Longer time to vote on Maps please!

I have missed out on voting again this month. From what I can tell it’s 3 days to vote, and it was at the weekend. I happened to be away this weekend. So I don’t get to vote, very frustrating.

Would it be a problem if the vote period was ~7-10days? Then if you’re away for a weekend you can still vote.

I am genuinely sad I didn’t get to vote for Nile Delta on TG, I would really like to see what that map is like not vs the AI.


I don’t think Nile Delta would have won anyway. Also, the devs still need to change the voting to in-game, rather than on the forum, and probably extend the time to a week as well.


No it might not have gotten into the top three, but it’s still frustrating to not be able to vote especially when it was so close.

and Yes the voting needs to be in game


Nile Delta was at 4th place with 37% of the votes. Fortress was 3rd place, also with 37% of the votes. It is plausible that a single extra vote from OP would have gotten Nile Delta in the map pool.


Im wll for longer voting but i think voting needs to be moved in game.


Voting in game, leave 4 maps fix, add 4 more maps for a total of 12 and rollover them every 2 months


For sure, been asking for this for a while


Two months? That’s way too long, it will get boring after a while, keep it at two weeks.

2 months to play in 12 maps
It’s enough time for the meta to shift because you ended knowing the maps beyond Arabia or Arena
It would encourage different civs and different BO
It would be similar to a season in other games
If you ask to vote every 2 weeks nobody will vote in a short period of time (right now only vote the 2% of the player base)

I myself play 2 to 5 games a week, every 2 weeks I play 7 arabias, 2 arenas and 1 or 2 different maps; so in my case or you learn Arabia and forget anything else to become a decent player

What could work is left 4 maps fixed (Arabia, Arena, Water map and MegaRandom, just an idea); 4 maps selected by the pros and top casters and 4 maps to vote by players
Shift them every 2 months but shift the pro selection and the player selection between them every month

This also would encourage more maps and the random generation would have to be better
Of course the balance would be a complete caos