Let's talk about the Russian Nerfs literally nobody asked for

Literally nobody asked for Russian nerfs, and small buffs if anything.

Removing Eco Theory and a having a permanent Settler training time nerf affecting all ages and timings is something not a single soul in the universe said was needed.

Boyars nerfed, giving Cossack, Strelet, and Oprichnik a permanent nerf at all stages of the game - was something no sane person agreed was needed.

All of the “buffs” were targeted at niche strategies (westernization) or Age IV play.

The fact that we didn’t get a hotfix within 24 hours for the ransom issue is honestly a reflection of the philosophy that led to the the above changes in the first place.


The nerf to settlers is only 1 second per batch, most people won’t even notice it, it’s less than 2% change.

Eco theory sucks a bit ### now you get infinite 1000 wood crate.

Boyars was too strong, what other civ has a triple unit combat card in age 2? Brit get 15% attack and HP for 1 unit and it’s an age 3 card, the russians had in age 2 and it effected 3 units.

Musk got a nice 25% buff to HP in age 4 with the fort building card, up from 10%.
Strelets can get +2 range from the strelet horde card.
New sovnya card improves melee of strelets, halbs and cav archers.

As a russia player myself I was fine with these changes.


I like the changes to russia. It gives the civ some more flexibility in later ages, especially since age 2 rushes are a weak strategy nowerdays (and boring too)


I think the buffs to the Streltsy is sorely needed. Their ability to kill light ranged cavalry before was just sad. The 2 extra range from the Strelet Horde or whatever the card is called now, is a good compromising buff.

Though the Oprichnik and Cossack getting minor nerfs, I feel is needed. If Russia turtles long enough, they can build up enough resources for one giant wave of Cossacks, Oprichnik, and grenadiers. I hate that strategy but it’s so effective.

Oh and the buff to the melee damage of the Streltsy, that was a LONG TIME coming and I think it should go further, they’re using a ######### that thing is massive. I think the Ming Iron Troops need a massive melee buff too, they’re using a guandao, basically a #########


If someone commits to age 2 to counter a boom or turtle as Russia, they should be able to counter-play in that fashion if they want to.

Russia didn’t need nerfs, simple as that. These are permanent nerfs that affect the rest of the game by the way.

I’m not saying they’re unplayable but time will tell.

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I tell you are changes mainly for treaty or for 3v3 and 4v4, in 2v2 and 1v1 you struggle to send the new cards because others have priority if you are a good Russian player. Nerf boyards is huge in both 1v1 and 2v2, brit has fun features compared to russia so you compared a different thing. Russia has units 25% weaker (or 20%) than the standards but its goal is to make a lot of them to compensate for their weakness, if you make them even weaker you will have to do a little more and certainly the Russian eco it is not the Dutch one. So economic theory is certainly not a very strong card but always that 10% more. 1 second more for the settlers for me always means something being that they are reasoning per second, every second accumulates and in the boom that 1 more second makes the difference if you do 1 + 1 * how many sets of settlers you have to do to have 99 plus the overall timing of a strategy is slowed down by a few seconds, it seems stupid as a thing but it’s not.
Card that gives 10% damage points and +2 range to the strelets yes well useful but as I have already said in 4 age Russia has more to send and in 1v1 it is certainly rare to arrive with Russia in 4 and if I get there I have other priorities, the +2 range had to be implemented in the guard technology. The card of the forts and muskets in 4 ages is the same situation only more useful in a 2v2 and 3v3 because it also gives the possibility to build forts so this card could change the priorities.
The new 3 age card for halberds and horse archers is useful as it compensates for Russia’s weakness against heavy cavalry with lots of damage points.


The nerf of boyards was maybe a big mistake i hope that they revert that.


The nerf to Boyars went too far, it needs to be restored to 15%.


I don’t think so, russias units are already very cost effective. Boyars previously gave +15% attack and HP to 3 units in age 2. No other civ has such a powerful card in age 2, most get a combat card for 1 or 2 unit types and in age 3.

I got whipped by a Russian yesterday. It didn’t feel very nerfed to me.

Yeah because it isn’t. They are still great and have the best cav archer in the game now.

crazy comment man XD

but not surprising you spend your Mustard in any discussion.

Russia only advantage is killed with this patch. No Eco Theory and only 10% on Boyars means that Cossacks take one hit less as before. Also in directly fight to Hussars #### #### ### now. You need a card more (Team Cav HP 10%) now which means that you are slower as before. Russia already has the weakest SemiFF, FF in the Game lol. Its a significantly change idk how you can say “because it isnt” lol.


Russia is way better now. The changes are amazing. Strelet were buffed really nice, and musketeer is now a viable and cost effective late game unit. Overall is not a nerf, is a well deserved buff.

Cossacks are extremely efficient units, it’s like the best cav in the game by far per pop any kind of nerf was warranted. I have no idea what mode you’re talking about but in 1v1 nobody is doing a russian FF or even semi ff. Russia rushes. Equally they’re not sending eco theory often either.

If you’re basing your comment on team or treaty then russia also got buffed late game, strelets can get +2 range now and a lot more melee attack, musk get 25% hp from the card up from 10%. Best cav archer in the game with the melee damage card.

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we already did notice that argue with you does not make sense because you will find always a other explanation. Also your secret question which you answer by yourself is crazy.

it was obviously that i was talking from 1o1. Also your Sentence with the Russian FF or even Semi FF does not make sense because i said Russias only advantage is playing age2 beecause this is what they are designed for in 1o1. Also your argues with the “Buffs” are not really right if we speak about 1o1. Most Matches as Russia you will not even Hit Age3 so i does not have anything from this cards. Also they more like “nice to have cards” but they dont buff Russia directly Age3 Play. There is not a single Strategy where you send a new card directly if you hit age3^^

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also here - Nobody has denied that this Cards are a really good Buff for the Lategame Part. But we were speaking from the early 15 Minutes and from Semi-FFs Game m8. And in this Game i dont really care about this cards i just feel a strong difference as Main Russia Player if i compare Russia pre and after Patch.

Of course you can still play what Russia can do the best in Age2 but the MatchUps which was before Bad are nowadays even more terrible. And if i look to other European Civs then i can only laugh about what the Devs did with Russia like spending them a useless Mercs Shipment in Age2 or removing Eco Theory etc etc.

Russia cannot play with 2 units it must always have some Strelets and Cossack muskets because their units are weak and many civs that play and can play with 2 units destroy Russia if it does not have 3 types of units in many cases, remove 5 % from card boyars is totally stupid as nerf goes against the mechanics of the Russian game.


indeed, totally agree with your argument !!

It is not like a normal change, it is as you said this was against the Mechanics of Russian Gameplay.


No offense but your entire post makes little sense, I’m guessing english is not your first language but you can just type in another language and the translate function is quite good.

I don’t think it was obvious at all, other than talking about cossacks your complaining about eco theory which I don’t think is a typical card russians send because they like to finish the game early and as you said they don’t have a great FF anyway and 1v1 games don’t often last until industrial especially as russia so the removal of eco theory is a non issue if you are talking about 1v1.

If they’re buffing late game and nerfing early game then there’s a reason for that, they see russia as a 1 trick pony and want to make fortress onwards more of a viable option for russia. Lack of good anti-cav was an issue for russia but with the new age 3 card their cav archers are on another level, so that’s great.

As I said before russians units are already so efficient for their cost, a triple combat card is unheard of for any other civ, particularly in age 2 and a +10% HP and attack is a lot more reasonable.


I had requested nerf Russia a while ago, it seemed very strong to me in Team

With only one Letter in the medium and long term, it had a good economic performance since it does not spend much on making troops, good Map control, good exchanges, raids, It can boom/fight thanks to the blockhouses, economic theory could be sent as the first shipment on which takes good advantage of going to sea, I don’t know many things, I reached the top 100 in Team playing Russia.

Obviously he has very noticeable weaknesses but as a team it is your ally who can make up for those weaknesses, the problem was that he could stay fighting at age 2, thanks to the boyars’ letter, as a team it is common to send the Medicine letter or other economic ones , you had a good economy while playing Strelet with Cossacks with the boyar card you could stay fighting in second late without so many problems, I think that’s why the nerf was oriented to that, I only regret the oprnick I think he should not have been nerfed, But hey in fourth he has much better options with the cards so the way to play Russia in high rating will be different