List of suggestions after the latest update

  1. Remove native civs from the Random Civ pool on Treaty maps, since they’re absolutely useless on that game mode. Either that, or give 'em some sort of factory so they can be even remotely useable
  2. Bring back Trade Monopoly on Treaty maps, it’s kind of the point of that gamemode to boom and play defensively, so removing the one win condition that complements that playstyle was absolutely idiotic
  3. Removing the Carolean ranged bonus against ranged cavalry was a good start, now remove their ranged bonus against infantry as well
  4. Torps needed to get nerfed, and yet you buffed 'em? Really?
  5. I know there’s only like a dozen players still playing the game which makes it so it takes ten minutes to find a single match, but please fix the ELO system; I haven’t won a single game in literal weeks 'cause I keep getting paired against pros who get triple my score and steamroll me and microsecond the treaty ends. And speaking of which…
  6. Why the hell can’t you see the ELO of the person yer facing? It’s kind of a basic feature in any RTS game
  7. AoE 2 DE has a map pool rotation on Ranked, where you can choose which maps to favorite/ban. Would be a nice thing to have here as well

Torps were nerfed REALLY hard, check the notes again and Caroleans are fine now. So points 3 and 4 are a big no.


Nerfed how? Yeah the range tween torps was increased (which just makes yer space even more restricted on treaty mode, but doesn’t really do anything else), but the Blueberries card was “fixed”, which buffs 'em a LOT.

And Caroleans still can’t realistically be countered by anything other’n artillery (which surprise, Swedes can also counter). Yeah, they lost their bonus against ranged cavalry, but that doesn’t really matter since Swedish “players” use only Caroleans and artillery in the first place, so ranged cavalry counters ■■■■ all. You know how they could make that “nerf” matter? By removing their ability to just speed up and slaughter said ranged cav in melee combat while their artillery keeps deleting all the enemy infantry that could possibly counter Caroleans

And you may think “oh just throw in a couple culverin, problem solved!”. Well surprise, Swedes also have Better Dragoons ™, which will delete said culverins

Removing their ranged bonus against shock infantry would only be marginally more useful, since that would remove their counter against… other enemy Caroleans. Still useless against any other civ, but still better’n nothing. Flat out removing their special ability OR giving a special ability to others civs would be the ideal solution

I don’t know the situation in treaty, but on supremacy the Blueberries card got an enormous nerf, now they just spawn ONLY on torps that have berries on then at the time. No new torps after that receive the blueberries.

You forgetting the price increase, which means a lot early and delays the economic spike

Also, the ironwork’s(the main reason torps were so OP) got nerfed as well.

Caroleans got a big nerf on their late-game range (their max is now 15 instead of the previous 17), that’s a big deal.

I don’t know enough about treaty to opine about Swedes on that, but nerfing caroleans or torps even more would mess-up supremacy balance.

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China didn’t get touched AT ALL despite being easily one of the weakest civs in the game since DE release.

Even Aztec got some changes, but China got nothing. Take a look at this forum, or any of the discords, or reddit, or steam forums (maybe not this one) and you will find constant talk about how China is completely absent from 1v1 competitive.

The goal of the next patch should be clear, to improve balance and make all civs viable. One small tweak was enough to make Portugal a top tier civ. China desperately needs a buff to their starting crates, now that every civ has the best possible starting crates. But thats not the only issue. Compared to other FF civs like Germany or Spain, China is terrible at Age 2. But Germany and Spain have many options and are much more flexible in Age 2 than China.

China starts into the game with 200 food and 300 wood and 1 Goat. Because of this terrible starting position, they are the slowest to start Age 2 with the standard TP village build (or 2x village, which is only 10 wood difference). They start their Age 2 at around 3:20-3:30. Even Sweden has a better start with the same crates, now considering they can have 2 Torps gathering ressources from Berries, Coin mine + Hunts in Age I now.

Meanwhile, you have a civ like France, which is doing 12/10 every single game and can start Age 2 at 2:17, more than a minute faster. They reach Age 2 by around 3:45 and can start sending 4 CDB or Hussars. We have seen 12/10 dominate tournaments so much that players had to play 3 French Mirrors in a single series.

Another huge tournament is coming. I predict we are going to see a lot more Portugal, more France (as usual) and certainly no one is going to play China given the terrible state that is in.

We can only encourage the developers to take a look at our forum, where tons of players have gathered many different suggestions for China:


The goal should be to give China a faster Age 2 now that every civ gets the best starting crate and offer more variety in Age 2 by adding some small buffs to Russian and German consulate and improving the flamethrowers, which is a terrible unit with no reason to be build. Even 10 Strelets can beat 1 Flamethrower…


I’ve actually never had issues with China, but I’m mostly a Treaty player where China is amazing thanks to their factory and other eco bonuses

And if you think China is weak, try any native civ… absolutely useless on Treaty. Literally can’t do anything against any civ

No! Don’t bring it back! Trade Monopoly for treaty is lame.
If the other is defensive, be aggressive then.