Magyars Need a buff

Magyar buff idea: they get 50% more food from hunt(just like tatars from sheep) to make their early game better. And optional make their TCs building time reduced by half starting in castlle. What do u guys think?

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I’m really torn on Magyars. They are my favorite civ and would like them to see some kind of QoL change for them. But I also think they’re not too bad right now, so buffing them is not really needed and if they get buffed it should be in a very careful way.

50% more food from hunt would be too much power for them I think. It’s not only more food, but also more food, which can be gathered faster - and their Scout rush is already pretty scary.

Reduced TC building time might be interesting, as mid Castle Age is probably their weakest point and it would only be a pretty small buff.


Another similar buff would be make villagers repair faster.

This would be good for castle dropping, or for repairing siege during a push. Also helps to repair TC during attacks.

This fits with the wolfkilling bonus in the sense that forwatd villagers would be more efficient.

Villagers already repair fast enough as is, it’s kinda stupid how you can sometimes deny a knight attack with just repairs, or save mangos from a certain death with 2 vills you can feel that I don’t like house walls very much


I think it is a good idea but I would limit the hunting bonus to deer and equivalents, not boars. Otherwise the bonus would be MUCH stronger than the Tatars’ one cuz the hunting collection rate is much faster than sheep. This bonus would help them in arena too, where they really struggle cuz of missing an eco bonus.

Any argument why they need a buff would be helpful. Discussing all kinds of buffs without answering the question why they need it in the first place it pointless IMO.

Why do you consider them weak? Or are they average and you want them to be top tier?


Magyars in one of my favourite civs and I don’t think they need buff. You save 150 food (and research+building time makes attack upgrade come too earlier) + created scout number*12 and it makes the best scout rush. If you get a vil and forced some idle time it’s enough, advance to Castle Age do whatever you want. They don’t need any buff especially from food. Some small bonuses like faster TC building can added to every civilization so I don’t think it’s either usefull or useless.


i used to also think magyars needed a buff, but with arabia being much more open im hesitant to say so anymore…

the game is generaly balanced around arabia, so magyar’s scout rush is a lot more relevant now, along with their aggressive playstyle (to maximise their blacksmith bonus, and the amazing synergy of huszars with the best CA in the game) imo they have literally one of the most powerful late games… that magyar huszar is insane stats for cost. imo its only slightly lower than a mangudai and thats purely because its a melee unit with all the pathing flaws aoe has…

so whatever buff magyars get has to be very carefully done to make sure it doesnt affect their late game…

That’s 300 food more in dark age from one of the most fast and certain foods, it’s definitely too strong.

Magyars aren’t weak, they are just difficult to play, I would instead suggest a weaker bonus, to make them easier to play, like animals don’t rot.

This would be a minor buff, since it would mean get a bit more food in dark age, but mostly it would help for a smoother dark age, allowing you to have one vill less on a sheep, boar or deer.

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This is one of if not THE worst balance suggestion i have read on this forum so far. You want to give a bonus that is straight up overpowered to a civ that doesn’t need it at all.

You compare your suggestion to the tartars bonus, and that is just a very bad comparison. Tartars don’t actually have a food bonus. Shepherds collect food at about the speed of farmers, so you dont get food quicker, its just that you dont need farms and therefor save wood in early feudal. Hunt is a different beast: Its a very good source of food and is collected very quickly, so 50% more food from hunt means you acutally get more food earlier.
With deer pushing, you can get up to 640 FREE food in dark age/early feudal. This would allow for completly crazy stuff. EG send your 6th vill to lure boar very early, 4 to wood, then push dear and lure second boar, go up really early and rush with 3-5 maa (who will be +1 attack). Would need some experimentation but definitly OP.

And why the magyars? They are not the best 1v1 civ, but they certainly have options. Their early feudal is strong, their late imp is strong, they strugle late castle but no civ can be good at everything. And in TG, they are contenders for the titel of best pocket civ (after indians nerf).

So yeah, you want to give probably the strongest eco bonus in the game to what might be the strongest TG civ. For basicially no reason.


Yeah, let’s just give the eco bonus that had to be nerfed because it was too good to a civ that has an objectively better earlygame rush, if not for said eco bonus. You’d be giving the Mongol eco bonus to a civ that gets free forging in feudal and 15% cheaper scouts. I cannot fathom how this could possibly go wrong.

You missread, its even worse. He doesnt want hunt to be collected faster, but to last longer - which is essentially free food.

Oh, so more cheaper, highly upgraded scouts?

Yeah, that’s not exactly worse than having +1 scouts in your woodline 20-30 seconds earlier, but it’s a different kind of cancer. We’re talking kidney vs pancreatic here. Neither of these things should be acceptable.

The fact that it said “50%” and “hunt” made me autocomplete my reading. Oops.

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it is true that Hungarians are losing relevance in the middle of Castle age, and reducing the cost of TCs can solve this, but it does not correlate well with the bonuses of Bulgarians and Britons(Oh, I read it wrong)

I’m thinking of making it easier for the Magyars to switch from light cavalry to their UU, but as a fact the Magyars don’t need at least major changes

Any reasoning of why Magyars are weak or in need of help?

Faster TC construction sounds like an interesting bonus.

Also fits with the kill-wolves-in-1-hit theme.


Honestly, the most underwhelming part of the entire Magyar civ is Corvinian Army. STAY YOUR PITCHFORKS, I’LL EXPLAIN

The gold cost removal is fine, don’t get me wrong, but 10 gold per unit is not an incredible hurdle to pass, and I’d bet good money that every single one of you would trade Corvinian army in in a heartbeat for the Huns Marauders techs. Imagine having that unit out of a stable, just a strictly better Hussar, all the time, for a 10-gold cost increase. Spammable, terrifying trash fight unit, just slightly costed to gold and worth every coin. Just a natural blending in of Hussars when you don’t have the gold to queue everything up.

Corvinian army and Marauders cost the exact same to research. Marauders is actually slightly worse in terms of upfront gold cost. Somehow, Corvinian Army, a 500 resources tech, should be even cheaper. Really, that’s the sandbag tech in the tree, and it’s wonderful in trash fights, but it’s in the slot where you want an impactful tech to make up for the lack of an early eco bonus to turn the map in your favor. That’s what Magyars lack.

K, pitchforks back up, I’m ready, thank you for waiting.

Corvinian Army doesn’t need any buffs. Light Cavalry Upgrade is cheap, you can use Light Cavalry and boom instead of constructing a castle and going for Unique Unit**, I suggest using Cavalry Archers and/or Knights and Light Cavalry. 12 food helps booming (villagers costs food).

In Early Imperial Age I suggest Hussar upgrade because you may have Light Cavalry. In late game Magyar Huszars is perfect, I suggest adding some normal Hussars for LoS, it will help raiding.

**You usually want to rush strong, easy to micro and expensive unique units like Arambai and Janissary. Not a trash unit.

Yes, but Corvinian army doesn’t have to be there for the Magyar Huszar to be a good unit. Saving any amount of resources is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but those savings are only really important in the lategame. They don’t need lategame assistance. They need midgame assistance. There’s a huge difference and Corvinian army, their Castle age unique tech does not help them with that.

You need to completely change Cornivian Army to help midgame. This upgrade designed for the late game. There are a lot of bad unique upgrades (both in castle age and imperial age) so I think it’s fine.

I checked their tech tree now. There is nothing can be free and good bonus because other civilizations already has them. I don’t think we need to buff them but if you really want to buff, neither increase wolf numbers in the maps or give them free Elite Skirmisher and complete every trash unit has free upgrades from civilization bonuses (Turks and Ethiopians).