have finished updating all the musketeers and skirms in the game with unique skins except the Spanish ones because they don’t have any updates for them. They could rework the Spanish musketeers and in this way it would be more attractive to play them at 2 years old and especially as a team.

I have always wanted to see the Spanish arquebusiers in the game, which historically would correctly represent what a Tercio was.

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I agree with you, Spain should have cannoneers because they are based on the Spanish arquebusier.


i think the soldado FI brought spain into japan levels of bad tastes of community for start, and because so many spain mains lamed the everloving shite out of that stupid build for months, the community is somewhat hesitant to reintroduce more mechanics like that.

also as a port main, excuse me ignored? pretty sure you got a card to outboom me on 2TCs in every single deck plus a variety of new natives, mercs, and redo old cards like the age4 pikes last year. hardly ingored. the only really bad thing spain has suffered is the every changing value of spanish gold and the nerf to logi which did kill 1v1 play (common in team games tho)

Ports got functional organs after 15 years and a trickle thats worse than everyone elses vill shipment till age4-5. and lost cards to get even worse replacements sans 3organ. and this patch get net nerfs to only age3 merc shipment and late game musk (well trade off). spain compared to manyu civs is hardly forgetten. and the entire time has been a top or viable civ in ladder and win rate accross the elos. hell you are even better in teams thx to changes like team falcs. the only civs id say get ignored in last year truly is russia until now.

People in these types of threads tend to be so biased and short memory, you getting more buffs this patch and also got content last year. hardly ignored, just in rotation amongst 22 civs


These guys are my Spanish Musketeers. We may just need aesthetics.
Or we may give Rodeleros and Tercios a charged arquebus attack.


omg are nice! who are them?

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The truth is that this post is quite biased.

But several main players from Spain may seem biased in individual comments because Spain, despite having been obtaining new strats and fantastic cards, have seen their strengths of their classic FF nerfed again and again with nerfs to dogs, spanish gold…

And when they could execute new broken strats like the logist, archaic FI, the spam of soldados in haciendas… They were seeing how they were nerfed on the ground.

In my case I’m glad to balance, and more things as easy to execute soldados (haciendas) and later Chile rev…

The skill should be rewarded.

And I totally agree with you in your comments. Portugal has received less love.

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My dream come true (20 char)

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Yeah Tbh im always up for more age2 or long age3 play, and maybe a slight boost to logi could bring it back to 1v1. Or a solid ranged native irmerc 500c option shipment.

Spain i should say i think is pretty balanced atm to b tier, so a small buff to early game shouldnt be too oppressive


literally the only thing spain needs to be a competitive age 2 civ is a 400w ageup (my opinion). This would be a radical alteration to the civ - - definitely would have huge consequences to the meta.

8 crossbows would push them into op territory, but a native archer/skirm shipment for 500c would likely be reasonable.

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Add 400w age up and a shipment age II send 8 cannoneers cost 500c and me are happy but Spain probably go to tier S.

It seems to me a lazy way, not very original and perhaps too strong, to improve the age II of Spain.

In the past spain it was characterized by not having range shipments in age II and III (it is no longer like that since the new natives/mercs).

This made it more original: the European civ centered on cac.

Perhaps not having good inf counters at age II should be its weakness. By being able to go to age 3 with ease and being able (ff or house of trastamara) to get falcs and lancers.

I prefer to make viable what they have.

They’ve been given a great card in Reconquista, with amazing combo synergy, which isn’t really competitive yet.

I would make this card the central base of the age II of Spain and an incentive to use the logist (which is actually workable in some 1v1 situations).

My proposals to improve the logist and age II are:

  • The explorer card I add send 2 dogs and max 5 to 7.

(buff logist, reconquista)

  • Rods add tag archaic inf.

(reconquista buff)

  • Tercio tactics now send 5 piks 5 rods and 5 cannoneers, cost 300 f 300w 300c.

(strong age II shipment with value of 700res, same cost that others new shipments, with range unit and with historical meaning with the 3 roles of units that made up the tercios)

  • Swordsmen (rods upgrade) add multiplier 1.1 (11 to 12 dmg) against high inf.

I think that Spain (except for the broken strats) has been varying between a B and A level. But it is consolidating in a solid A tier.

Now you can afford a boom or an economic recovery with the marvelous year. Although it has been a hard blow to lose the economic theory (also for the logist).

(And watch out for the new ff brigadiers+halbs of the church)


Yes, I have always wanted that change but I would continue to have mediocre units at age 2. With Spain you play ff because they have fast lancers and falcs.

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With 400w u can get houses, market, barrack or tp’s… You would have a good II age, but also a higher FF, which I imagine would continue to be the chosen option in most cases.

I would disagree about mediocre units. spain gets musketeers and can double card their hussars. With 400w you could easily go 5v 4v and have a solid eco really quickly for minimal effort.
Its just that they don’t get a real difinitive unit that sets them apart and don’t have a lot of siege options. If you go bow-pike its definitely gonna feel underwhelming, ive never advocated for that style

Yes, not bad options, the only problem is the lack of a good archer/skirm.

With cards can have good hussars in age II, but there is usually no space in the deck for those 2 cards. (In many decks 1vs1 I only use the cavalry combat age III).

And has generic musk without good cards.

I find it funny that Spain has real pikes (tercios), but the rods cover their position better, and the generic musks better than the latter

We have plenty of cav counters, and we lack inf.

*And now we get 3 more musks… soldiers, brigadiers and fusiliers… and shipments of holcan jav and royal musks (natives) and highlanders and armoured pistoliers (mercs) lol *.

Piks and bows arent strong units but the strat not bad but require a nice micro. (U need use them for can use Reconquista…haha)

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If I really want to commit to age 2 play I’ll happily load up those cav cards. I wont use the hand infantry cards at all. A lack of a skirm type worth using is a bit rough if an oppo has ranged cavalry

Musketeers without improvements and an economy that in the long run would not be efficient. It seems like a good idea to incorporate 400w but I don’t see it as decisive. It would have to be tested.

i mean arguably we have unction, corslet and advanced arsenal, its just a lot of hoops to jump through. I do agree that its not a perfect cov for 30 minute age 2, but definitely with 400w it would be really solid

Who are them? Now they are my Spanish Guard and Imperial musketeers. Technically, they are repainted Veteran Rodeleros.

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Thank you. I can pass you these guys in a mod, but I have not uploaded it because i don’t want overlap with another mods, and I’m still thinking how to avoid that.

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In 1vs1 you will never be able to use unction (at high ranks) and neither will you be able to use a corselet because even if it is a free improvement, you need to do the church, send a card and it slows down your movement speed, all this is impossible at age 2. I have always seen it a poor improvement.