Logging into forum = more cumbersome

As of about a week ago, logging into the forum became a more cumbersome experience.

There used to be two screens, as I recall. Now there are three.

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I think the “Stay signed in? Don’t show this again” used to be on the 2nd box where you input your password. Now it’s on its own separate pop-up. Can this be streamlined to two again, perhaps? I use hotkeys to navigate these pop-ups so I don’t need to click my mouse and had it down to a science. Not saying I can’t do the same again (actually, don’t think you can or it’s not as easy, or requires more waiting, more inputs, etc.), but no matter how it’s sliced, the login process is now longer, has one more popup, and requires more clicks and/or hotkeys to login.

I like UIs getting streamlined, personally; not more cumbersome for seemingly no beneficial reason

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Unfortunately this is a Microsoft level change, so not something we have control over. I can provide feedback to that team, but no guarantees they’ll make a change. Thanks for raising it as a concern!


Thanks! I used to like the login process, considering other alternatives other websites do, but this doesn’t seem very efficient or user-friendly. I even once gave Amazon feedback saying they should mirror the Microsoft login by putting the “Keep me signed in” checkbox above their “Sign-In” button (so it’s a quick TAB > Spacebar > Tab > Enter after entering your email address, like Microsoft’s used to do). They never implemented that, but I can no longer recommend mimicking Microsoft. In fact, I could now give Microsoft feedback asking them to mirror Amazon’s and it’d be a better experience than Microsoft’s new three pop-up box method :slight_smile:

Hi,the officials,I want to change my users name,how to do it?

its impossible i think, because its your gamertag also

Your user name is tied to your gamertag. So you’d have to change your gamertag, then the forum user name should update automatically the next time you log on.

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I want to make a 10 scenarios campaign but slide shows only support 9 scenarios,how can I make it change?I searched the officials json and do not find the json which control it.

I’m not familiar with that. You might try posting a question in the modding area.

As a quick update, now there’s at least one more click getting in your way from logging into the forum, as you now have to specify Steam vs. Xbox login.

Making a quick snapshot in time update in this thread so we can see if even more clicks get added in the future just to log in. Current state:

  1. Click “Login” in upper-right corner
  2. Click “with Xbox Live” or “with Steam” in the pop-up in middle of screen
  3. Enter Login ID in a new pop-up after that
  4. Click “Next” or hit Enter
  5. Enter password in yet another new pop-up
  6. Click “Sign In” or hit Enter
  7. In one last new pop-up, click “Yes” or “No” (and some people click checkbox to ‘stay signed in’ before that)

Some of this is to combat fraud or bots, I assume, but at some point doesn’t it feel like too many clicks and screens to perform such a simple task? For me, too many clicks/screens happened long ago since I like to leverage the TAB key and Spacebar to quickly get through logins in one login box, and it’s just gotten worse. MS Edge browser might be faster, but not everyone uses or wants to use that