Let's talk about Spain

that is why i said its a lot of hoops to jump through. Corslet does slow you down but you can theoretically get back to normal speed now in age 3. My experience in playing as spain has been that carded huss are a really strong asset and your muskets and early eco usually lets you snowball with good tempo. That being said, its not always possible to win age 2, even with a big advantage. Spain doesn’t have a lot of clear win conditions in early game. I have used age 2 unction in the past (team games mostly) but its a lot weaker now so I’m not sure its viable at all anymore.

That cav/musk strat (getting 400w) is interesting but not competitive, you need too many shipments, apart from what you need to be pushing (anointing, now neferd, add hard micro…advanced arsenal, church and 2 cards for improve hussars).

And that there are no spaces left in the deck in age II.

U say about use 5v, 4v, cav attack, cav hp, advanced arsenal, church. And I guess also 700w, 700c, 7 rods and house of trastamara.

And you can’t include 600c, 8 piks, brigadiers, reconquista, hp inf card, 2 towers… u lose almost all the versatility of an age II with spain.

Out of curiosity, from your comments I imagine that you are a good player, but what is your elo?

i wouldn’t ever use 2 towers as spain, nor 8 pikes or 600c. I’m not too worried about the deck space age 2 generally and won’t be using the jesuit card either since I wont be using archaic infantry except maybe the 7 rods. The hp card isnt terribly great unless you want to lean into rodeleros, and even so I’d rather keep the hand inf combat card age 3.

Uh elo, well I mostly play 1v1 with friends nowadays. I’ve only played about a dozen ranked games, i was sitting around 1300 elo and a 100% win rate so I’m not sure exactly where it would settle once i lost a few games. I want to get back on the ladder soon, just been working a lot of overtime. I am an old player from TAD, if that makes any difference.

other side note, cav dmg is more optional, getting cav hp is already a huge advantage, and if you can get cuirass on them too with AA its even stronger. Unction (i assume you mean this with anointing?) is definitely weaker now.

I really miss eco theory. it was just such a solid comfortable eco shipment and stopped you needing tier 1 market techs for a little bit.

I want to make corslet work someday, but at the moment its only use I see is if you’re already sitting under a tc with 35 muskets and just click it so they’re unkillable while you siege. Otherwise its quite sad to slow units down. or… If you get military drummers then its ok too. Its a big penalty.

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Well the truth is that with that strat I would only miss 600c to do more hussar or go to age 3. And the sending of brigadiers is not bad.

But I was trying to say that you lose the other shipments and strengths of Spain in along age II.

Sometimes I use an archaic rush and then I do add the Reconquest card, inf hp, or brigadiers (using capitalism).

Or 2 towers in turtle strats (soldados) or vs really agressive rush.

Rods not has the tag of archaic inf (the change that I always request for make a competitive reconquista)

Nice, good job guy, I’m sure you’d go higher, I didn’t expect less;)

yep…damn translator

Totally agree with the rest.

I have mixed feelings on the capitalism card, honestly. On one hand its a pretty good age 1 card, and on the other hand it doesn’t really offer anything more than just waiting for age 2 shipments instead.

Maybe a really greedy like, 3v capitalism, naturalist, 5v, 4c card order and ageup could get you a crazy eco?

edit: oh yeah brigadiers. Haven’t used them personally. I’m equally curious about the new mayan shipments, its quite a power spike but im not sure the units are worth the cost?

With marvelous year.

I usually skip the 4v, sometimes even the 5v, even capitalism but is nice, giving extreme priority to the marvelous year.

I don’t know if it’s the best but if I’m going to eco I use 3v, capitalism, tower+200c/500f, 700c, 700w, +1 tc, marvelous year.

mega greedy even, 3v, capitalism, 500f, 5v, 700c, 700w, gold spanish, marvelous year, haciendas (making vills)/ 1k wood hahah mega boom

but your mates stay waiting for your team falcs for half an hour :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how i feel about marvelous year really early, it is clearly a very strong card, but it takes a bit to pay off. I also… i mean I’ll be 100% honest and say I’m convinced the card will be nerfed so I don’t want to rely on it.

In team games that card was abused, I play a lobby with many very high-level players, they are the first to reach 99 villagers at a time that is too early

In that case with "Frankthetank, Fronline Darrow, fare, Totalkin, Sepo guy

the only buffs that aren’t game breaking are:
-Granting an age2 atk card for all archaic infantry(xbows included), not only melee infantry
-Maybe give them 3hussars age2
-Explorer card increases the dog limit, to 10 at least, if china can get a wonder that does that, why not have the og pet heroes the same?
-tag the rod as archaic infantry
-have conquistador cards like ethiopia, 7 conquistadors for 500c in age2, 10 conquistadors age3 for 1k coin, or have them a native embassy card age1 like the french.

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I prefeer add this arquebuisers:

Tercio tactics (card age II) now turns xbows into arquebuisers and replace them in barracks.

Similar at xbow but increases damage and cost, same range.

Other civs like Swedden or Dutch could get new european arquebuisers of some how.

Is good, but not need, and lose originality, all basic military shipments #### ### inf.

Noo, OP. Myself proposed to increase the limit to 8, and after thinking about it and commenting on it I think that the limit without being broken is 7.

Yes plz!!! Principally this…or just have them affect the reconquista card.

I like this.

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I’ve mentioned it before, but… what exactly do you intend to do with the chinese Arquebusier if you add this unit?

Moreover, why would you want to have both the Arquebusier and the Crossbowman given that they literally fulfill the same role?

The arquebusier would replace the crossbowman, like the landwehrs to germanish bows.

Is for historical flavour.

And from a competitive point of view, a more expensive and damaging crossbowman would be a good addition to make age 2 viable.


My suggestion:

Similar to the German “Scharnhorst Reform” card, the “Tercio Tactics” card (or some other card named “Spanish Arquebusiers” or “Tercio Reforms” for example) turns all Crossbowmen into Arquebusiers (The same unit of the Chinese, but with a Spanish appearance and dialogues). Arquebusiers are now a shared unit between the Spanish and Chinese, and can cost 65f 40w or so. The card can cost something like 250 food 250 wood.


Why not just call it Niǎoqiāng like the Chinese do?


From what I read in the article, Niǎoqiāng is the name of the weapon, not the name of the Chinese Arquebusier, but I think it’s okay to call them as they did in Qing dynasty (I mean, the real name they used).

Just call them Niǎoqiāng Marksman/Gunner/etc. Arquebusier is far too generic a term to be limited to a specific Chinese unit.

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Man, I can understand that maybe I’m not really playing as Spain should be at age 2, maybe I have bad decisions, but nevertheless I have Spain level 130 and played too many games in a fairly decent rating, how to really think about the limits of what is really good or wrong and it is not my own opinion, the comment that Spain at age 2 is really not decent is very popular, I have tried to learn professional players from how Spain plays at age 2, but currently those strategies have been nerfed as was the logista What if it was broken, go to sea and then send yourself back home, the semi FFs do not convince me much with Spain, in general a musketeer rush works up to a certain point and then you will feel the difference of not having a good echo or improvements of Musketeer, The archaic at age 3 is rubbish how can you age with that.

I don’t think I need to be given basic advice from Spain, when we are almost at the same rating I even think I have more rating but just barely because I remember having played some matches in Russia(me) vs Spain(u)

Me using Russia and I have also seen you play against my friend “Sepoy Guy” I really know how you play.

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It is known that the Spanish in their Conquest used war dogs, these dogs surely in some hypothetical cases wore Armor, It would be interesting if the Skin of the war dog was changed to one with armor either with a letter or with the passing of age, even also the improvement of the arsenal of the melee inf improves the dog of war

It would be nice to see a war dog skin with armor


Yes indeed I also wanted war dogs with their armor. But it would be cool if we could customize the dog like the explorer, Becerrillo as a skin I want :slightly_smiling_face:


infantry breastplate and team hand infantry attack buff war dogs