Magyars Civ bonus for Calvary archers

Since Magyars, have a unique imperial castle tech for Calvary archers(recurve bow that adds 1 pierce attack and 1 range) I think it would be beneficial to add their the Calvary archer units into the discount of 15% off along with the light Calvary in order to give Magyar players a choice in mixing their strategies to throw the opponent off, it seems odd to have “recurve bow” use up an imperial castle tech space, and if you go for knights, which is the civ’s meta and need to switch to Cav archer the transition isn’t smooth enough, this bonus would help make the transition easier and justify having “recurve bow” as a castle tech

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Recurve bow is an imperial age unique tech though, not a castle age unique tech.

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This would be too strong, since unlike the Huns, Magyars actually have FU + UT Cavalry Archers.

Usually discounted units are not Fully Upgraded, and Magyars already breaks this mold with their Hussars.


mistake in writing on my part I will edit the post so that their is more clarity

I can see where you’re coming from mentioning that they’re CA is fully upgraded what would you feel would be a slight push to encourage CA that isn’t Op, maybe a woodcutting civ bonus?

Burmese (Free lumbercamp upgrades) and Celts (15% faster lumberjacks) already have wood cutting bonuses.

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Magyars need nothing, they already have everything they need.
People just need to play civs like Magyars and Saracens, which have unit bonii, aggressively, instead of expecting economy bonii for everything.

They gave Khmer an economy bonus, and people still complain about them. These civs are not meant to Fast Castle and Boom, they are meant for 3 M@A/ 2 Scout/ 4 Archer Rush and killing 6 Villagers.


Well the whole point of the post Isn’t “eco bonus” per say or me expecting or begging eco bonuses for every civ like Oprah audience gifts, I’m just saying that I think their is nothing wrong about greater incentivizing using Cav archers

you mean besides having arguably the best cavalry archers in the game for raiding, especially when coupled with their cheaper scout line or goldless unique unit?


8 range, 12 attack FU HCA is more than enough incentive and goldless Magyar Huszar also serve as the best possible meatshield making their HCA an untouchable army


The HCA is an excellent late-game unit, and you should definitely use them if your civ have them fully upgraded even without incentives. It’s like paladins, Spanish (or Magyars themselves) don’t have big bonuses for them but going for them if you want a good late game is a good idea, incentive or not.


hmm, yeah you have a point

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The problem is that Magyars have nothing special about their CA except in late imp, which makes going with their CA is useless until the late imp, i think they should make their UT in imp available in castle age and make it cheaper


That’s a great idea, switch the castle and imperial tech’s ages

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I played about 100 Magyar game. I can easily say Magyars are nice civ and they have best scout&knight rush. Yes, you are reading true, Frankish HP and berry bonus is nice but attack is important when taking vils down.

Magyars are great Feudal and Imperial Age Civ. They aren’t that great in Castle Age.

Cavalry archers vs Archers:

-Cavalry archers are more expensive than archers.
-Cavalry archers has 1 more less range than archers
-Cavalry archers has higher frame delay. Feels awkward to micro.

+Cavalry archers has 1 more attack than archers.
+Cavalry archers has a lot of HP (bloodlines)
+Cavalry archers has high armour (Parthian Tactics)

Italic comparisons for Magyars:
0They have same range.
++They have 2 attack difference

Magyar Feudal Age is strong with cheap scouts, free attack upgrade(for rushing it’s better than armour). Magyar Castle Age a little bit generic because we don’t see light Cavs a lot we usually want to spend that gold. Magyar Post-Imp one of the best Late-Game. Cavalry Archers are good, Hussars are cheaper or you can get Huszars (quality unit). No siege? Trebuchets does enough job.

If you don’t like Cavalry Archers and Hussars don’t expect too much from Magyars. Maybe you can try to use Magyar Fully Archers.


You forgot to mention that Cav Archers are also significantly faster than Archers.


Magyars are the only civilization that has fully upgraded arbalests and fully upgraded paladins + crazy strong CA + trash unique unit.

Their weakness isn’t in their army composition but in their unimpressive economy and lack of siege. They don’t need their CA buffed. In fact, I don’t see why they need to be buffed at all.

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They have a strong scout rush, but there are a few other notable strong ones:

  1. Mongol scout rush can get there faster.
  2. Cuman scout rush has faster moving scouts which is insane for picking off lonely vills who try to run away to the TC.
  3. Turk scout rush (after recent buff) can tank archers and TC fire which makes them ideal for going full scout and trying to finish the game with them.
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The only thing they could get that wouldn’t break the game is cheaper Heavy CA upgrade (like -50%). And I don’t think they need it for many reason that previous persons said. It’s a good civ. FU CA is already a good reason to think about this option. If your civ is cavalry oriented and you get a good ut, it’s a very good reason to think about it… Magyar are not a top tier civ, but be realistic : you will never reach perfect balance in a game with 30+ civs…


Khmer also didnt need that eco bonus, in fact they needed a tiny bonus like Vietnamese eco bonus instead… Khmer wins every Lategame, in return, they need to have clear weaknesses in the early game. But that eco bonus was just busted