List of Fully Remapable Hotkey problem in patch 20249

This error was on season 2 PUP and still persist in the new patch.
Here is the list :

  1. Fully remapable hotkey CANNOT use SHIFT + command at all.
    i.e shift + attack, shift + patrol, etc.

this problem is VERY annoying and must be the 1st priority to fix.

  1. English’ Council Hall Longbowman hotkey cannot be change.

  2. English’ Kings Palace hotkey (vills, scout, and textile)

  3. English’ Longbowman Arrow Volley hotkey

  4. English’ Longbowman Setup Camp hotkey

  5. Mongol’s Ger hotkey , you cant change the food , wood, and gold upgrades hotkey. its have to be the same to mining, lumber camp, and mill.

  6. Mongol’s Ger Improved Wheelbarrow Hotkey is error

  7. Mongol’s Outpost Yam Network Upgrade hotkey

  8. Mongol’s Silver Tree Trader and trade hotkey

  9. HRE Reignitz Cathedral Prelate hotkey only

  10. HRE Prelate Holy Insiration hotkey

  11. Rus’ Hunting Cabin Scout hotkey

  12. French’s Chamber of Commerce Trader and trade hotkey

  13. All Civ Field Construction Hotkey for Ram, Siege Tower, Springald, Mangonel, Traction Trebs

** request : please add select ALL religious units hotkey.
since dev remove religious unit from select all army, now its hard for us player to select all religious units.

I will keep adding the list when I found another hotkey problem.
These hotkey problem is very easy to fix, so please fix this asap. Thanks.


they resolve the shift 5 batch already. The problem that still persist is the shift queue command. You cannot shift + attack in fully remapable hotkey.

Btw, your solution is working. But I hope the dev still fixing this issues. Without adding the secondary shift thing. Thanks

  1. Mongol’s Improve Textile hotkey

Another Hotkey Issue is you cannot remap the “Stop Construction” Key on a building
I tried to change it from S to anything else and it does not work.

Thank you @Deruziel! I’ll get these to the team.

SHIFT command work is already happening—should be some improvement coming here.

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Thanks @UnholyMyst1c! We’re aware and working on this one.

In Malians and Ottomans PUP, the list of hotkey issues havent fix yet… Please fix this. I already provide the list…

3 consecutive patch and these hotkey bug arent fix at all. hello dev? really?

Malian civ Construction building hotkey cannot be changed from 3 patch ago…