Lords of the West & Update 44725 Development Update

With Lords of the West now launched, we’re focused on your feedback and identifying fixes for many of the issues you’ve been reporting. Fixes are on the way, and your reports are helping guide our plan of attack—so please keep that up! We’ll update you with an ETA as soon as we’re able.

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I didn’t found the “wall-erasing-bug” is it reported? I’m gonna report it anyway

even though i dont have a good pc, before the update i could consistently run the game at 60 fps. Now that the update has dropped, my fps wont go higher than 10 (except for in the menus)

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It is known! Fix in the works! Discussion thread here:


It is an issue for many people, even many with great PC-s. In some cases, their game just freezes, and in other, their CPU and GPU usage goes to 80-100% and they are at risk of loosing their PC. Vsync helps some, but not others, so it has something to do with the game it self. We just need to hope that they will find the issue and sort it out soon.


Please revert the sentence case you implemented for the dialog windows and loading screens, the all caps looked much better

For some reason, the fonts in the civilisation selection menu are a bit different in the new update. Is it because of a mod or something?


A potential idea for a fix re: all 3 new DLC campaigns awarded simultaneously. Are the devs able to re-instate each of the campaign achievements to be timestamped to when the player first has medals for all missions in each of the new campaigns?

How about AoM DE and new dlcs for AoE1&3?


It’s more the font issue in my opinion. The font in HD is perfectly fine without caps. All caps is not very readable and that’s why they change it.

When will the devs fix team game elo? It is bugged from the release, but until now it didnt make it to the list of known bugs.

The TG rating is very much inflated. This means:

  1. TG Elo is pretty much correlated with the number of games you played and not really with your skill.
  2. As results team games are almost never balanced, so these games are pretty much one sided from the start.

Easiest fix for the issue is the slightly change the calculation of TG elo. Currently it compares your TG elo towards the maximum TG elo of a player of the enemy. I would suggest to change this to comparing your TG elo towards the average TG elo of the players of the enemy.

Only thing the devs really need to do is changing the maximum into an average. On paper this sounds really easy to do. Not sure if it the is also really easy for the devs as well.

Much more about this issue:

This thread also shows some other possible solutions, but they seem to be more advanced.

Can this issue be added to the list of know bugs?


I agree that this should make it to the list of known bugs. I would say that, shortly, the bug can be described as: ‘The total rating gained for the winning team is often greater than the total rating lost for the losing team, while they should be the same.’ There are multiple ways to fix this issue, some of which, I bet, should be easy to implement.

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Why do Coustillier do double the charge damage against archers? Bug or feature?

Bug, it seems it’s due to the fact the coustillier has 0 anti-archer damage (like knights). It’s probs a leftover from the beta or something since unlike knights they can’t be affected by the Persian bonus.

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I really love you for always bringing this up. It really triggers me hard, that the TG elo is just not working at all. Everytime I see a player having over 500 games in my lobby I just quit, because we migth loose anyway with a LEL on our side…


It is not on the bug list because it’s not a bug, simple as that. It may be poorly made, it may be inflated, but it’s not a bug

If something causes unexpected results (an inflated rating that is unreiable is an unexpected / unwanted result in my eyes), then it is considered as bug in my opinion. Wikipedia agrees with me:

Wikipedia: A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

So a poorly made TG rating that is inflated is considered as bug in my opinion.

This update is horrendous.

It’s not properly bug tested.

I’ve had so many scenarios of people exploiting the civ bonus bugs.

Technology Tree is totally unclear now, with all HP figures screwed.

Please revert back to the previous version without the update and fix the bugs in the background!!!

I don’t want to have to play this bugged game that shouldn’t be having these issues after over 20 years in existence!!

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Yes, bring back us game without update to play, you fix this in background, we cannot play, can you give us option to we dont download last update and play. You are very slow, 3 days i cannot play beacuse you dont have programing knowledge.