List of unfixed bugs

@GMEvangelos I confirm this bug still happens in the current patch. Check my video and replay:


What timestamp mm:ss are we supposed to watch of the ~45min video you posted? It would be helpful info to provide

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It’s already shared to be played from the specific timestamp.

@GMEvangelos , here is another bug, greatly explained and documented again by great Age Of Noob on his YT video. Here is the video and explanation:

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actually we have came across to his “AI bugged” issue since way before that. my earliest video recorded was Jan 18th but this issue has been going on for at least 2 months now since november patch, AI behaving weirdly and hoping @GMEvangelos can help take it away.

I reported a similar bug here. I only saw this in campaigns though, maybe because I play fewer standard games.

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actually, if you task a vill to any other task other than walk back to TC, vill will stop and fight. this is design as intended it is not a bug, nothign to fix.

if it is intended, then why did the developer ask if this is still the case, and that improvements have been made?

Also, I just made an updated report on this topic, hopefully they will be able to tell us if they are willing to change this behavior, or keep it as it is (since it was like this since 1999).

It makes no sense that a villager should auto fight back vs a Wild Boar, a unit that he has zero chance of killing, as well a unit that will never ever attack a villager outside of boar luring, so I don’t know why even have the defense mechanism (except for some very niche Campaign Scenario where a villager would get attacked by Iron Boar hero unit, or something similar?)


If you invite a player to clan while you are in matchmaking queque. “Invite Sent” message box stucks and can’t join to game.

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Bro, this is intended, whenever a villager gets attacked by a wild animal (wolf, boar, iron boar, whatever) it will defend itself, so, if you send a vill to do any task after hitting a boar it will reset the stance and make the villager defend itself, changing that would mean that probably you wouldn’t be able to defent vs wolves and stuff, this has been like this since AoE2 came out.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking to, XavierTenka. Personally, I’d want the villager to attack the boar if being attacked; a defense mechanism, of sorts. Wouldn’t it be weird to see your villager happily chopping away at wood while a boar is biting their legs and killing them?

Plus, what if Loom research happens to finish being researched between steps 3 and 4? Your villager is now more powerful and might have a chance at defeating the boar now, whereas he didn’t before – assuming the boar was already injured somehow before.

I know most everyone here knows Loom, but posting screenshot in case some casual onlookers don’t:

because they are asking a different question for another bug. what they are asking was if the boar stop chasing vills.

he clearly wrote the response under that quote. Unless he was confused about it.

most likely was confused about it. especially going through all these bug post by himself, mistake can easily happen.

I agree that this migth be intended bahaviour. But as @Harooooo1 already pointed out: Devs are asking if this is the bahaviour, and think this need to be fixed. IN THIS EXACT THREAD.

I have replied to that specific question and told him this is still the case. How should I know if it is intended or not if a dev asks me if this really is the case?

And thanks, but we are far from being “Bros”…

look at the quote in this post for evangelos… he is refering to “Vills chased by boars will stop and figth if tasked to a different ress”. I dont think that this means that they are interested in what the boar does, but rather in what the vill does? I mean my english is not great, but I am pretty sure to be not wrong on that translation…


I think the problem is mixing boar stops chasing vill and the other one is vill stop and fight when attacked by boar, which are two different thing with the latter being treated as a bug which it isn’t, unless they purposely design the game this way and I doubt it.

in the game, there are behavior by class that how units suppose to behave. for example trade carts/cog under attack will continue to work until death, they do not run, while villager IS suppose to run/fight against prey/predator animal, and builder is suppose to run work.

imagine having villager walk past few predator animals and dont fight back just because it’s told to “cut trees” or “build wall” and get attack to death without responding. if they dont want vill to turn back and fight, dont have that specific vil to do any other task while luring the boar.

What if the devs could maybe try to think of a way of classification, to make different behavior against Wolves and against Boars?

They already did mention that there is some issue where villagers fight back vs both Dark Age Scouts and Feudal Age Scouts. When in the past there was the behavior where vills fight back vs Dark Age ones, but run away from Feudal ones. So naturally it looks like there is a way to detect which unit is a vill being attacked by.



I totally get it… but evangelos wrote quoted it as a bug they are not able to reproduce. So I told (in a little bit bad manner I have to confess) how to reproduce it. I understand this migth be intended behaviour, but it seems like devs are not so sure on that

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The fact is that if the villager doesn’t stop and fight back, he has a higher chance of surviving, because you would get an alert and have time to respond (with a house or a garrison) while he is running. If he stops, by the time you react he is almost dead, considering how quick a boar could kill a villager.

So I won’t say this is a good behavior, even if it was intended.

This I agree.


there are a ton of thing I would not call good behavior. thats not up to us to decide especially if the game has been around for decades.

I disagree, that is far too short sighted. with so many players played the game the way it is, changing 1 thing because a few players think its a bug is no way the right approach. further more, not only existing competitive players are affected, modders as well. each class has it’s own unique stuff hard coded in it and if any of existing mods are use that class due to that behavior, it will only break those mods because of this change.

what they can do is to create new class that I would recommend.