Lithuanians ATK+4 bonus for relic is too big

Dear friends,

as title says. Nerf the Relic atk bonus for Lithuanians already.

This is just overpowered and it is reality. If you want to rant that you have to scout for relic on the map and prevent him collecting them this is bs.


If you want to have the bonus as lithuanian player you also should scout for the relic and pick it up after building a monastery and training a monk. Getting the relics is literally the same for both players except that lithuanian monks train in around 10 seconds less time. If both players do nothing lithuanians don’t get the bonus, unlike all other civ bonuses which come in to play instantly. There is nothing wrong with the relic bonus in the current state. +4 attack is very rewarding for getting all the relics but not op. Assuming both players pay the same attention lithuanians get like +2/3 relics which is just a bit more useful than the frank bonus considering all.


I agree but devs don’t listen to us for nerfs and buffs so that ends the story.


I also agree that it is too much. True, it is hard to get 4 relics, but far from impossible, especially in maps like arena, where you can take advantage of the good monks lithuanians have to snatch easily 3 relics or more.

I would rather heve the bonus cap at 2 relics and give instead lithuanians a different buff to compensate.


That is not true, 80% of the balance changes have appeared in these forums before.


The fact that the lithuanian relic bonus is that bonus what it is makes it really interesting and good. Reducing that to +2 would make it completely bad, and that would neither fit its role. Rather give them +2 attack for their knights and leithis as a default civ bonus then.


+2 is low yes, +3 looks like still pretty nice boost especially for castle age

How would you nerf the bonus? Not a big fan of this nerf…

Getting more than 2 relics is not that easy and you will be very predictable as Lithuanians. If you want to nerf them (I am against), you can put this:

+1 attack from castle age and +1 attack every 2 relics.

As result, if you have 2 relics, you have +2, but if you have 3 relics you still have +2. You need 4 relics to get +3. However, if you do not have relics, it is still +1.


how is it bs? If you let your opponent get that kind of map control in castle age, you’ll lose regardless. Overpowered is a strong word. More attack for heavy cavalry isn’t as strong as people like to think of it. Paladin with 4 relics and Blast furnace still takes the same 4 hits to kill a halberdier. Only the knight with 4 relics kills the pikeman 1 hit faster (4 hits instead of 5)


The Relic bonus is only too strong on Paladins, for everything else it is ok.

Remove Paladin, and buff Leitis to compensate.

That’s not true at all, +2 is like a second blast furnace. It’s a lot of extra damage, which is basically guaranteed, since getting at least two relics is really easy. +4 is way, way too much for paladins, no civ gets even close to that.

Edit: could be interesting to give the relic extra damage to more units though, for example all melee units could get that.

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That would be fine then. In that case their bonus comes at a price, which makes things balanced.

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+4 is too much for Paladins, but you are not assured to get 4 Relics ever. In fact, it is very difficult.


Yeah, I agree. But think about team games, where your team mates can get relics for you and you can spam +4 paladins in late game thanks to trade.


Team Games are never balanced, however.
Longbows with Saracens bonus are mini-Trebs too, which is OP as all heck.

The recent boa2 tournament prooves that lithuanian relic bonus is definitely not op, in fact far away from that. Yes, those are prepatch lithuanians, but the relic bonus applied before aswell.


Lithuanians get picked a lot during BoA2 and this is before the big buffs from the last patch. If anything, this points in the direction of them being too strong now.

Anyway at this point we can just wait a few days and see what the next patch brings. I don’t think the devs will change the relic bonus this month, but I expect them to increase the cost of the leitis again.

Its easily denied and lithuanians are sitting at 52% winrate overall.

Except its not. Grab 2 relics and he only gets +3.

Team games are a different animal.

  1. gold is unlimited.
  2. you have to use more civs.

If lithuanians were that strong pre buff why didn’t they see use?


Not sure how he calculated this

Stop with the anti-paladin politic please, Liths are fine with them