Lords of the West - No Teaser or any Marketing? Pre-order Incentive?

No teaser trailer and no info about the tech trees for the 2 new civs when the DLC is coming the next two days. This lack of advertising is perplexing. I think they’re playing it safe if sales for the DLC fail. What is this lack of advertising for a DLC, is FE not confident on their upcoming DLC?

P.S. Also why do some random German media has access to early gameplay while those who pre-ordered at the full price has no rewards or something perhaps a special profile icon in-game?


I also found the info lacking. In the map pool we also get some new maps, but they dont take the time to fully explain the maps. We see just a small picture and it is all info…

I havent watched the stream that was leaked, but some people claim they are part of the dev team… That would mean the arent some random German media…

Yeah, it’s strange that there isn’t a DLC trailer. But nearly all famous Age 2 YouTubers have already promoted the game!

Are there any links to the gameplay footage mentioned? :slight_smile:

It’s Marius Beck from Forgotten Empires. He’s interviewed by GameStar, famous German game journalists since 1997. They’ve covered the release of Age of Kings too.


There’s a thread with the embedded video here.

The only preorder incentive as far as I know is being able to play MP one day earlier than the others.

Yes, I mean would it be that hard to make an exclusive icon to those who pre-ordered, a little gift.

Cool, thanks for the video :slight_smile:

I am sure that they want to keep us hyped so that we will buy it instantly out of madness( wasnt supposed to sound like that but hope u get my idea). We will see something cool and than buy it instantly, without second thoughts.

There was a DLC trailer at the end of the Wololo tournament last night. Looked nice.

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