Mahayana - Rathas at Stables?

The Bengali Stable is pretty empty. You have only two choices - okayish Light Cavalry or great elephants. Now depending on the situation, neither unit could be appropriate for the situation which is meant for Knights (like against Eagles - remember subpar Champs). What I am suggesting is that, in addition to the current effect, it also allows Melee Rathas to be created at Stables. The Melee Rathas can obviously switch into ranged modes as need be.

Imo this is a buff for them on 1vs1 Arabia where elephants are not seen as much but gold hasnt run out either.

I would completely redesign the Rathas.
I once made a proposal for a trash Chariot to be the optimal composition partner for Battle eles.

The ratha could be an Improved version of these Chariots. Or just directly that.
The only Trash UU we currently have is the Magyar Huszar. Why not having more of them?

Not too sure about that. You need to make a Castle and research Mahayana first. It delays pumping out Rathas even more. That’s imo the biggest issue for Rathas atm, that they just take too long to be rolling in comparison to Knights.
And that’s also part of why they can’t really compete with Knights despite having similar stats and being cheaper.

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I feel “okayish light cav” is an understatement. there are 18 civs with better light cav (Ber, Bul, burm, cmans, gur, hun, hin, ita, khm, mag, mali, mon, per, sar, sla, spa, tat, tur), and 2 civs with the same light cav (chi, por). They only miss the rather expensive hussar upgrade. So they are “fine” for me.

Compared to civs like koreans (no BL, no imperial BS upgrade, bad eco) malays (no BL, no castle age armor) and vikings (no BL, Hubs, imp armor), the Bengalis stables is not bad.

I think Bengalis as well as Dravidians, Malays, and Hndustanis are designed around the concept “let’s make a balanced civ wihout workable knights or equivalent”. So I would rather buff something else for the Bengalis.

I would be fine with that.

I would not try to balance a civ around requiring to build a castle to have a knight equivalent. In we ever want this we are better off redesigning the civ. Civs with some kind of game changing UU (mon, spa, tur, got) usually have a bad castle age eco (I consider Bengalis castle age eco to be very good). An exception to this rule would be Hindustanis, and they have a high pick rate, win rate, and many people are asking for nerf, for a good reason.

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Hypothetically if this happened, would this be like Huns where you can make their UU at the stables? Or would it be more like Shrivamsha Riders where it’s a UU in the stable?

Ratha is a really good unit, why would you want to buff them if the problem with bengalis is the tec tree, give them knights in castle age and reduce mahayana cost and there you have a good civ with minimal changes that wouldn’t break the game.

Remember “imperial Skim” from de vietnam. But i have your point. And support your ideia.

Huns - ranged ones at Castle and melee ones at Ranges. They can obviously switch between themselves so it doesn’t matter much.