Looking for People to test my Scenario in progress!


I am making a very large very ambitious Seige based scenario with my friend. It is a 2 player co-op vs the AI mission. Basically think a regular campaign mission but for 2 players who attack larger and larger fortresses/cities as it progresses. I already have over 900 triggers done and I’m not even half finished and put probably 200 hours into making it. I have the first like 30-40 minutes of the mission roughly done but it needs balance and thats only possible with testing.

If you would like to test this out I would appreciate it. Although I would need you to be able to share your screen on Discord so I can watch you play and gather information to improve it. I’ve tested it a lot with my friend already.

It has a ton of objectives, tons of seiges, even some light RPG side quest stuff. Very ambitious project.

If you are interested I would Ideally like to get groups of 2 people who can do it at the same time and can have them on Discord with me. I am very flexible on time and am in US Central time zone. Reply to this and we can set it up! If I can only get one person that is still helpful as you can play most of the mission at least as far as I’ve completed it solo as well. I want as many people to test this as possible right now so if you respond I will do my best to make sure it works out for you!

Here is one image as well just giving a vibe

You can email me as well at gonefshnpsn@gmail.com but please also respond to the post!

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