Lots of crashes!

game has been crashing a lot lately. sometimes in the main menu, sometimes in the middle of a game, when watching a recorded game. there is no warning at all most of the time. the game is working fine, then poof! sent to the desktop and the game was closed.

when in multiplayer there is usually a sign that the game will crash. everything stops, and the game resumes normally, then after about a second, poof! to the desktop x.x

anyone else experiencing these issues?


I was having the same issues till the last patch , 90% less crashes

I just experienced 2 crashes in 2 games. This is far from enjoyable. Played only 10 ranked maps so far, won 8, and now lost 2 due to disco. Unacceptable.

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yeah, i haven’t been able to play a single game today. all of them have crashed within 20 minutes of starting

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Any feedback from the Developers please?

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Exact same thing here. Game crashes in the blink of an eye, no warning, straight to desktop. Happens during multiplayer matches around the 25-30 minute mark 99% of the time.

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same here game crashes to windows randomly … no error msg saying what wrong. please fix!

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No feedback, they just took our money and disappeared. I have never been played well this game right since it was released.

Could you people please chill on that anxious demand and gather a bit of common sense? After launching the last update they also announced that it would be their last activity on the year.

The people who work on the game also deserve to enjoy the holiday recess, it’s the last week of the year! Stay cool for some weeks. I know it can be frustrating to stick with some issues around, but I also know that everyone here can deal with that for a while.

First, I am also experiencing this. It seems to happen a lot around reaching castle age.

Second, dededoritos, I think you need to chill. People paid money; they want a functioning product. It is not an unreasonable thing to be annoyed about. It also discourages people from joining or playing if they are all afraid that they will be crashed midgame, so it hurts the community at large for that problem to persist.

As to the devs, they absolutely deserve a Christmas holiday and I am certain they will get it, and I have not seen anyone disagree with that sentiment. If a few people are frustrated or feel unheard, that is to be expected out of thousands of players. To them I say: the devs know. They are already working on it. Computers are weird. I have also expressed vexation on other issues, and I have had to reign in my frustration too.

To any developer reading any of this, thanks for keeping up with the community, and thanks for the updates. Merry Christmas.


i have that problem too

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big critic to the lack of responsiviness by the dev team on the game issues — just look for my post historic. I have been experiencing these problems as well, and I also want a functioning product. But I honestly think that to insist in this recurrent approach on the last week, of every day asking for a response from the dev team on ‘X’ and then laming on them for not responding, is so unconscious and counter-productive given the time of year we are and their announcement on suspending activities.

I just ask for everyone to keep their cool and take in consideration the very situation of holiday recess in what we are right now, instead of being disappointed every day by the lack of an answer that wasn’t supposed to happen anyways.

Edit: Just so everyone know from a official source:

Fair enough. Just so people are not transitioning from getting unduly upset at the devs into squabbling with each other. Merry Christmas dededoritos.

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Merry Christmas to you too, and everyone else!! :christmas_tree:

The same happened to me today…was winning and the game crashed to desktop.

Just had one of these crashes. How do I report the crash, since there is an event with details in event viewer which might help devs?

the holidays are over! the crashes are still happening. now i get “network error” randomly while my network is working just fine for everything else! the game freezes. i get the “wait for the program to respond” prompt. i click wait. then it becomes a black screen. then after a couple of minutes " networ error"

When is the crash fix coming?

They didn’t specify how long is their personal holidays… Maybe it includes vacation period… :sunglasses:

The best we can do is share what is happening… I’m leaving my review at Steam right now, so people thinks twice before buying this.