Looking towards the Future

a series of questions to see where the forum base stands on various topics.

  1. What single player content would you like to see added to the game, and why?

I would like to see more campaigns (especially featuring civs that have not gotten a full length campaign that focuses solely on their civ), as I happen to enjoy both single player and multiplayer content and there are several civs who don’t get much love in the single player side of things.

I would also like to see challenge missions added to the game, that twist the rules of a standard game.
for example - imagine a map where villagers cost 50% more food, but work 20% faster, or a map where all buildings slowly take damage over time. I think these would be fun twists on the game and you could add rewards behind them (like say, a unique castle skin for the civ that completes them).

  1. What Multiplayer content would you like to see added to the game, and why?

I would like to see a fix for the Alt F4 problem as this is detrimental to the health of the game in general.
I would also like to see further work put into fixing pathfinding and other various bugs as well, as these should always be fixed.

  1. What would you like to see added to the game that doesn’t impact balance or gameplay and why?

I would first and foremost like to see new unit skins added to units like the monk, the king and queen, and other such units, such that each region has their own rules and monks. Further down the line i would also like to see regional unit skins for every civ, however these should all be a client side option so they don’t impact other players. I find this important because people should be able to view the game however they want, as long as it isn’t negatively impacting other players.

  1. What Civilizations do you think need nerfs, and more specifically, why?

  2. What Civilizations do you think need buffs, and more specifically, why?

  3. What units do you think need nerfs, and more specifically, why?

  4. What units do you think need buffs, and more specifically, why?


Just keep releasing DLC and I’ll happily buy them as long as they include civs who are from less crowded regions and use completely new or at least not much used assets of the game, may it be units or architecture sets.

The devs are trying to make all unit lines viable and only time will tell if they’ll be able to do that.

Agree with the rest what you said @MatCauthon3


Besides what You said:

I would like to see completly overhauled events. The events that are currently in game are more annoying than helpful. I highly dislike the rewards such as “now a arrows are lasers, or cannon balls are volleyball ball or grass textures changed into flowers”. There were old events that bring rewards that actually help player like bigger projectiles.

I would like to see change to multiplayer map vote. At least I think players should have ability to vote for new maps in game. For now only small portion of forum users choose new maps for entire player base.
Ability to ban civilization in ranked matches could be cool addition too.
And working properly reconnect feature should be already in game.

I think we should already see small trees in game.

I think, The Flemish Revolution should transform villagers into Pikeman like unit, not a Champion with high damage against cavalry.

I would like to see changes to Genoese Crossbowmen. Like for example cheaper Elite upgrade.


I would just make events permanent (even old ones), or just outright remove them at this point, and make the rewards auto unlock for everyone.

this should have been done long ago.

these two i’d be fine with as well. i’d also like to do away with position picking in general.

I think they should just make it so they can be upgraded into flemish militia at a cost. not just convert right away. even at the current cost, 1200 food and 600 gold or whatever it is, that’s dirt cheap for 100-120 extra military. make the tech like 300-300 and then cost 10-20 food and 25 gold to upgrade villagers from there. that way converting 100 villagers costs 1k-2k food and 2500 gold.


Direct cost seems low. Indirect cost is actually pretty high, since you’re suddenly at 0 economy. So if the push with FR fails, it’s pretty tricky to stabilize. Seems pretty fair to me.

Fix the issue where villagers can get stuck while ‘collecting’ a resource. If a villager is ‘working’ but hasn’t dropped off or collected any resource or moved in [insert reasonable amount of time here] it should become idle.

What would you like to see added to the game that doesn’t impact balance or gameplay and why?
Historically accurate hero skins for all the heroes.How long are they going to keep the archers of the eyes as a white dude with a crossbow when in reality it should be an african bowman.
I would also like to see couple of more DLCs with new civis and then stop and give the modders a game which can add the remaining civis and not get updated every month.

  1. Some more campaigns, for civs that don’t already have one and I’d love campaigns for important historical figures such as Mohammed, Charlemagne and Belisarius.

  2. I’m kinda fine with the amount of MP content, I think the focus should be on fixing what is already in the game. Also I would love some mechanic to disincentivize people from picking the same civ over and over, I don’t really enjoy to play vs one trick pony. I recognize that it would be a really hard feature to implement though.

  3. No real opinion on this

  4. Chinese, Mayans, Burgundians. They all have a very passive wall and boom into imp boring playstyle, which is very hard to counter and pretty frustrating to play against in my opinion. Burgundians also have flemish rev that should be reworked in my opinion. Lithuanians food bonus is a bit suspect for hybrid map aswell.

  5. I don’t think any civs need strong buffs, except maybe sicilians but I have mixes feelings about that. I would like to see some civ a bit reworked and maybe slightly buffed to make them a bit more interesting (Incas, Cumans, Spanish) or less polarizing in term of match-up (Burmese).

  6. and 7. I can’t think of none, except maybe some UU. TKs are currently pretty useless since champs and halbs get +2 melee armor, I feel 2 champions are almost always a better option than 1 TK. I would also love to see mamelukes a bit more played in saracens army comp, but it’s a tricky unit to buff since it’s already very scary when massed.

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Any kind of new content that isn’t avatars or stupid events. New maps, new campaigns, new skins, new civs, new editor stuff, ect

Balance improvements when they add new civs as they are always either OP or useless

What you said but to add to it I would like to keep the regional building architectures but to add to it, each civ differentiates from it slightly. That way you can still tell what region the civ is from but can tell the buildings apart from eachother

HC, Arbalest does better than it at its intended role

the game wont have a future if they don’t fix the mod files not loading thing.

Uniqueness in the game is always welcome
New campaigns, new historical battles, 1v1 and 2v2 historical battles will be amazing
I don’t even mind buying a DLC just for new SP content
I agree with you that Cumans and Burmese need a little love (and Nerf Franks)
I’d like to see more water games with more civilizations in some way, especially those that have naval historical backgrounds like Khmer, Malays, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Portos, Spanish (not just Vikings vs Italians)

I don’t typically play single player content, but I think more campaigns are always welcome and are hugely popular with a large portion of the player base.
I would also like the AI to behave more human-like, by which I mean less insane micro of ranged units and more usage of formations.
The extreme AI is a fun challenge for players in the 1100-1200 Elo range, but it’s usage of units is very unrealistic in the mid-late game and some counters are basically invalid due to the way their units move (mangonels in particular can be incredibly ineffective)

Social features are highly lacking and are mostly deferred to steam’s community features, but most people don’t use those because the integration of those features is poorly done.

  • Ability to easily add people as friends
  • Ability to rematch opponents in ladder games
  • Chat rooms (public and private, maybe even region based) would be cool, either to advertise your custom lobby or to easily find partners in your ELO range for a team game queue.
  • Expanded Clan functionality, currently this page does nothing, again a chat box with multiple channels (customizable by Clan admins) might be nice here, as well as the ability to see who’s in game, what civ they’re playing, and a button to spectate their game are some nice features this page could have.
  • Of course, it goes without saying that all of these features should be available while searching for a game in the ranked queue or waiting in a lobby.

I like the on-going events and challenges that come out every few months, but the rewards for these are sorta lame so I never do them unless a particular mod catches my eye.

I think these rewards should be visible to other players, for example - if I complete the challenge that unlocks golden bombard cannons, it would be cool if my opponents and teammates could see them, even if they didn’t have the mod installed.

This is dangerous territory though as some rewards can hinder visual clarity and give unfair advantages against players who may not be used to e.g. re-skinned units.

No opinions on these, I think most civs and units are fine with some minor exceptions but I don’t like to speculate on balance because the rest of this forum is basically dedicated to that already :stuck_out_tongue:

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“I don’t typically play single player content, but I think more campaigns are always welcome and are hugely popular with a large portion of the player base.”

Steam and MS achievements shows that only 2.7% of all player base actually has played and completed the latest campaigns, i don’t know if that small number can be considered as a large portion but campaigns aren’t really popular other than youtube’s content and small forums.

The campaigns by themselves without a new civ being added wouldn’t sell enough to be worth, the devs and youtubers have created that idea that campaigns are actually one of the strongest reasons to stick with the game, but the numbers don’t lie, 97.3% of all the player base are not interested in such content, for you to imagine how bad it is, the most played campaign is joan of arc with a stunning 5%.

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Dude why do you have to start an argument

I was basing my post off of all the threads in this forum and others like reddit that constantly like to post about wanting new campaign content and didn’t really go look up stats, if people don’t really want campaign content then fine lol, it’s neither here nor there for me, like I said, I don’t play it too much since I mostly stick to multiplayer.

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Still waiting for a price adjustment for Eagle Warriors which just perform too well as a cost effective raiding unit.
And I hope for Ghanaians, Tibetans, Jurchens, Georgians and maybe another Indian faction as new civs.

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You know, i’m a singleplayer and I’m not such a big fan of campaigns either.

The strength of the RTS genre is not exactly in the story telling department IMO.

  1. More Campaigns
  2. More Architecture Sets
  3. Independent Unit Skins
  4. Scenario Editor Units
  5. New civilizations from Africa and Asia
  6. Buff weak units/civs
  7. Nerf the stupid Flemish Revolution, I don’t care about S+ tier civs

8. Bug fixes, better performance and lobby system for TG-s first and foremost.

  1. Support Mods

I’ve explained before that most players of computer games don’t play the game at all. If we knew the total number that the 2.7% is of, then we would have an absolute number for the 2.7% and could compare it against the absolute number of people on the ranked ladder, for example. Without that additional information, a meaningful comparison just isn’t possible.

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Flemish Rev is hard to balance but I think the unit becoming weak against champions is 100% a good idea imo. Champions being so common allows the far majority of civs to instantly have a good answer against them. I think they should lose against THS too 1v1

I just looked at the list of achievements on steam by % players, and the most completed campaign is William Wallace, with 15.3% of players having completed it. It’s still not meaningful, though, unless we have figures for other ways of playing the game expressed in the same way, either percentages of all players for all of them, or absolute numbers for all of them.