Low FPS issues

Hello guys, i’m having some fps drops issues. I have a medium computer (8gb ram, 940m nvidia video card, 2.2 ghz i5 processor) , and i cant have more then 15~20 fps while in game. Its really rare i stay in 30 fps or more.

Why that happening? I played a lot of games here, BF1, some assassins creed, AoE3, Starcraft 2 and others, all of them without lag.

I am not running the game in battery saver mode, I am playing in performance mode, and even with all app closed this problem is occurring.

I’m running the new Windows Store built (that works crossplataform with Steam).

My computer fulfills all the requirements to run the game, but these problems are still not allowing me to play properly.

someone can help me solve this issue ?
(sorry for my bad english)

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