Lock gates while building them to prevent disasters :D

Would you like to be able to lock gates while they are beeing build?
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Hahaha would love that. Can’t recall how many times I’ve baby sat a gate to prevent disasters… :joy: :joy:

Inb4 “auto everything” “this lowers the skill cap” “this isn’t what makes aoe great for 20 yrs”


Just add a button so you can already manually lock the gate during construction. This has nothing to to with auto everything if you do it like this.


Yeah i know it doesn’t. But plebs seem to like to exaggerate our wishes into auto everything


I know man… Default locked Door

The 2 options to select are 1 and 2 - no description for me. Is this a bug? I selected 1 thinking it means yes.

Sounds good. I think me or someone else proposed this long ago, too. Would be a nice QoL improvement

no, both options mean yes, you either vote for 1. yes or 2. yes

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