Lost campaign progress

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  • GAME BUILD #: 474820
  • GAME PLATFORM: Microsoft Store
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I lost progress for completing 3 missions (that I’m currently aware of):
-Historical Battle Lake Poyang (I just loaded a previous save that I luckily had).
-Joan of Arc Mission 2 and 3 for now.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Update the game.
  2. Enter Single player > Campaigns.
  3. No progress from the past few days.

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Having the progress of complething those missions in previous days.

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Hi there!
Were there missions that you completed that were not lost, or was everything erased?

Where is the progress stored? near the folder hotkeys?

I don’t know, I don’t understand…

Only the 3 most recent missions I had completed, I did them like less than a week before the new patch.

That’s more worrisome to me because that means one day I can play and do 10 missions and the next day I could have all that progress erased.

How can I guarantee that won’t happen again.

Any advice or solutions to avoid this in the future?

Have been threads on this issue before. Here’s one:

A couple posts talking about a solution are proposed at end of that thread, if willing to try those. I’d be hesitant, considering it involves deleting files. But maybe it works. Maybe backup your files before trying, if you can.

I don’t think it’s a similar problem, I did read that post but there are major differences.

  1. They lost 100% of their progress, I ony lost the most recent progress (like less than a week before the patch).

  2. They mention something about the game creating a new Profile folder. In my case there’s only one profile folder, the same old one, but without the most recent progress.

I’m just worried I might randomly lose recent progress again in the future.

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