Magyar Huszar Wings Problem

Man, the stupidest decision I’ve ever seen made in a game. Waited for this game for so long just to get done dirty like this. I don’t have any other issues with the game besides this one thing.

In the forgotten empires somehow they didn’t feel the urge to make magyars little poland but now they do? Whats the point of all this? Did they forget what they knew about history? I’d really like to know how this decision happened in the first place. But if they want to put wings on magyar huszars why not rename the whole civ to poland. ■■■■ hungarian hussars and history right. It’s not like they matter.

I did make a steam topic about this too and I’m really salty about it so forgive for the curses:

I hope this gains more attraction so the developers notice and resolve this issue. It’s not a big thing to ask, we just only want the wings to be removed.


Isn’t ultra realistic game.


This is the least important thing ever, lol. Maybe the devs will look into it someday but it’s not exactly their top priority when there are more important things for them to work on like fixing the serrver issues happening today.


I assumed as much. But so we shouldn’t even talk about it? It was a stupid design choice, an unnecesery one and it would be the easiest to fix. But for you if its the least important thing then why you bother commenting here?


I am as mad as you about this. As soon as I saw the unit I stopt playing the game and have not touched it since lol.

I understand the devs have more important stuff to fix with the game so it will problably be a while before they change it. If they ever change it. -_-

Still i like to know what the **** the devs where thinking and whos “great” idea it was to add wings to a unit that was already perfect in HD.

I will throw paprika on all you wing lovers!


There will probably be a mod for it eventually. Not a big deal really. Also Hungary and Poland are bestest of friends so I’m sure they don’t mind if we borrowed their wings :wink:

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i think it comes down to transparency,
It makes it easier for casual players to understand the unit because they relate it to another unit which allso has wings ( hussar’s )

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In a sense, yes, but my head logic is that they gave them the Polish Hussar wings to make them stand out better from the new Steppe Lancer unit, which has a similar design to the old Huzzar.

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How about a mod for the winged version and the vanila game has them wingless?

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I do not think so. Magyar Huszár has a flag on it spear and a shield, also magyar huszár has hussar cloths meanwhile the steppe lancer has leather armor and the elite looks like to have steel armor and no shield.

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I am all for a mod, did use the mod for the original hussar too.

Fully agree. They are easy to tell apart already. They have very different design and you have to be blind to not tell the difference immidietly.

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And yet everyone has been complaining non stop, not being able to tell apart Knights and Light Cavalry anymore in DE. :thinking:

Im fine if the wings are the mod. But I’m not ok them having them like this in the vanila game, specially that in the forgotten they made them normal.


What medve left out is that even the horses themselves are majorly different, so everything is different about them that could be different. People gotta be blind to not see the difference without the wings.

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Also there isn’t steam workshop for the game. I doubt there will be so there is no way we get a mod for it. It seems like they only support map editor stuff not actual mods.

I like the wings and I can tell apart this unit better like this, I dont understand why all these complains

How would you like if the viking berserker got wings too? Or the camel riders or the elephant archers just so you can tell them apart more easily? You know what these have in common with the magyar huszars? That neither of them supposed to have wings, thats what. And thats a ■■■■ excuse to justify a stupid decision the developers made even tho they had no need to. In the forgotten empires, where the unit was originally introduced it didn’t have wings either so why now?

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They look pretty different to me.


Indeed, pretty easy to tell them apart. Saw the mounted samurai in the editor, looks like hussar.

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