List of British Nerfs

Simple, gentle nerfs to get them in line with other civs:

  • Increase manor house base build time by 3 seconds.
  • Decrease XP from building manor houses from 27 to 22, HP from 1800 to 1600, and kill XP from 81 to 66.

Preach it :raised_hands:
Glad someone else knows what’s up.


I fail to see what these would fix, could pls explain what the problems are? And how these changes fix them?


Why? British are fine and almost unchanged for more than a decade.


No offense but you’ve said this already and your logic has been disproven at that time.

With the improved hunts in DE combined with nerfs to other civs, British actually stands firmly in the S Tier due to their no-effort robust eco combined with their powerful units. Nobody denies their early game economic prowess, but most people for some reason think that’s offset by being able to be rushed. The problem is - they can’t be rushed. A proper player will scout, age up with a tower and make a military building as soon as they age, and can hard-counter a rush by sending the right cards - ALL WHILE NOT TAKING AN ECONOMIC HIT.

And you can’t say they didn’t change for over a decade - there were more than a few changes in DE to them as well.

Why do you think they buffed longbow damage vs. heavy infantry in the late-game a few patches ago while “nothing else changed”? That’s right, the dynamic of the game itself changed so certain elements became more overpowered and others less so.


Please study the difference between “almost” and “never”. You will find my post has a completely different meaning.

The increase in natural resources help all booming civs, brits are in no way favored over others, in fact, their boom isn’t even that impressive compared to other booming civs. They also have a hard time dealing with masses of infantry, their artillery is average, they lack skirmishers. As I said for countless many other “nerf X”, you need to look at the overall civ, not just their specific advantages.


I don’t need to “study the meaning” of “almost” and “never”, thanks.

Your comment about them being largely untouched is simply incorrect, the changes from DE uniquely helped them out due to their high villager count. Their entire boom is heavily reliant on this fact.

I’m not saying to make major changes, just minor ones that sets that straight without breaking any aspect of their playstyle and balance.

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Those changes border on irrelevant and just look like changing something for the sake of it. I’m with the previous poster. Brits aren’t S tier but solid. They win and lose mostly based on the civ matchup with equal skilled players.

As stated they have been unchanged for 15 years for the most part.


Talk to the pros and come back to me.

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Anyone have access to civ win rates from precious esoc tournaments?
Brits are picked probably the most often and from memory the only time I’ve seen someone lose with Brits recently was Mitoe vs. Kaiser.


this is for de record games, if you want ep which is of course quite different you can select that option on the search settings.

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I wish. Brits are just so oppressive at the moment it’s laughable. Something small needs to give.

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No me gustan los nerfeos pero como parece ser el camino que quieren tomar los devs.
Creo que el boom de casas es demasiado OP propongo las siguientes soluciones.

  1. Las casas de los ingleses deberĂ­an costar 100 de madera y no generar nada.
  2. Las casas de los ingleses generan un leve goteo de alimento similar a los Incas. (0.25) o menos
  3. Las casas solo generan aldeanos cuando se envĂ­a una carta de 3 edad

The English just need to not have 500 villagers at minute 10. They can keep the manor house bonus as it’s been around forever and I personally don’t see the problem.

You just have to find a way so that growth is not so exponential. I have proposed that town centers could create villagers more slowly to offset or reduce the number of colonist shipments from the metropolis.


i think removing the 5v shipment but leaving the 4v would be an interesting change


La única opción que veo es rediseñar como funcionan las casas.

PD: (Puse varias opciones no solo esa :sweat:)

Entiendo pero, que siempre lo hayan tenido no significa que deban mantenerlo. Y yo si lo veo como un problema.

PD: Si fuera por mi las civilizaciones serian mas poderosas y podrĂ­an competir contra Inglaterra pero, el juego actual no puede mantener a los Ingleses de la manera que fueron concebidos.

No creo que sea suficiente pero es un comienzo. ¿Qué otras soluciones propondrías vos?

I don’t think one villager per house is a problem, after all the Ottomans spawn settlers for free and yet their economy is not OP.

I think that is enough. Slightly slower villagers from TC and one less villager send, or fewer villagers per send.

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Los otomanos producen aldeanos de manera muy lenta y no es un crecimiento exponencial hasta que pueden crean mas centros urbanos. (además de tener que invertir recursos en la mezquita)

PD: Un ingles puede crear 3 casas o mas antes de que un otomano pueda crear un solo aldeano.

Me sigue pareciendo insuficiente pero respeto tu opiniĂłn.

PD: Gracia por compartir tu opiniĂłn siempre es bueno ver diferentes puntos de vista :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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IMO, now that 5w has been added to manor cost they just need -50f removed from initial crates.

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…pero te ahorras el alimento para otros propósitos.